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You know the drill -- I'm posting unproofread drivel as I write it... Well, only *I* proofread it.... I'm sure I missed a TON of Mistakes







Series Title: Following Tides II
Chapter Number: Two
“Bertany Bay”
Author: D. Sanders

It had been a year since they’d set out to sea, everyone had expected a few rough trials the first few encounters, but Sascha was a good captain, he kept a level head, thought out his tactics and issued orders with an astonishing efficiency. He was definitely living up to his grandfather’s expectations of him. Wise beyond his years.

Yuri had settled into his role as everyone expected he would. He’d already been doing this work on “The Nightwind” for years; it was second nature to him at this point. He’d hide in his cabin during the fracas as then become a ghost of healing as he drifted from man to man with quick beautiful grace and then like every other healer would look positively green by the time he was finished.

Sascha held back Yuri’s hair while he purged over the side and then help him sit on shaky limbs. “I really hate that part.” Yuri sighed, as Sascha pressed a cool rag against his brow and handed him a skin of orange juice.

“As do I. I always wish I could go through that for you.”

“No you don’t love. It’s awful.” Yuri said draining his juice still looking pale.

“You look worse than usual.”

“It’s just my moon is due on top of everything else. It makes me tired the week before.”

“Those really don’t bother you?”

“They aren’t so bad. I’d rather due without, but they’re worth it in the end.”

“Whatever you say love. Come on; let me help you downstairs so you can eat. Then to bed.”

“Aye.” Yuri said leaning heavily on Sascha who settled them in their cabin and had food brought to Yuri in their rooms. Yuri only nibbled on a few cubes of cheese before seeking the bed he shared with Sascha and curling up to sleep still dressed. He’d taken to wearing lovely embroidered tunics and blouses over half breeches or full harem cut pants. Every female on board wore a variation of those items. Dresses were impractical for everyday wear. Yuri had yet to wear one, even if he had made himself a few for special occasions, making Sascha matching vests to go with the dresses. They made an extremely handsome couple. Sascha was damn near obsessively protective and possessive, but not smothering. Yuri felt pampered and loved and he pampered and loved right back. He got outrageously jealous if a woman eyed Sascha at supply islands. He never worried, Sascha never even noticed. He had eyes for one woman or man. Yuri. Sascha pulled the cover over Yuri and pulled drapes closed over windows to shut out the light. He kissed Yuri’s temple before leaving Yuri to sleep.


The large supply island of Bertany Bay was a bustling port of call. The floating city was so large, they had proper moorings for large galleons like “the Golden Sun” and spanned three miles from the dry land of the Island it surrounded in all directions. Yuri held Sascha’s arm as they walked the marketplace. Yuri pausing to admire bolts of patterned fabric. “See anything you want love?”

“Aye, all of it.” Yuri grinned running his hand over a brilliant red brocade. “I want at least a few yards of this. You’d look wonderful in this as a long coat. You look good in red.”

“I’m not going to have room left in my wardrobe if you keep making me things. Get something for you this time.” Sascha said leaning against the railing as Yuri shopped.

“I will, but I like making you things. You’re too handsome not to dress up.”

“I’m not a bloody DOLL.”

Yuri just grinned and continued looking. “Your wife is a damn fine hand with a needle sir. I’d say best not argue with her. She might poke yer eye out.” The old man sitting behind the table smiled, the vest Sascha was wearing was covered in intricate and bold patterns of suns and blue waves. “The Golden Sun” in all it’s glory embroidered on the back. Yuri was indeed very good with a needle. Sascha swelled with pride.

“Aye. Yuri is a fine hand, I’ve never been dressed better since we wed.”

“She’d make a fortune here. Missus I’d buy anything you had for sale.”

“Oh my, I’m not that good. It’s just a relaxing hobby for me.”

“Hobby? You don’t work it for trade?”

“Nay, Yuri is our healer. I sadly keep you busy enough.”

“It’s my calling love, I do wish you’d stop apologizing for things beyond your control.”

“A Healer? Oh Missus, I’d give you anything you want in this store if you’ll take a look at me Grandson. Sick and no one can help him.”

“Oh dear! Take me!” Yuri dropped the fabric back on the table and hurried after the old man to a small dwelling behind the shop. A small boy was sleeping on a cot in the corner, wasting away and coughing a ragged cough.

“Mercy. Sascha love, take my bag and mix me up some Feverfern and Yallow root in tea please. A pinch of each.” Yuri said handing Sascha the bag from his back and sitting down next to the boy and laying a gentle hand to his brow. “It’s lung rot. How long has he been like this?” Yuri asked and the old man sighed.

“He started the cough about six weeks ago. Nothing we gave him helped, he’s been a bed now two weeks.”

“Where are your healers?” Yuri was angry as his hand glowed where he laid it on the boy’s rasping chest. Lung rot filled lungs with fluids and a victim would drown slowly with their own infection. It wasn’t contagious, it was caused from the bite of a certain spider that made funnel like webs in rotting wood.

“They be always comin’ and goin’ pirates carry ‘em off faster than they can help.”

“Aye. My brother had a fate like that. Thankfully his husband saved him from that life.” Yuri sighed as Sascha set the tea down beside them.

“And glad of it I am. My Uncle not only saved your brother, but he led me to you too in a way.” Sascha smiled at Yuri who tended the child.

“Aye. That too.” Yuri replied as the rasping and wheezing began to abate. Soon the child was sleeping, breathing without pain. “There, that’s most of it. Just the little fluid that’s left, the infection is gone. Have him drink that tea cold. It won’t taste as bad. It will make him cough, but they’ll be productive coughs. Don’t let him swallow what he coughs up out of his lungs. Have him spit it out. He’ll be fine in a few days if he stays abed. I’ll leave you the ingredients for more tea. Have him drink some every six hours for the next three days.”

“Oh bless you Lass! Bless you!” The old man cried and Yuri just smiled.

“It’s what I am here in this world to do. It’s my calling, no more, no less. We’re here for a few days, if he takes a turn send someone to “The Golden Sun” and I’ll come back. He shouldn’t though, he’s a strong boy.”

“Just look for the red Sails old man if you need us, that’s our ship.” Sascha said offering Yuri a hand up from the floor.

“Red sails! You’re the Captain of a Red Sail?” The old man gasped and Sascha nodded.

“S’truth! A Wizard in me home! And his healer wife! Always good fortune you bring where you port! I’ll be praying for your safe journeys now and forever I will!”

“Thank you.” Sascha said setting a small purse of money on the table. “That’s for the whole bolt of the red brocade, please send it up.”

“That’s too much sir.”

“No, I think it’s just right. Good evening friend.” Sascha smiled taking Yuri’s elbow.

“Remember, send me word if you need me.” Yuri reminded, as Sascha led him back out to the market arms linked once more.

“Aye lass. Never a more beautiful lady I ever done saw. I pray the gods do ye kindness as you do to others lass.” The old man said to himself, stunned as he held his grandson’s hand as he slept peacefully for the first time in far too many weeks.

“Love you make me so proud to be your husband. You just humble me.” Sascha said slipping his arm around Yuri’s shoulders as they walked, Yuri’s arm finding purchase around Sascha’s waist.

“I just did what I have to. I can’t see anyone suffer if I can stop it.”

“And you do it graciously. I love you.”

“I love you too. Why did you buy the whole bolt?”

“Because you liked it.”

“You spoil me.”

“Aye. I like to.” Sascha replied leading them over to a stand that sold flavored ice, Yuri also liked that too. Orange and Peach flavors mixed in particular and it would sit well in his now more than likely slightly upset stomach. Sascha knew healers and this one more than others. Yuri thanked him and they sat sharing the treat together watching the marketplace traffic pass by.


Sascha and Andrik were out that evening arranging the delivery of the sweet-grasses and feed for the livestock and Yuri was sitting laying out cut pieces of the red fabric to make into a long coat for Sascha when a knock came to the door.

“Yuri, there’s an old man here to see you. Said you helped his Grandson earlier today.”

“I’ll be right there.” Yuri said standing and grabbing his backpack and headed down to meet the old man.

“Is he worse?” Yuri asked in concern as he raced down the gangplank to meet the old man on the pier.

“I don’t know. He drank the tea and the coughs have brought on trouble breathing.”

“I see, I’ll come look, we might just have to adjust the dose, that happens if little ones are too sensitive to Yallow root.” Yuri said as he followed the old man to his home again to hear the boy coughing inside.

Yuri smiled as he sat next to the boy and reached into his sack and handed him a honey drop. “Suck on that. It’ll soothe your throat. Just too much Yallow, he’s okay.” Yuri smiled once more touching the lads chest to alleviate the stress of the medicine. “Half a pinch in the next dose and the coughing won’t be quite so harsh. You do have to cough though love, you have to get that fluid out of your lungs.”

“Aye. Thank you Ma’am.” The boy said eyes wide as he gazed at the beauty at his bedside falling headlong in a youthful crush. Yuri had long since stopped correcting people who addressed him as a woman, it took too long to explain the truth of things and he really didn’t mind. Like Ilya who positively hated being addressed as a woman. Even Sascha now referred to Yuri as his wife to outsiders, it kept things from being confusing. Not everyone could switch genders or even knew it could be done. Yuri never minded, he did like being a woman; he wasn’t going to complain about something he liked.

Yuri patted the young boys hand. “You’re more than welcome. Just rest now.”

“Aye.” The boy said dreamily and Yuri chuckled to himself and stood brushing off his skirts as he stood. He’d put on a dress seeing as they were in port and was going to surprise Sascha with a romantic dinner later in their cabin so he wanted to look nice. He put his pack back on and turned to the old man.

“Goodnight. Again find me if you need me.”

“Aye Missus.” The old man bowed and kissed the back of Yuri’s hand. “You bless my home fair lady, Goodnight to you Mam.”

“Goodnight.” Yuri smiled as he made his way out into the darkening paths of the city. His eyes traveling the stalls still busy with commerce. It wasn’t far back to the ship and Yuri wasn’t paying attention to anything other than the colorful sights and stalls. Until a voice jarred him out of his meanderings.

“Ain’t you a pretty one? What’s a lass like you doing out on her own?” A voice purred with a sinister edge and Yuri froze.

“P-please, just going b-back to m-my ship.” Yuri’s voice quivered with fright. He was no good with strangers, he never had been. Oh how he cursed his debilitating shyness.

“What’s the rush dearie? Come stay and have a drink with us.” Another man materialized at the first’s elbow.

“Aye. Never seen a prettier lassie. Humor poor old sailors with your lovely face.”

They moved to surround Yuri, he was terrified. “P-please. My h-husband is waiting.”

“So, the goods be already touched and the fields plowed then, all the better, ye know how to please a man then.”

“Oh gods.” Yuri panicked and tried to just run, he was caught up and he screamed as the men quickly clamped hands over his mouth.

“None of that dearie. We just want to share the wealth.” One said reaching over and ripping open Yuri’s blouse to fondle Yuri’s breasts as he was pressed against an alley wall, another lifting his skirts.

“Legs as fine as the face and spread easily enough I’d wager.” Another leered and Yuri was sobbing in hysterical panic.

“YURI!” Sascha was suddenly there, having felt Yuri’s panic he raced to find his worst nightmare. Yuri was up against a wall struggling and kicking and men dropping laces on their breeches to have their way with him. Sascha saw red and he glowed with fiery pulsating power. “Let go of my wife before I kill every last stinking one of you.” He throbbed with powerful rage, moments away from shredding their matter in a bloody mess. Every inch a very pissed off wizard and he looked it as his eyes blazed dangerously.

“S’truth! Wizard, we we’re in jest!” One cried before running hell bent for leather away. The other’s dropped their hold on Yuri and he went racing, sobbing into Sascha’s arms.

“Jests usually involve laughter and not tears! Get ye gone before I take every tear shed out of your hides!” Sascha growled and men scattered. Sascha scooped Yuri up into his arms. “Love, are you alright?” Now Sascha’s voice held an edge of fear.

Yuri just choaked and nodded, unable to speak as he curled into a ball in Sascha’s arms. His blouse neck torn open exposing his breasts as he clutched the fabric to cover himself. Sascha carried him home and passed concerned crewmen silently as he disappeared with Yuri into their cabin and wrapped around Yuri protectively as he cried. Sascha stroking his hair in a calming gesture. Yuri’s beautiful dress ruined and the remains of a cold dinner sitting on their table.

“Sascha.” Yuri hiccupped and Sascha just kissed his brow.

“Pigs Yuri, forget them beloved. I will always protect you from them.”

“I shouldn’t have gone out alone.”

“You couldn’t have known beloved. There are always bastards out to try and take what’s not theirs.”

“I feel dirty. I hate my face!”

“Don’t say that beloved. Please. It’s not your fault and being beautiful is not to blame for this!”

“I hate getting so scared around people. Why, WHY can’t I be stronger?”

“Yuri, beloved. You’ve always been this way, you can’t help it, we all know you try love. You can’t help your fear of strangers anymore than Andrik can’t help fearing hurricanes. It’s just a part of who you are. I am here; I will always be here for you. I always feel your emotions and I will always come when you need me.”

“Sascha. They touched… Oh gods make me forget!” Yuri sobbed, his hands trembling.

Sascha lay them down and gently traced patterns on Yuri’s face with his fingers. Gentle soothing strokes as he kissed closed eyelids. “Yuri, just relax. It’s over beloved.” Sascha reassured as his hand tenderly cupped one of Yuri’s exposed breasts. Lightly, softly, just a palm laid like a blanket of tenderness over Yuri’s still frantically beating heart.

Yuri sighed and tried to calm his nerves. Sascha’s hand was warm where it rested, love poured into Yuri’s breast warming him to his soul. He could always feel Sascha’s emotions, ever since they were children. Sascha loved him fiercely, loved him obsessively, possessively. He was angry still with the men who dared touch Yuri. He burned with a rage of indignation and fury. Yuri belonged to Sascha and those men had not realized how close they had come to having their matter torn to shreds.

“Oh beloved.” Yuri gripped Sascha’s hand and kissed every fingertip. His own fear evaporating as his need to comfort Sascha rose from within. Sascha was a highly passionate creature; he cared so deeply about others it was his single most driving force. His care for Yuri because of their bond was disproportionate to reality. Sascha’s anger burned and needed to be cooled before he did what he was contemplating. Waiting for Yuri to sleep before he went back out and did a foolish thing by hunting the men who’d hurt Yuri down and taking his rage out on them and like as not killing them.

“I’ll be okay Yuri. I’m fighting my own emotions too. I do not think logically where you are concerned. You’re mine and I don’t take kindly to men even looking at you let alone…”

“Aye. I know.” Yuri said moving to undo the laces of Sascha’s shirt. “Love me. Purge away tonight for both of us. You need this and so do I.” Yuri knew Sascha did need this, to mark his territory in his psyche. Yuri needed the gentle hands that knew how to touch and love and give joy with the simplest of gestures.

Sascha’s kisses obliterated the night’s close call and his slow, deep movements as he loved his spouse brought them solace as Sascha’s seed, filled Yuri from within with a molten warmth that spread throughout his body as it filled his womb. They slept clutching each other for mutual comfort and it was dawn before either of them stirred.

Yuri was awake and looking out of sorts still as Sascha rose and moved to their couch where Yuri sat, his hands folded in his lap and twisting the fabric of his robe nervously. “Love? It’s over.”

“It’s not that Sascha.” Yuri said, his voice ghostly pale in sound.

“What is it then beloved?”

“You’d better sit down.”

Sascha knelt before Yuri, looking up into eyes that looked scared and joyful all at the same time. “Tell me Yuri. What is it?”

“Well. There are a few men and women who are immune to Maiden’s Breath. I seem to be one of them.”

“I don’t understand.” Sascha began and then his eyes rounded as understanding dawned on him. “Are you saying?”

“Aye. Last night. I’m pregnant. It’s a boy.” Yuri said his face taking on a serene acceptance and happiness.

“Now? How?” Sascha stammered and Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Now? No. In nine-months? Yes. How? Really now Sascha, I think you know how. Or does your memory fail you when you are so readily and often sowing your seed between my legs?”

“Yuri!” Sascha stammered again and Yuri fixed Sascha with an almost comical look.

“Come now Sascha, like that shocks you? You know perfectly well you are... how should I put this? A Randy cur in heat.”

“Okay, that is true. But I meant HOW? As in what did you mean by immune?”

“Some women are. Like Olga. She can take it everyday and it just has no effect. I think for me, it’s because I am technically a boy, so it reacts to my body as it would a male and has no effect on my female aspect. I just seem to be not so fertile if it took this long for you to hit home with the number of times you have plowed me like a virgin field.”

“Fertile enough. Oh gods, you’re only sixteen! Your body!”

“My body will be fine. Women are having babies younger than I. I’ll be fine. I’m shocked and not prepared but oh I am happy. I’m having a baby!” Yuri cried and his joy manifested itself by his throwing his arms around Sascha’s neck. Sascha returned the laughter and picked Yuri up to swing him around the room.

“A boy? You said a boy?”

“Aye Daa. Your son.”

“I want to crow like an idiot. Here I thought I’d be scared and I’d never be ready to face being a Daa. Now? I can hardly bloody wait.”

“I know. It was quite a shock to feel it happen. Ilya said it was like trumpets blaring and it is. I feel him alive and glowing all over my senses. I can’t bear to think what might have happened last night, had they…”

“Stop Yuri, let’s not think of that. He’s ours and damn it I want to celebrate! Not think of what ifs.”

“Aye.” Yuri agreed they’d drop the matter. Yes, had the men raped him they might have indeed impregnated Yuri in his receptive state. But it hadn’t happened, nothing more than a passing grope of a breast and abated intent since Sascha had arrived and intervened. Sascha was right; this was a joyous event to be celebrated. They were having their first child and as the morning meal bell rang, Yuri went to the closet and pulled out a lovely summer dress and slipped it on.

“Would you like to make the announcement or shall I?” Sascha said getting dressed himself.

“You Daa. You know I get embarrassed if I have everyone’s eyes on me. I’ll nary be able to talk!” Yuri laughed running a brush through his hair and braiding it loosely over his shoulder.

Sascha nodded and then went over to the mirror hanging on the wall of their cabin. “But first, let’s do tell our parents first. SHOW ME SERGEI!” Sascha said in the mirror and he caught his father mid bite over his morning toast.

“Good morning son! What do you need? Everything all right?” Sergei said back into the mirror on his cabin wall where Sascha’s image stood looking out of it. Yuri coming up beside him and Sergei smiled.

“Everything’s fine Daa.”

“Good. Good morning to you Beautiful, I say you have settled into that aspect nicely. Lovely thing to see first thing in the morning.”

“Thank you Daa.” Yuri smiled with a blush as Anya came in with Petra chattering then paused when they saw Sergei talking to the mirror.

“Sascha! Yuri! How wonderful. Everything all right?” Anya asked and Sascha smiled.

“Just fine, and I am glad you’re all there. I have news.”

“Spit it out son.”

“Just thought you’d like to be the first to know, Yuri and I, we’re having a son.”

“WHAT!?” Three voices answered in shock.

“You heard me. We’re having a baby.”

“HOW? I thought you two were going to wait!” Petra said sinking into a chair, Yuri was so young. But technically older than she when she’d had Ilya.

Yuri explained about the Maiden’s Breath and how it just appeared his female aspect would have difficulty conceiving. This might very well be the only child they had, it might not be, they weren’t going to take the chance and just revel in the joy of their son.

“Well that is good news. I’ll spread the word!” Sergei grinned. Another grandbaby to spoil rotten on the way. Andre had already supplied him with two granddaughters; this was the third and his first grandson. Sergei had a gleam in his eye.

“Alright Daa. Good journey!”

“Good journey!”

From there Sascha and Yuri made their way to the galley, where Sascha climbed up on a table and called for attention.

“I am bursting with news. Everyone, Yuri and I are expecting! Our first son!” Sascha beamed and the room erupted with congratulatory cheers. Yuri blushed as expected but beamed with joy as he received hugs and kisses and Oksana was practically giddy, she herself about four months pregnant.


“Aye! And I’m already making baby clothes in my head!” Yuri laughed, his sewing companion looked drunk. They both loved to sit and chat over needles and tea.

“Oh aye. I bought some beautiful fabric while here for it. I’ll have to take you back to that shop. Softest wool I ever felt.”

“I think I’ve been there already, but I do want to go back now before we leave.”

Sascha grinned. “Then we’d better go, we leave later. Coming too Oksana?”

“Oh Aye, let me find me husband and his purse.” Oksana grinned and soon both couples were back at the old man’s fabric stall, picking him clean of fabric for the future babies. Laughing and gay with the joys of the morning.


In the tavern across from the shop six men sat scowling. “So that is the Wizard who nearly killed you?” the Seventh and obviously the leader asked.

“Aye Captain.”

“Would have served you right for attempting to take a Wizard’s wife. How many times have I told you idiots to know your prey first?” The debonair and dapper gentleman Captain warned his crew. Watching the tall, broad, young and handsome raven-haired and blue-eyed Wizard with the Red Sailed ship embroidered on the back of his vest standing outside a fabric stall, talking to an equally tall man, with medium brown long hair braided down his back, a colorful bandana wrapped around his head and a first-mates knot on his shoulder as they appeared to be waiting for whomever was inside. They were laughing about something, both holding mugs of ale and obviously good friends as well as Captain and his first-mate.

“You are very lucky you lived at all. Did you not notice a red-sail in the harbor?” The gentleman continued.

“Aye captain, but.”

“No buts. Red-sails are too risky and I’ve told you a dozen or more times if they are in port you behave, I do not want one of those bastards looking my way and breathing down my neck is that perfectly understood?”

“Aye Captain Sir.”

Suddenly two women came out and the gentleman sat bolt upright as they came into view. “By my eyes. What a beauty. Tell me you did not lay a hand on her! If you did I’ll kill you myself. She’s magnificent.”

The men looked sheepish. The gentlemen did not look pleased. “Did you not notice the healing bag on her back? Do I not make it clear healers are ALWAYS off limits to you? Healers are worth their weight in fresh water and more! Never for the likes of you scurvy dogs!” the Gentleman looked livid.

“Aye Captain.”

“Get out of my sight, I’ll deal with you later.” His voice was low and furious, his men left. He sat there looking at the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on walk into the sun light.

“More brilliant than the sun itself.” He was enthralled, what he wouldn’t give for that sort of healer on his ship and in his bed. He watched enviously as she walked up beside the young Wizard and he bent to kiss her cheek. He made it obvious in his body language he was highly possessive of his wife, and the gentleman couldn’t blame him. She inspired envy and were she his, he’d not tolerate so much as a covetous glance without running the bastard through. How dare his men accost her ultimate perfection! She was a treasure. A Healer and Surpassingly Ravishing on the eyes.

The wizard husband may not have killed those who violated her honor; the gentlemen however would feed those bastards to the sharks himself. There were women and then there were goddesses. Undines of the waves. Enchantresses of men’s souls. The Gentleman watched with burning jealousy, he wanted her, loved her at first glance. She’d haunt his dreams for the rest of his life. He stood and walked out and bowed low to her and her Wizard.

“Forgive me my lady. I come to beg forgiveness for my men. I am Captain Edvard Kazamirov, and I will see to it personally they pay for their behavior with their lives.”

Yuri stopped stunned and Sascha stepped forward in front of Yuri. “You run with Pirates, Wizard Kazamirov.”

“Are we not All Pirates Captain in this world in one way or another? We survive as best we can, and I promise you they will pay for their crimes. I do not tolerate such behavior, especially on something so precious as the most fair healer, your wife. My Lady, madam healer, and most angelic lady of the sea. Please accept my most sincere apologies I vow to you, your honor will be avenged.”

“I was not hurt. T-thank you Captain for your words.” Yuri’s soft voice trembled, music to Edvard’s ears. Demure as well as Divine.

“Ah, but I cause you undue duress. Forgive me, I will darken your morning no longer.” Edvard bowed deeply. Sascha glowered at him, Andrik looked ready to draw his sword. Oksana looked distrustful and Yuri’s gaze was shyly turned away, only a gentle profile against the arm of her husband. Edvard would do anything to possess her. But he withdrew for now.

“I don’t trust him.” Andrik growled and Sascha nodded, livid.

“I will keep my eye on him. I sense duality.”

“Aye. In many forms, he is hard to read. All he said was true, but his motives not at all as they seem. He is muddied and shielded. His emotions not readable. He is a strong wizard.” Yuri shivered. “Let’s go.”

“Aye love. Right now.” Sascha said as he and Andrik shouldered bolts of fabric and they left to set sail.









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