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Okay, those of you who have met me in person, know I have a little hearing trouble.

It's inherited, and certain pitches (like MOST women's voices) I have a hard time hearing.

It will get worse, just like my Father.

Only I will never ever EVER resist a hearing aide when the time comes, like my father.


I really hate being blasted by the Television volume form 80 feet away and behind 2 closed doors.

Right now he is in his studio playing his guitar, Mom cannot hear her television program and won't ask dad to tone it down.

I asked him, I walked into that studio and the volume is EAR BLEED CENTRAL.

He turns it down (1) ONE notch.
Thanks a fucking lot DAD!


But nooooooooooooooo. Mom and I can be 1 foot away talking to him, he won't hear us, we get his attention, and we STILL have to shout at him and repeat ourselves 800 times.

It's frustrating as HELL!

And he won't do a damn thing about it, when you can get an invisible aide and the problem will go AWAY!

I've no clue why he resists, but I'm about ready to get him one for Christmas and super glue it in his ear if he resists!


When I can no longer hear, and I get the point he is, I PROMISE NOW, before I get there, I will have that miracle ear firmly in place!

I like not having to go "Huh?" "What?" all the time. And I'm already getting there, my Great Grandfather went totally deaf by the end, Dad and I probably will too. It's a bone thing in our ears, they don't vibrate right I guess for lack of a better explanation.

I KNOW this will happen to me someday, I accepted it a long time ago, and I just WISH Dad would get the god damn hearing aide.

Cause I can still hear right now, and all I can hear is either his guitar or his game show network 24/7


Where are my headphones? *Fires up winamp*


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