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GW Survey

1)Why do you like the series?:

so much unspoken fodder to fuck with your mind and imagination

2) Favorite character and why:

Quatre - Because I identified with him on so many levels I lost track of them all. Plus he made me get all maternal on his ass watching him angst.

3) Worst character:

Tsuberov. = See definition of Ugly in Dictionary, see his picture. And his personality made him uglier

4)Favorite part of the series:

The circus reunion scene of Trowa and Quatre, angsty as HELL to me. Another maternal moment where I just wanted to snuggle Quatre

5)Most hated part of the series:

Sank School episodes, Dorothy just gives me the hibbie-jibbies

6)Sanest person in the series:

Sally Po. I want her commanding my team

7) Craziest person:

A tie between Zechs and Treize, their methods are just too bizarre. Spoiled aristocracy ala the madness of King George right there

8)Most exciting part of the series:

Trowa going after Quatre when he's fighting Dotty and about to get to feel what a shish-ka-bob feels like.

9)Most boring:

The early series, it was slow moving the first 15 episodes or so

10) Yaoi or Het, list parings and explain your reasoning:

Who I like and Why:

3x4: It takes a blind and deaf person whose never actually WATCHED the series to miss the clues. Besides I have a thing for tall dark and handsome and short blonde and cute couples.

5xS: I LOVE the potential dynamics of this almost volatile relationship. I have a lot of fun with the love hate thing in this

2xH: love this one too, it's like Gidget and the Big Kahuna Surfer beach blanket bingo movie pairing. Starring Annette Funicello as Hilde and Frankie Avalon as Duo the Big Kahuna!

1x2x1 and/or 1xR: Personally I think Heero would kill them both eventually. But I like either equally *IF* Relena is written as she appeared in Endless Waltz. A mature young woman.

Write her as clingy stalker bitch in EITHER pairing and I *WALK* I detest Relena Bashing

11)Favorite fanfiction author:

Oh this is treading DANGEROUS waters. For the sake of not offending ANYONE. I'm keeping my favorite Authors to myself. They already know who they are I think.

12)Favorite fanfiction and why:

Oh man, there's a lot here.

How about ones that stood out in my memory and I read repeatedly?

"The Shadow Groom" by Lorena I hung on every Gothic Chapter and agonized until she updated, I think I've read this massive fic cover to cover at least 6 times and I find more I missed every time I read it.

"The Holly and the Ivy" again by Lorena because whenever I'm feeling upset, no matter the time of year, I re-read this light hearted, anachronistic Christmas fic, and I feel sooo much better. I just cannot understand why the author hates it so much. It's such a feel good story through and through

"The Way you Say my Name" by Pale Rider a CLASSIC 3x4, I think this should be on every 3x4 fans "to read" list. And it holds a Relena characterization that's fresh, new, and bold, and this is an old fic too.

"Storm Riddles" by Hilary *sadly incomplete* but I've read all there was to be read on this one, and the story is so complex and detailed you fall into the world she created and hold on for the ride.

"The Little French Clock" by Kzozma
Another feel good fic, the enchanted faerie tale quality, I love those

"Crook-a-Back-Jack" by Ruth
She told this like she was channeling the faerie tale writers of Olde, Brothers Grimm, meet your sister. A great legend style fic with olde world flavor.

"Whispers in the Wind" by Maureen *le sigh* This woman uses words unlike any other and fits them together in a tapestry that just never ceases to impress me. Even her lemons are as lyrical as they are spicy! Yowza!

13)Favorite pairing and why:


The dynamics appeal to me, they can be romantic, angsty, dramatic, bold, adventurous, and have such potential to GROW. And I'm sure that can be said about ANY pairing if it's YOUR favorite. I just see it most in this one.

14)Worst pairing and why:

4xD I shudder at the thought.

a.) because I cringe at any Quatre pairing that ISN'T with Trowa.

b.) I have serious Dotty issues. Meaning, the bitch creeps me out even on a GOOD DAY!

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