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What a week I'm exhausted....

What A week ... I've not posted the personal Stuff lately....

Mom has been really sick with a nasty cold, Dad had to have cardiac surgery on Wednesday. He's been having chest pains and shortness of breath for months and NO ONE could find out why.

Finally someone did, his left artery was sort of bottlenecked. Not closed, not blocked, just small in one area and the bloodflow was not good.

SO they went in Wednesday and did an angioplasty and put in a stent to keep that artery open.

He's home, really fucking sore. Cause don't ask me why they have to do HEART SURGERY through one's GROIN.  O_o

So I know dad is feeling OKAY and just sore when I hear him call me into another room, just to remind me his, and I quote "My Balls Ache"

Gee thanks DAD... T.M.I!!!

I didn't want to post about his surgery until after the fact. But he's okay, Mom's cold is just a nasty cough now, and I've eaten enough Zicam to choke a horse. But it worked so far, no signs of getting mom's cold. I eat zinc like candy during this season, I don't wait for "The First SIgns of a Cold" I take it before I show ANY SIGNS. I cannot be sick.

I have to take Kaiser for his shots here a a little bit, I fucking totally forgot Patty was supposed to come over because this week wiped me out, and I PRAY she got my e-mails and voice mails, I'm panicing she's gonna drive all the way over to fall into sickland homstead


Not to mention I have art I PROMISED and have to find time to FINISH today on top of everything else blowing up around here.


I'm being summonded to the back of the house... Dad's soda is probably empty.

*le sigh*

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