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The World of Me...

Went to the Gastroenterologist today, diagnosis what I thought.
I have what is called Schatzki's Ring --> I have the congenital kind, born with it and every year as I age it gets worse.

I go in on April 12th for an Endoscopy (Camera down my gob) to confirm diagnosis, then I walk around for two days with a camera set two inches above the ring and the tube comes out of my nose and will be hooked to a computer for 48 hours to check if there's also acid reflux causing scar tissue... EWWWWWWWWWW.

Once those tests are done and confirm the obvious... I go in and have a Bougie Dilator shoved down there to have it opened up.

Dad had to go through that twice before his opened up enough.

Not looking forward to it at all. No Sir.


Mar. 23rd, 2005 08:31 pm (UTC)
Oh, poor D. From someone who has spent huge amounts of time in Gastroenterologists' offices over the years, you have my understanding and sympathy. I know this sounds ridiculous, but almost be glad of your diagnosis. Something is wrong with you, but at least you know what and they can fix/help it. When I was in High School (5 years ago), I had nearly 2 and a half years with what felt like a never ending stomach virus. After 3 doctors, 2 endoscopies, 2 colonoscopies, and a great many tests that involved long hours at the hospital and drinking nasty things, I was informed I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). What this really happens to be, is the name they slap on every stomach problem they can't identify. So all anyone could do for me was treat the symptoms, which worked with overall poor success. This eventually faded as I got older, though my stomach still hates me.

The point of this random and totally unasked for story of my life, was to say I'm so sorry for anyone who must visit the horrible realm of Gastroenterologists, but I'm very glad they can help/fix you. I'll be thinking nice opening thoughts for you.


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