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The writing on the wall...

I saw it coming, but boy it don't hurt any less.

For 9 months I was taken for a ride, No benefits, no assurance, The life of the Temp to Perm, only the PERM never seems to come.

My "assignment" (HA! my HELL!) ended today.

In other, less kinder "PC" words...

My ass got fired today cause "they couldn't afford to offer me the Job"

It fucking FIGURES.

Just when I start crawling out of my financial HOLE.

Such is my life, my Karma sucks up the wazoo.

I think it's seriously time I pay a visit to a Buddhist Temple or something akin to it to find out what demon is plaguing me so I can get rid of it.

Now when I *NEED* more than ever for the ex to pay up, he's disappeared.

Up to $6000 in back money he owes me (That I still paid out to the creditors mind you).

Someone shoot me? Put me out of my misery.

I don't know how much more SHIT I can take before I crumble apart.

If I drank, I'd be drunk right now.

Damn, I feel miserable, especially when I have a GREAT work ethic, Quality, performance.
My one and only "problem".

I missed 5 days of work in 9 months.

I'm so sorry if I had a CAR ACCIDENT

You can only have a half day a month for Full time employees, none for Temps apparently.

That was the big "reason" for not offering the position and letting me go.

I know the real reason is they get another temp, treat her the same way, and never have to pay benefits for slave labor.


Well I think I'll indulge in Ice Cream

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