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Well, what to say

To my friends, I love you all and I thank you for all your support when I need it most.

I'm scared, I'm tired, I'm sad and worried about a lot of you on many different levels.

My life always seems to be a roller coaster of highs and lows, and I'm sorry I inflicted my chaos on you and stressed you all right along with me.

I need to find my center, I've lost it again.

If I ever truly found it in the first place.

Grah there I Go again, this is supposed to be an APOLOGY to everyone, not another mindless ramble as I soul search.

I'm sorry to all those I upset
I'm sorry to all those I disappoint
I'm sorry for being a burden when I should be a shoulder for YOUR burdens
I'm just sorry all around for being a piss pour friend in general

And I will make and effort in the future not to let my problems taint our relationship.

Mine are not important, and I'm sorry for letting them get in the way and sounding like a whine, ungrateful bitch.

I am grateful to have you all.

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