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HAPPY BIRTHDAY irishangels!!!!!


Okay it started out with me getting a bilingual note asking "I want to know who you are?!"

I figured "Okay that sounds ODD, but it's probably lost in translation", so I replied basically.

"A chick in the US"

Ya know nice and VAGUE...

I have this in my e-mail this morning...


From :         ShirleyKharen DelgadoFarfán <bleu_ciel_lis@hotmail.com>
Sent :         Friday, February 11, 2005 6:24 AM
To :         fablespinner@hotmail.com
Subject :         RE: urgente


Fablespiner.........i didn't know that you was the  creador of  Wolf's Rain!!!!!!!!.......es increiblemente fantastico!!!  i can't believed it...

I'm sorry  por la molestia,  i  think that you are thinking that i am a idiot, but is only the entusiasmo.

I love Wolfs Rain. Many time ago I wanted denunciar  that  some  capitulos  was difundidos at  the TV whitout autorizacion, and i didn't knowed how doed, then  i enter at the website  and i don't know how, i contact you.

i don Know many thinks ( the english for example...-_-'), please  answerme, but no call the police, i know  who  difundio  your chapters, and i know that he will want kill me ... or something else.

Please, speak with me before the police o somebody, please.

I am writing you of Perú.

First -- WTF?
Second -- Why is she begging me NOT to call the police?
Third -- WTF?
Fourth -- I responded:

"Hon I am NOT the creator if Wolf's Rain

I just did a few fanart pictures for it, I'm an artist"

Why me? WHY?

On top of that I have a nasty cold AND my monthly hell cramps... someone kill me please.


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