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My Baby

I doing the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I feel GUTTED. But it's what is best for HIM, I cannot be selfish.
Kaiser's 7th birthday is monday, but I won't be spending it with him this year. Tomorrow he is going to live with a new family. One that can spend more time with him, offer him more companionship, a bigger yard, kids and another German Shepherd Female to play with.

Here he has a very small yard, he has to stay outside all the time since my parents won't let him in the house, and I have little time to spend with him like I'd prefer. Not to mention it's bloody hot out there and affects my health if I stay out too long.

He's going on 7, he's getting older, he's LONELY all the time. So I can't be selfish anymore, and I HAVE to see him in a better place than I can offer him since I moved back home.

So yeah, I'm REALLY fucking depressed, he's my baby and it's killing me to see him go.

but I know he will be happier where he's going tomorrow.

That's all. Comment off cause I DON'T WANT Comments, I don't do sympathy well. Please don't e-mail me either, just yeah, Getting this off my chest now I'm off to go cry a while.

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