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Willing to Trade Skill for Skill
I need HELP... I need help redesigning my website.
I like simple, I like clean, I like CSS stylesheets
trouble is, I have to sit HOURS and HOURS and HOURS trying to figure out WTF the stuff *is*, what it *does* and HOW THE F--K am I supposed to code that again?

All I need is a nice TEMPLATE, something I can tweak. Just a basic template that I can plug information into.

I el-sucko web-design-o

I mean look at my current website... LAME!!!!

That's about the EXTENT of my CSS skills.

I just want something simple, clean, linear, easy to read etc...

I'd be will to trade a full color art commission for a single page template design.


Here are examples of websites I consider, clean and linear....

SOmething like this is nice and simple:

I don't want a COPY of any of these sites, just showing how SIMPLE I like things. (You can see simple on my page now.) I just cannot understand anything MORE than that.... honestly. It breaks my brain. I need a template I can work off of. *cries*

If you have these skills and would be willing to trade a commisson from me to sit with me and work on a page template I'm all ears.

(I do need to see SOMETHING you've already designed though. Please. Only serious takers who do know webdesign. Thanks!)


Oh and Yeah I'm treading the commissions waters again....

Trying this again --- Commissions and braving the waters...

Because I got burned one too many times I stopped these for years... but I've actually been asked this question a lot on Y!G so...
my answer....

Do you Do Commissions?

Sometimes. It depends on your request really.

If you want to dictate every single line in the image from pose, angle, where they hold their hands, how much wind is blowing hair and right down to the size of the buttons on his jeans? The answer will be NO. You've left me NO artistic interpretation and it would be a CHORE and I would hate doing it. And if I hate an image it comes out like CRAP.

If you want Anthro? -- No, sorry Anything more than ears and a tail and you've lost me. And Nine tailed crap? How can you fit all those in there realistically? His ass would have to be the size of a barn man!

If you require me to read Bad Fiction first? -- NO (I don't have that sort of time and really, I'm a fic snob and read very LITTLE fanfiction, I read Original fiction by select authors.)

NO ORGIES. NO SHOTA. NO VORE/GURO/SCAT etc... Makes me have hibbie-jibbies.

But if you want me to draw you your dude(s), and you're good at giving me a bare bones description:

1.) Hair Color
2.) Eye Color
3.) How Tall
4.) How Broad/Heavy
5.) Manly/Girly
6.) Seme/Uke
7.) GENRE: (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, GOTH, Modern, Renaissance, etc... For Costuming purposes... unless of course, they are naked and then it doesn't really matter does it? Specify full-frontal nudity or tasteful obstruction of "bits" but still nude.)
8.) BASIC overview of personality type(s)
9.) BASIC MOOD of the overall image you'd like. (Happy, Romantic, sad, silly etc...)

If you are not opposed to letting me set him up in a pose I think best interprets your description of him/them... then YES I will take your commission.

(If you already HAVE a picture of your dude to help me "see" him, all the better!)

For FANART same rules apply, just make sure you can show me the characters you want, I may or may not have seen the show/manga/game/etc....

Prices: (digital art only for internet commissions)

B&W Sketch (Clean no working lines) 1-2 Characters simple pose (Standing, sitting, portrait studio type poses) $10.00

B&W Digitally Inked 1-2 Characters simple pose (Standing, sitting, portrait studio type poses) $20.00

Full color 1-2 Characters simple pose (Standing, sitting, portrait studio type poses) $50.00


B&W Sketch (Clean no working lines) 1-2 Characters complex pose (Heavy interaction, action poses, including sexual situations.) $20.00

B&W Digitally Inked 1-2 Characters complex pose (Heavy interaction, action poses, including sexual situations) $30.00

Full color 1-2 Characters complex pose (Heavy interaction, action poses, including sexual situations) $75.00

Example of a SKETCH -- LINK
Example of INKED -- LINK
Example Full Color -- LINK

Images will be sent to you digitally with a downloadable link to both a websafe display version and the print ready .TIFF file you can save to disk and take to your nearest KINKOS for a nice hard copy. (Cost you about $1.00-$2.50 most cases)


I need to be paid FIRST, I stopped doing commissions for years because I would knock myself out doing the work and then never get paid.

I'm sorry, I do need to be paid first, US MONEY ORDER (I'll email you my address - preferred method of payment) or PayPal (send funds to: fablespinner @ hotmail.com ) and I will e-mail you confirmation of reciept and acceptance of your commission you can use as a legal contract so you know I'll not stiff you in return.

DO NOT SEND MONEY UNTIL WE'VE DISCUSSED WHAT YOU WANT! I may not be ABLE to even draw it. e-mail me with *ANY* questions you have at *ANY TIME* or just respond to this journal entry with your questions...

ALSO... These take me TIME people. Many, many man hours of work, no pestering me every day "is it done yet? is it done yet?" If you do that I will return your money and the deal will be off. I won't stiff you, please no badgering either. It stresses me out and then you get crap pic when I'm stressed.

Examples: a sketch can take me an entire DAY sometimes because I tweak it so often. An inked image will take me HOURS on TOP of the sketch time to ink properly and full color can take me a month because I am an anal retentive perfectionist bitch and I futz a lot, and redo things a lot...

PLEASE give me TIME to do your work.

I haven't done commissions in YEARS due to those two very simple end clauses there. If I experience the same woes, I'll no longer be accepting commissions.

Once Again...

Example of a SKETCH -- LINK
Example of INKED -- LINK
Example Full Color -- LINK
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