D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Hello Tax return!!!

My new toys thank you uncle Sam!!!

My New Monitor

(Gotta get used to another resolution again -- I just got used to 1024 x 768 on a 19" and now same dimensions and it's running best at 1280 x 1024 O_o)

And I have a gorgeous solid Oak Corner Desk coming on Thursday (Got the desk and matching lateral file cabinet) that will be delivered Thursday...

I'll take pictures of my new desk when I get it set up.

The new desk is named "Bones".. why?
Because the model is called the Star Trek Model

I did a double take when the dude doing the sales slip said "Star Trek" desk so I went back over to the model on the showroom floor and sure enough it said "Star Trek" on it.


It's niiiiice and BIG and fucking heavy and there was no way in hell that was getting here in any car. It will have to be delivered in a BIG TRUCK with BIG MEN to move it into my office.

I cannot wait to finally have a proper DESK.

I mean I have a nice solid desk NOW, but it's more of a computer station that I have a little writing tables shoved up against for desktop space. I'm constantly BURIED in my papers and overflow. I need more than one drawer and no survace area to work on because the computer itself takes up all the space.

Unnnnnnnn I have been planning this desk purchase all year (Next years tax return I buy a new bed with a tempurpedic mattress, yes I have tax returns PLANNED MAN.)

2002 I got my last new monitor and my tablet (Dad inherited that 19" flat panel but while FLAT it was HUGE it was a full standard Monitor and it weighed like 50 pounds, it was still perfect just massive so I gave it to dad.)
2003 I got my Laptop
2004 I got the above
2005's will be the BED
2006's will upgrade my current computer system.
2007's No clue yet. Not thought that far ahead yet.




This does not look it, and the picture they have up is crappy it's black mesh... it's see through. but it is soooooooooooooo comfortable.... I got this too yesterday (mom got one too for herself)

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