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SImple Disappointments...

(forgot to post last night)

Simple Dissappointments
Even trivial, it's just a bummer.

I live in a small town, the ice cream parlor is across town.

My folks wanted Banana Splits and I had been jonesing for a Hot Fudge sunday for a few days. So I hop in the car make the trek, order the stuff.

Watch them MAKE the banana splits WELL before I make it to the window since I can see inside.

I get to the window:

No personality Drive-Thru Attendant: "We're out of Hot Fudge, Do you want another topping?"

Me: Thinking: "WHAT? How can Foster's Freeze RUN OUT of Hot Fudge. That ingrediant is in EVERYTHING YOU MAKE practically" What I say: "You couldn't tell me that when I ordered 15 minutes ago? No, I don't want another topping, and give me those splits please before they melt into SOUP already."

Attendant: "I could scrape the can"

Me: O_O *GROSS* .... "I don't want the DREGS that have been stewing in the can all day EITHER, can I please have what you already made It's ice cream, I've a 10 minute drive they are MELTING."

Attendant: Hands me messy containers (No bag)

Me: "They are dripping everywhere, how about a BAG?" (thinking) "Do you have a brain in there anywhere?"

Attendant: (Slams them in a bag)

I am now pissed off. EVERYTIME I go there there is always SOMETHING wrong. There is NEVER a cheerful employee ever, they never get shit right ever and It's like their paper bags must cost a million bucks because you have to ASK FOR ONE every time.

They are always rude, They either fuck up my change, fuck up my order, or like tonight RUN OUT of a basic ingredient.

My parents got soupy Banana SPlits, I got NOTHING, I get attitude immediately from stupid drive-through idiot with ZERO COMMON SENSE.

I WISH we had more than ONE ice Cream joint in town. I hate going there because I KNOW I'm gonna drive away angry, blown away by stupidity or disappointed.

I drove away tonight all three.

*pouts* I know it's stupid to get angry and upset over stupid ice cream. But ya know, it's disappointing and it's like a PROCESS to get there and back without it melting all over my car.

(watches parents eat... *pouts more*. I want some. :depressed: But I don't like anything else. So if they're out of the only thing I DO like ice cream wise, it's sort of pointless... I only like Vanilla with Hot fudge. :( )

Le sigh

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