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Sukisyo 4 & TACTICS...

aarinfantasy has up Sukisyo 4...

and I just watched 15 episodes of TACTICS.... Unnnnnnnnnn I wanna Haruka for my very own too please.

I'm shipping Haruka x Kantarou BAD.... I squee when both the Uke and the Seme kick MAJOR ASS and save EACH OTHER when one falters.

Nice balance going on Kan-chan is so not weak and Haruka (Did I mention I want a Haruka?) Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

*points to Icon... I had to screencap that, and you should see where Haruka's OTHER hand is... O_O Literally.
(Kan-chan just totally saved Haruka's ass here BIG TIME. NO WEAK UKES!!! YES!!!!)


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