D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Unexpected FUN!

I originally met caro_t at last year's Yaoi-Con through our mutual friend klingonpoo and we discovered we both lived in Visalia and it took us until YESTERDAY to meet-up over coffee.

WHAT A FUCKING BLAST! We should not have waited so long.

It is so wonderful to sit face to face with someone and just Bullshit over intelligent coversation. Time FLEW BY.

We got to the coffee house a.k.a Border's little ouside patio at about 6:30 last night and I didn't walk in the front door at home until damn near 11:30 last night.

caro_t we sooo have to do that again! That was so much fun. I love being a fangirl with someone else who "Gets" it and also likes it too. Makes a world of difference you can laugh at the same shit and get irritated over the same drama queen crap and just talk until your voice is hoarse.

Human contact is a wonderful thing *nod nod* I don't get out of my house nearly enough.

Thanks for a Faboo Evening Caro!!!!

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