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Stuff the sequel....

My new business cards came today!!!

with how they turned out. Double sided - full color -- UV coated
and I ordered them SATURDAY and they got here today!

I recommend this company to anybody, the quality is TOP NOTCH and CHEAP

They sent me way more than 1000 cards and even threw in about 20 of them with the round corners as a free sample.

If anyone wants one, just toss me a note with your address and I'll send you one. PRETTY and I've got um a TON here. LOL

On another note...

Ya know I really DO NOT LIKE FURRY ART
I like fantasy creatures... (Centuars, Satyrs, etc...)
I like the occasional anthro (Kitty boys, HUMANOID with just little cute shit... Stuff that beechan2 and tsunopikash do...)
I like nifty aliens
I absolutely detest Yiff Furry crap and Furry stuff in general.

And they've found y!gallery already. *le sigh*

99.999999999% of it is horrible oekaki or MS Paint single layer messy bullshit to begin with and prolific as fuck artists with the bad, hurt my brain, shit.

If they flood that place much longer I may leave. I pray it does not turn into another SheeztArt. I really have no problem with people who do like that stuff, but just ONCE I'd love to see a gallery get put up on the net that they don't over-run with art with a vengence! Please can humans have ONE PLACE free of huge dripping dragon/wolf/bear/insert animal here cocks?


Pretty please?

There are already a million on-line galleries that cater to Furry art.

Do you have to be on them ALL?!?


I don't mean to offend people. my journal here, my personal preferences and bitching only here.

I don't like Shota either, but that's a whole other kettle of fish. I don't like even the impression of a child in a sexual situation... tell me all you want it's an adult, I won't believe you and I'll run away in tears so we won't even go there. If it looks NOTHING like an adult I am NOT looking at it. Chibi's OKAY, SHOTA NO! NO! NO! *cries* Again personal reasons from my own past here...

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