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I stole this from tpod and I swear I almost don't have to change ANY of her answers



[What year was it?]

[What were your three favorite bands?]
Duran Duran, Mister Mister, Queen

[What was your favorite outfit?]
I was never a clothes Whore.... I liked my stage costumes I was weird

[What was up with your hair?]
BIG - BIG - BIG Hello Aqua Net!

[Who were your best friends?]
shashin_o_toru(Dawn Goodman), Jennifer Bachman, Larry Lutrick, Sherri Wilson, Mike Bolin and Chad Thorpe

[What did you do after school?]
Music, Stage, I was at school LATE LATE LATE every day. Got home like 10pm after extra curriculars

[Where did you work?]
I didn't in High School

[Did you take the bus?]
Until I turned 16. Car #1.) 1979 Ford Pinto (Bright Yellow) -- Car #2) 1986 Mitsubishi Colt Hatchback

[Who did you have a crush on?]
Larry Lutrick (sigh - Fruitless)

[Did you fight with your parents?]

[Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on?]
tpod's answer: Duran Duran, specifically Nick Rhodes. Still the prettiest (see icon)
Duran DUran, specifically JOHN TAYLOR -- No no He's the Prettiest!!! ~_^

[Did you smoke cigarettes?]

[Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker?]
I had 1 book my senior year. By the time I got there I had taken all my credits. I had seven classes -- 6 of them were music related :PPPPP

[Did you have a 'clique'?]
THe Music Geeks, the Drama Geeks, THe park rats I floated through the preppies really some liked me some hated me, I gave a shit I was WAAAAY too busy.

[Did you have "The Max" like Zach Kelly and Slater?]
tpod's answer: ? Maybe? No clue what this is.
Same here.. Huh?

[Admit it, were you popular?]
Sort of. I performed at lots of shit. I was more popular with everyone's PARENTS. O_o

[Who did you want to be just like?]
Nobody -- Miss Independent

[What did you want to be when you grew up?]

[Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now?]
Not here, but can't complain really


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