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Gotta put in overtime this week, because my boss came over Friday BEGGING me to come in early Monday-Wednesday to help load balance since *shock* once again they laid off a ton of newbies just NOT cutting it. This is a really demanding job, and some people just can't hack the high-pace, high DRAMA, high stress.

So Poop on a stick I'm gonna be tired this week.

I caught up on Sukisyo and Tactics this weekend.... I am sooooo glad Yoru manages to take over Sora's body to Bone Ran... it makes the fangirl in me laugh my ass off to watch Sora and Nao in DE-NIAL the next morning. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Face it you two... you're doin' the nasty nightly and you love it! AHAHAHAH!

Tactics.... HA-RU-KA!
Put that man in my pocket please. It's not quite as slashy as it was in the earlier eps, I'd really like to see more Interplay between Kan-chan and Haruka, I mean hello? That episode where Kan-chan was Uber protective Uke? Please go back to that, that was REALLY SWEET and Heartwarming, he's turning into a little pissant, whiney bitch in these past few episodes.

I'm hanging in there though.... the fangirl in me will slash ANYTHING if she's able to... :PPPPPP

Trying to Catch up on Samurai 7, the art quality in that just fluxtuates so MUCH, some episodes are KILLER some are WTF did they use CRAYONS? But I love the story line and I always have so I'm staying with this one too.

I'm soooooo behind on Naruto, like 20+ episodes I left of like at 103 or something, lots of catch up there....

KKM again Waaaaaaaay behind. Like last Episode I watched was like 19 gotta catch up there too.

Harukanaru -- only watched the first four, it's good but since the releases seem to be REALLY SLOW I'm not in a hurry to watch this one... only 8 have been released so far.

Bleach -- LOVE THAT ONE TOO and again I'm only up to ep 7. -- I NEED MORE TIME TO WATCH THIS STUFF I need to take a vacation WEEK to catch up on my downloads

I have 76 episodes of Hikaru no Go sitting here, all of Saiyuki Reload... ahhhh so many. Whimper....

I have art I have to do, FIC to write and I'm already trying to shove muses into a closet here trying to rush me to finish part three of the Infinity Series so they can star in Part Four.... (Yes already know the plot for the next one when it bit me in the ass this weekend. Ruka and Guy (prounounced GUI like the French pronounce it....) are the working names for the next series installment.... GRAH I need more TIME.

I need to win the lotto so I never have to work again and I can sit here and be creative and fannish 24/7

Okay back to RL....

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