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I actually got a response!!!

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From: hochang kwon [mailto:teknospawn100@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 8:15 PM
To: fablespinner@comcast.net
Subject: RE: wow, love your artwork!

sorry, this is just one of those rare 1 in a million things where you just start a company and contacts you meet just fall into place and you're in the right place at the right time. I completely understand how outrageous this seems. I do not doubt what you are thinking. However this is a valid company, and everything i have said is true. But ironically i cannot prove any of this to you except fro my own company which only started about a month ago. haha. so i'm guessing you will turn it down. But good luck in life =) may God bless you.

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OMG HOW STUPID!!!!!!!1111oneoneone

My response?

If I didn't believe you before, I certainly do NOT now.

You sound like a prepubescent, insipid child who wasted my time with fabricated lies and who has the communication skills of someone still in grade school let alone the CEO of a company.

You tried to sucker the wrong person. I was not born yesterday.

Try getting a BRAIN and using it before you try to pull the wool over someone else's eyes.

You might sucker some 15 year old with this malarkey. You might actually want to research a little harder about the people you're e-mailing.

I'm no child and I eat imbeciles daily for lunch, and I have contacts that will be informed post haste of this scam you're trying to pull.

Don't mess in the big leagues sweetheart; you're going to be beaten. You'd better think up a new letter and scam, by morning I'll have this in enough forums and sent to enough gallery administrators to enlighten the masses you are trying to hoodwink.

I do wish you luck too, because you're going to need it desperately by the time I'm through.


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