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What NOW?



I cannot use *ANY* of my players
Winamp -- Shows nothing but a solid magenta screen (audio only) then gives an error message and shuts down
Windows Media -- Colors all fucked up and then when you turn it off gives you an error message
DIVX - tells me can't play an AVI file and then when you turn it off gives you an error message
VLC - Colors also all blue
Real Media - Colors all blue (But only plays .rm files anyway. And .rm files also all blue)

All of them are either not showing the picture AT ALL on my AVI files *OR* when I play them all the colors are like BLUE (Skin/Hair etc..)

I've just reinstalled ALL the codecs I could find on the web - updated ALL the players to the current versions trying to cure this sudden problem

This was working 2 weeks ago the ONLY thing I've installed since the last time I used the players was POSER 4 (and a crap load of it's plugins) on my computer.


what could be causing this? Anyone know how to troubleshoot this conflict?

Help me pretty please I'm LOST.

*whimpers -- I wanna catch up on my shows and Can't watch ANYTHING.

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