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You know the drill -- I'm posting unproofread drivel as I write it... Well, only *I* proofread it.... I'm sure I missed a TON of Mistakes







Series Title: Following Tides
Chapter Number: Three
“Aspects & Accidents”
Author: D. Sanders

That evening all three ships tied themselves together and the gangplanks were out so folks could mingle and traverse the ships to share company. Ilya gleefully dragged his Mother, brother, aunt and Grandmother around “the Crimson Lady” giving them the tour as Van pointed out special points of interest.

Naturally the favorite spot was the Greenhouse deck and as Yuri gaped and Van led him around by the hand showing him around and giving him something from practically every tree, Ilya was showing his grandmother his section of garden.

“Good boy, I see you remember your lessons at least.” She said smiling proudly at him.

“Aye, Gran. How could I forget with you as my teacher?” He replied kissing her cheek as they rejoined the others watching Yuri get sticky fingers from the fig tree as he tasted foods he’d never even heard of let alone seen.

“You were right, it is Eden on the waves.” Petra said taking Ilya’s arm in hers as they watched Van and Yuri.

“It is. I’ve never been happier in my life Mam. Van is such a good man, he really treats everyone on board like his own personal family.”

“He learned that from his Mam and Daa. You can see that just by looking at them all together. I always said the red sails were God touched. They are truly the servants of higher powers, I feel so much safer knowing they travel these waters to protect us.”

“Aye. Mam, they do.” Ilya said as Van’s young six-year-old nephew Sascha came galloping down the stairs making a beeline for Yuri.

“Yuri!” Sascha almost plowed Yuri over grabbing his hand and grinning ear to ear. “Come on, Daa’s gonna do fireworks with Grandaa! He said we can watch from the observatory!”

“Mam? Can I?” Yuri was bouncing on his toes like a coiled spring.

“Just be careful going over the planks now. Go on.”

“Whoopee!” Sascha squealed dragging Yuri behind him. Van felt Ilya slip under his arm.

“Do you see what I see?”

“Aye.” Van said noticing the instant bond those two had as well.

“What are you too whispering about?” Petra asked crossing her arms over her chest.

“Fireworks.” Ilya said and Van grinned, there were indeed sparks between those two.

“Come on, let’s go watch the show.” Van said changing the subject and joining everyone else up top just as the first of many fireworks lit up the sky.


The following morning, the entire family and anyone who could cram themselves onto the decks of “the Crimson Lady” stood watching with smiles on their faces as Van and Ilya stood together under the blossoming Cherry Tree. Both were dressed all in white finery as Sergei stood between them.

“As Captain of “the Nightwind” and by the laws of the sea which grant me the power to stand witness before these two, I am honored this day to proclaim Vangel Alexandrevich, Captain of “the Crimson Lady” and our Dearest Brother bonded to Ilya Petravich, Honored Healer of “the Crimson Lady”, United and Bonded in Mutual Declarations of Devotion to Each Other and Their Willing Consent to the Match. May they walk together in honor and love and may the rings they now wear shine as a symbol of their union. My they be as solid and unbroken as the circles of gold they now wear. Congratulations, Van and Ilya, live long and rejoice as one.” Sergei said and Van and Ilya smiled at each other as they slipped golden bands on each other’s fingers and kissed deeply as the sea roared with cheers all around them.

The celebration was still going strong late that night when Van and Ilya managed to slip away to their cabin.

Van was pouring them wine as Ilya stood looking at the ring on his finger, a smile of unfettered happiness and contentment on his lips as Van slipped up behind him handing him a glass.

“I have never been happier in my Life.” Ilya said turning to face Van, ignoring the glass and wrapping his arms around Van’s neck instead kissing him deeply and chuckling as Van tried not to drop the glasses in both his hands.

Van managed to steer them close enough to a table to set the glasses down and gather Ilya in his arms. “Nor I.” He finally managed to reply as his fingers went to work on the lacings of Ilya’s shirt. Kissing bits of his neck as he worked to undress his spouse.

“Van. I’ve been thinking.”

“That can be dangerous.” Van purred as he discarded Ilya’s shirt and his own.

“I’m serious. Something you said yesterday has had me seriously considering complicated matters.” Ilya said and Van paused. The tone in Ilya’s voice was troubled and he stepped back to place his hands on Ilya’s cheeks.

“Whatever is wrong love?”

“Nothing and everything.”

“Talk to me beloved.” Van said leading them over to the edge of their bed where they sat down together.

“I’ve changed my mind about our bet.” Ilya began and then just entwined his fingers in Van’s before he continued, his eyes downcast as he continued.

“I cannot bear the thought of you or rather anyone else sharing what we have. Call me jealous or selfish or whatever you wish. But I don’t love my own body more than I love you and Van I don’t want children from anyone else. Not that I wouldn’t love them, but if anyone is going to bear your children I want it to be me and no one else. I want to look my children in the eyes and see as much of me in them as you. So I guess what I’m saying is all bets are off I want, no I need this. I’d rather be a woman than have you with anyone else.”

“Stop, Ilya love. This is painful to hear. You sound so sad beloved. I would much rather it is you than anyone else too. I just wanted YOU to have the choice in the matter. I wanted you to know you had options.”

“I don’t want options. I’m selfish I don’t want to share you with anyone.”

“You’re not selfish. I certainly don’t want to share you with anyone either. You’re my spouse and I’d rip the head off anyone who even dared leer in your direction. If you want to talk jealousy, you’re not alone love.”

Ilya chuckled. “Aye. Possessive of each other aren’t we?”

Van grinned. “I think we’re allowed love. I don’t mind you being possessive of me certainly. I do belong to you heart and soul.”

“As I belong to you Van love.”

“There is one major point here though love. I don’t even know if I can perform. I’ve told you I tried a few times with women. Not so much as a stir. We might not even be able to.”

“I had thought of that. We can only try and see. Will you shift me?”


“Why not? I’d rather experiment first to see if we are even compatible before we try in earnest only to discover greater disappointment later.”

“You’re right. Perhaps if we’re not trying for children it will be easier.”

“That was my thoughts too.”

“Alright love. Stand up a moment.” Van smiled and he pulled Ilya between his legs where he sat on the edge of the bed and Van undid Ilya’s breeches and peeled them down beautiful long legs. He paused to nuzzle Ilya’s manhood. “I will miss this.”

“So will I. Just, just let’s not talk about that. This is hard enough on my pride.” Ilya swallowed hard.

“Aye love. I know exactly what you’re feeling. This is not easy on the psyche.”

“No it’s not.” Ilya shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

Van rested his hands on Ilya’s narrow hips and also shut his eyes. “Let the inner opposite aspect out.” Was all he said and Ilya felt a spell from those words rise from within. Van’s hands on his hips were warm and tingled where they sat. It was over almost as quickly as it had begun. Ilya felt the power fade and was almost afraid to open his eyes.

It wasn’t until Van spoke he dared. “S’truth!” He gasped and Ilya opened his eyes to look at Van who was staring at Ilya wide eyed, his hands twitching on Ilya’s hips.

“I must make for an ugly woman.” Ilya sighed seeing Van’s shocked expression and Van only looked up shaking his head looking quite stunned.

“No you don’t. Godstruth I would have never in my life expected this. You’re… you’re. Look at yourself!” Van gasped turning Ilya to face the mirror. “I only called your inner self out. You’re always balanced naturally, I just asked the spell to switch your aspects. You’re still balanced just in a female skin rather than male.” Van said and Ilya gaped at his reflection.

He was beautiful. He was still slender and firm, but the edges had softened. His long legs still shapely and refined but with a woman’s tone to them. His hips rounded softly in smooth lines and his chest that had once had soft pectoral muscles now rounded in small breasts. He had what would have been called a boyish figure on a normal female but it was still beautiful to behold. His face was a little smoother but still unmistakably Ilya’s face. What had been handsome on a male frame was beautiful on a woman’s. His Hair had grown and rather than stopping just past his shoulders now stopped at his waist. He turned she stood looking at a reflection Ilya couldn’t even begin to describe. “That is what you would have looked like had you been born a girl. My god you’re beautiful.” Van breathed, his arms encircling Ilya’s slender waist.

“That cannot be me!” Ilya began and then gasped. Even his voice had changed. He was no longer a tenor, but a sultry alto. Van shivered the voice shot through him like a dart.

“I even sound different!”

“Aye.” Van almost purred in response.

“Van you’re trembling.” Ilya said turning from his reflection to look at Van.

“I’m in shock. I’m…”

“I can see what you are. You’re saluting me.”

“I never thought I could. But you, you’re…”

“Love makes the difference I guess.” Ilya smiled folding himself into Van’s arms. “Can you love me like this?”

“Can I? Oh Aye.” Van said smiling picking up Ilya and placing him or rather her in bed. Showing his lover that indeed no matter which aspect he wore, loving it was not ever going to be a problem.

Ilya felt pampered as a cat where he lay as Van ran fingers through his hair. “I could get used to being a woman. That felt entirely different, but no less incredible.”

“Tell me what it was like. You have a unique perspective now my love.” Van purred nuzzling a delicate curved jawbone where it met Ilya’s ear. Ilya shivered in response.

“I’ll not lie. I do prefer you taking me elsewhere. Not that that part isn’t also on this new body. But still the difference in and of itself is hard to describe. A much deeper sensation and the difference in the culmination was a shock. It’s true that they say it takes longer for Women, but the build up was long and drawn out and I thought I was going to go crazy there a few times. The climax itself is vastly different. I felt like my entire insides were going to explode out of my skin.” Ilya turned to smile at Van.

“You looked it. You still make the best face though when you come. Just that face alone is my downfall. You make me feel a right smug bastard when you make that face. It’s nice to know I put it there in the first place.”

“Van, you are a wonderful lover. You have every right to feel smug. You earn it.” Ilya chuckled reaching over to pull Van closer to kiss.

“Shall I earn it again?”

“If you feel up to it.”

“More than you know.” Van almost growled as he devoured his spouse again. They were too exhausted to do anything else other than blindly find blankets to cover up with before sleep. They’d turn Ilya back into his male aspect the morning, Van was too tired to risk magic anymore that evening. The experiment a rousing success. It was nice to know that they would be able to have children together eventually and that the only woman ever to rouse Van’s interest was Ilya’s female aspect.

It might have been the boyish figure, it might have been the knowledge that Ilya really was truly male underneath, it might have been the simple fact that they loved each other or it might have been the combination of them all together.

The reason really didn’t matter. In the end they had the reassurance they would someday be able to have children together without outside assistance.


It wasn’t even true dawn yet when Ilya awoke in almost a panic. Van was still heavily asleep and Ilya’s sitting bolt upright didn’t even disturb him. Ilya stumbled out of bed and almost fell as his new center of gravity threw his balance askew. Moving around as a woman was going to take practice. But that was a thought far from his mind as he stumbled into the bathing room and gripped the sink and splashed cold water on his face. He blinked at his reflection, trying to deny what he was feeling. “No, no, no, no. Oh no.” Ilya muttered over and over knowing no matter how many times he said it, it wasn’t going to change anything.

He fumbled around and found a robe and pulled it on tight and made haste up the stairs, tripping a time or two before finding his center of gravity in his hips rather than his chest where it had been the night before and moving accordingly. Once on deck he very carefully walked across the gangplank that lead to “the Handmaiden” and a tired guard gave him a hand across.

“What’s wrong lass? You seem desperate are ye alright?”

“No, Aye, I… I need Sonja. I have to talk to her at once. It’s me, Ilya.”

“Lord what happened?”

“Long story. Please where can I find her?”

“This way.” The man led Ilya down almost a mirror copy of “the Crimson Lady” or rather the Lady was a copy of this maiden. And in the very same place Van and he shared a Cabin, lay Alexandre’s and Sonja’s. He gently knocked on the door, shifting foot to foot nervously when a bleary eyed Sonja opened the door, gasped in shock, then physically dragged Ilya inside and set him in a chair. She was now wide-awake and Alex was snoring in the next room.

“What on EARTH did you do?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Humor me.”

“We thought we’d try, you know, in case we wanted children later.”

“Later is here!”

“I know!” Ilya groaned almost in tears.


“It woke me up. I’m not crazy then. This. I mean I’ve seen it in others, but feeling it in yourself!? I had to be sure I wasn’t sensing something gone wrong.”

“No, it’s not wrong. You’re sensing things exactly as a healer would. And I can tell you from experience feeling your own is drastically different and much, MUCH more intense. No wonder it woke you up, you had double.”

“I know! We weren’t even TRYING. We just thought we’d test it first for later. And not only does the bastard give me a woman’s womb, he give me one with two damn eggs already IN IT!”

“Now you really do sound like a woman!” Sonja cackled finding a kettle to put on to boil for tea.

“That’s not funny!”

“But it’s true. You’re not the first to call a husband a bastard for being fertile.” Sonja grinned sitting down beside Ilya.

“I was not ready for this. Not in the slightest. And not only am I pregnant, I’m carrying twins! Although that might be my fault. Fraternal twins run in my family. My mam and aunt are twins. Oh god my brain hurts.” Ilya groaned rubbing his eyes.

“That probably is your fault. I wager Van only called out your inner aspect right?”


“So then yes, the twin part is your doing not his.”

“It’s a boy and a girl.”

“I know, I can tell too silly boy. Girl. Whatever.” Sonja laughed again and Ilya scowled at her.

“The boy is strong.” Ilya said closing his eyes. “And the girl not quite as strong but she has both our talents.”

“That’s usually the case Ilya. Wizards always breed true. All of their children will have the gift. But your gifts will only pass to your daughters unless you have a son as balanced as you are.”

“I knew that much. I didn’t know about the wizards always breeding true though.” Ilya said and Sonja nodded as she finished brewing the tea and handed Ilya a cup.

“Always. Sons or Daughters. Unless there is a cosmic fluke and that’s not likely, not in this bloodline. Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlers who blow things up.”


“You said that right. Raising wizards is not easy.”

“I’m scared enough at the moment. I don’t need you adding to my panic mam.” Ilya scowled again just as a frantic knock came to the door.

“That’s your adoring husband panicking as well. Shall I let him in?”

“Aye. Oh god how do you TELL HIM something like this?”

“Just tell him dear.” Sonja said opening the door and a half dressed Van came stumbling in.

“Ilya! Oh thank god. The night crew told me you came here. Are you alright? The aspect spell didn’t hurt you did it?”

“Van you might want to sit down.” Ilya said still sitting on the couch, his hands wringing the fabric of his robe nervously.

“What’s all the bloody noise in here? What on Earth?!” Alexandre said stumbling into the room and catching sight of a female Ilya on his couch.

“Ilya what’s wrong?” Van asked sitting on the arm of the sofa staring a worried hole into Ilya’s frame.

“Our little test was a rousing success, Daa.” Ilya said looking up into Van’s face that blanched visibly.


“You heard me.” Ilya shot back and Van slipped off the arm of the couch and onto the floor stunned and white as a sheet. Alexandre began guffawing in laughter clapping his son’s shoulder where he still sat on the floor in a tumble of shocked limbs just staring slack jawed at Ilya before regaining his senses and a drunken gleam came into his eyes and he smiled brighter than the sun.

“Really?” Van asked, unmitigated hope in his voice.

“Aye. Twins.”

Once more the stunned expression captured Van’s face and Sonja was afraid Alexandre was going to choke up a lung as he laughed hard enough to begin coughing in earnest.


“Aye, a Boy and a Girl.”

“You can tell that?”

“Aye. All healers can. They woke me up this morning when your little soldiers succeeded in conquering my defenses. You can sense enough to feel life auras Van. You can feel them too. Here.” Ilya took Van’s hand and placed it on his stomach and Van closed his eyes.

“S’truth! One of them is a fiery little cuss!”

“That would be your son.”

“The other is definitely a healer. I recognize that type of aura, it matches yours, but I do feel power of my sort there too, much more muted.”

“And that would be your daughter.” Ilya said and Van suddenly burst into tears and just grappled Ilya against his chest and sobbed.

“I’d say I’m sorry. But I’m not.” Van choked out and Ilya just held him back and cried with him.

“I’m scared to death, but I’m not sorry either. I wasn’t expecting this at all. Not. At. All. But oh Gods now that I can feel them? I can’t help but love them.” Ilya replied losing himself into the joy of the moment.

“Aye.” Van sniffled as Sonja came over to lay a hand on her son’s hair.

“Congratulations. Next time you test something, a little Maiden’s Breath wouldn’t hurt.” She winked and both Ilya and Van chuckled.

“Tosh! Van’s just proving he’s smack on true just like the rest of us. Fertile as they come.” Alexandre bellowed and Van chuckled.

“Daa, you big soft bear. You just want more grandchildren to dandle on your knee.”

“That’s true! That’s true! The more the merrier!” Alexandre said flopping onto the sofa to bestow a huge bear hug on Ilya. “Not that we don’t realize what you’ve given up lad in order to do this either. You’re still my son and only a damn secure man can wear an opposite aspect with pride. You wear it well. It’s not easy to give up what you did.”

“I didn’t give it up. I do expect my wanker back eventually. I have no idea how to even visit the water closet in this body yet!” Ilya groaned and that set Alex off again.

“Oh really!” Sonja rolled her eyes and smacked her husband on the back of his head. “Just sit down on it Ilya, nature will do the rest! Honestly! Men! You make it seem like the world’s ending if you don’t have a penis dangling between your legs. Thank all the Gods Ilya will at least learn to appreciate what we women go through for you Neanderthals!” Sonja stated as she went to the door and opened it. “Now out with you two! Go do silly stupid things together for a day. This is your first bonding day, you’re not supposed to be spending it with your parents but each other. Now shoo. And go think of names or something.” Sonja ordered them out and Van laughed and led Ilya out by the hand. The sun was just rising, so not many people were stirring yet. They’d have time to shock them all later with the change in Ilya’s aspect and condition.








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