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Okay,, come on Motrin KICK IN!

Got to the dentist today, and they yanked what was left of that tooth. So I'm in a bit-o-pain right now.

Going back Friday for more work, x-rays, then when this gaping hole in my gum heals, back once more for a bridge.

Cause if it was say a BACK TOOTH, I wouldn't bother.

But even I have a little vanity and do not want to look like Cletus Buford hillbilly when I smile.

Even then you can hardly see it, but still. I have a little vanity in me. ^_^

Found out Anne Khushrenda from old GWFF and TTDSDG days is in Fresno now! WHOO HOO! A friend actually within 50 miles, what a concept!

and I also found out there is a 6 hour mini Anime ta-do in Fresno Friday night at the Ramada Inn

(Stormy, Oppie, Lorena, anyone within driving distance of me and want to come Friday night let me know! It could be great crap, seeing it's a one nighter, but you never know.)

Hell it's an excuse to get together right?

Ramada Inn on Shaw Avenue in Fresno 5pm - Midnight

Or just come to my house and we car pool from here, anyway is fine.

Okay, I'm hungry, must find something SOFT to eat.

(Dummy me did not eat BEFORE going to dentist, so It's been about 24 hours since I've eaten ANYTHING. *SOB*)

And broth just will nut cut it at this point. And Jell-O sucks at the best of times... so gonna go melt some cheese or something.

And away we go........

OH and < PIMP > any Wolf's Rain fans there's a new RPG starting *slash* and they Need a Tsume (I'm Toboe so I'll be glomping your character more oft than not. Tsume x Toboe fangirl here.) Any takers come by : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WolfsDenRPG/ Pretty simple and Free format and I'm getting my RPG feet wet. < /PIMP >

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