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First HAPPY BIRTHDAY laughingwolf


Went out to see Robots with the 'rents and caro_t Saturday, lots of fun. Funny movie!
I adore Robin Williams -- caro_t and I had a good giggle at the OBVIOUS slash moment... we're such sickos!!!111oneoneone


Go to the Doctor tomorrow about my throat. Maybe after all these years of not being able to oh eat ANYTHING I might actually be able to have the surgery I need to open up my esophagus (sp). Getting it checked out tomorrow and find out when they're gonna stick the balloons down my gob and open up that bottle neck I was born with.


And finally after 12 years in Bloody-Cali-fsking-fornia, I fine a REAL Pizza Parlor that make REAL honest to goodness Chicago Pizza!!!
Not just called CHICAGO STYLE -- It's REALLY CHI-TOWN FOOD! At last W00T! Howie's Pizza better never close damn it, but I know my luck and it's back to crying over crappy tasting California pizza.

Hey, once you grow up in Chicago and cut your teeth on GINO'S EAST, there ain't no going back!


Got my Vacation Time squared away for Yaoi-con and the hotel is booked. (Bast and I are shaking up this year, mind the rumor mill! :PPPP)

I'm driving up and rolling in on Wednesday, October 26th and Rolling out Tuesday Morning, Nov. 1
Six days and nights in San Francisco and Yaoi... THANK YOU GAWD!
I took the Wednesday off too to relax at home before I go back to work.

I also booked a few days in August (Thursday-Monday, August 25th-29th) to go kick up shit with Mako in Vegas to celebrate our Joint Birthday's like we do every year.

I still have like 90 some hours worth of Vacation time left! FUCK YEAH!

I may detest my Job, but I certainly can't knock all that PAID VACATION TIME and BENES! I started out the year with 188 hours worth of time to play with and already used 4-5 days of it (Mostly Doctor appointments and I'll take 1-2 days for my surgery and use the rest for Sick Days when I need them.)

So yeah, quick life update... back to surfing about the web and eating my PIZZA!!!


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