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Still in a funk

And I just want to say thanks to all of you. I have all your individual comments here still in my inbox, and I've been reading them over and over.

Thanks for the pick-me-ups.

And sorry I've been remiss to responding to them all individually, I just get all mushy and cry and well you get the point.

Thank you for caring, yelling, and chastising me.

And in particular, toxictattoo I REALLY hope you feel better soon. I just read zhodani's post and am more than a little concerned and pissed off in general.

So wanted to send an extra special get well soon vibe your way.

I've been trying to focus on positive things the past few days, and went to the park this morning for about 6 hours and sat and doodled in my sketch book in the nice spring air, and that helped.

I'd show you what I was working on, but then I'd have to kill you.


Character Maps for an original project. All in all it was a bishy morning/afternoon. And I feel a little better.

I'll feel MUCH better when I get a new Job, and get this blasted tooth fixed of mine.

I lost a filling about 6 months ago and the Dentist wouldn't fix it without doing more extensive work first I couldn't afford.

I begged him just to re-drill and fill that ONE TOOTH, and we'd do the other stuff little by little

he said no basically and his exact words "Chew on the other side"

Not kidding.

Well SLOWLY that tooth has been disintegrating (It was a 20 year old filling I lost BTW)

Yesterday, the tooth totally shattered. I have a jagged pokey ROOT left, no upper tooth save for a tiny looking fang where it broke.



or what's LEFT of it.


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