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Oh New Anime!

Got part of my Christmas presents today. Gotta love On-line shopping and gift cards.

Fushigi Yugi Eikoden arrived, I HATE Pioneer Copy guard on disks. Does anyone else have color fade in and out like some one is fiddling with the brightness/contrast knob? ALL my Pioneer Disks do this. All of Fushigi Yugi, Ayashi no Ceres, etc... The subtitles because of this thing (It's almost like Video Tape when it's not tracking right) goes wonky.

ANY OTHER DISK I play is fine. It's just Pioneer. Is there an adjustment I can make to correct this problem? (Note, I know it's not my player. It does this on my Magnavox, my Mintek, and my Toshiba brand DVD players... All no more than 3 years old, the toshiba is only 4 days old, so it's not my player technology. But then I won't own Pioneer electronics, that might be it...)

I also Got Haunted Junction, and so far I'm not impressed. But I'm 2 episodes in, and so far we have a Christian, wimp stereotype, Buddhist possession freak who got the hots for this half naked female ghost who stalks the boys bathroom, and a Shinto Miko with a shota complex...with an 11 year old ghost boy she keeps taking dirty pictures of.... that all in episode ONE.


Then I just added to My Rurouni Kenshin, only 2 disks left now and I have the whole thing.

But my NEWEST anime and my biggest obsession recently "Fruits Basket" God I love that one. *Points to my icons, I have a thing for the Momiji bunny okay.*

I Love, LOVE... LOVE this series. I need the manga now, or what there is of it, it's still going on over there beyond my immediate reach.

But it's based on the Chinese Zodiac and it's full of more femmy bishies, comedy, and downright great stories than you can shake a stick at.

Here are my first attempts at some fanart for that series:

The First pic is of Momiji, the Rabbit of the Zodiac

the Second is of Kyo, the "baka Neko" he's NOT a part of the zodiac and that, well.... just pisses him off. *GRIN*

the Little Chibi in the Kyo pic is Hatsuharu "Haru", and he's the Ox.

I HIGHLY recommend this series.

Okay enough babble. More surfing....

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