D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
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Anyone reading this and happens to be on the Pacific coast line had best keep an ear turned to emergency broadcasts, there was a 7.4 earthquake just off the coast of California with a tsunami warning for the entire coast all the way down to Mexico!!! Tsunami warning is in effect until Midnight!


The above was posted by MAKO for me while I was away from the computer... Thanks Mako!

So far I've called Windsor (And spoke to the Man) and Lorena and left a message and Stormy's number I have is bad I need your new number babe!

I don't know how close you live to Monterey bay Pond, but the news just said if there is a Tsunami, it's gonna hit San Fransicso Bay first in approx 20 minutes
9:30 PST

I'm praying for all of you right now and hope there is NO TSUMAMI!!!

(For the record, I'm WAAAAAAAY in land, no worries here!)

9:19 PM PST

The Warning and Watch has been CANCELLED by the national weather serivce!!


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