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Fist Time with Poser.... Kill Me

I only spent a gazillion-trillion hours on the phone with spubba today...

And I promised I'd show him the first render I've been futzing with oh ALL BLOODY DAY!


Poser 4 and Postwork in PhotoShop 7.0

Now this is a FIRST try folks, pretty bad here... and not to mention I have no clue how to airbrush out the nipples yet and the belly button and draw a pouch, so pretend Kivi's anatomy is like it is in the BOOK (I know anal details but hey, it's been 16 hours I'm DONE for a test run....)

And it's NOT worksafe because I am not spending 370,000,000,000 more hours painting in clothes.

AND HA HA HA HA Strategic hand placement!



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