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Did my Warranty Expire?

Jesus H. Fartwark!

Not only do I have to go in for my endoscopy on the 12th, since Sunday I've had the toothache from HADES. It got so bad today I had to leave work early (and then go in EXTRA EARLY the rest of the week to make up the time.) Because I was literally BLINDED by the pain and the transfer of pain that manifested itself as the be all end all of migraines....

Leave @ 3:30 go straight to Dentist...

it's now 7:23 PM and not 1 but 2 yes 2 ROOT CANALS LATER... I'm home.


WTF? When I meet Murphy I'm gonna shove his LAW up his Cotton-Pickin' ASS!



Do not attempt to eat UDON while still slightly numb in the mouth area... (looks at broth down the front of my shirt.)


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