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Desparatus Desiderium -- Part VIII

You know the drill -- I'm posting unproofread drivel as I write it...

“Desparatus Desiderium”
(Desperate Longing)
T  H  E    I  N  F  I  N  I  T  Y    S  E  R  I  E S
* III *
Author: D. Sanders

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“You are wise and kind. I look forward to working with you and becoming better friends. My memories are from my childhood, I see you with different eyes now.”

“That’s what happens when you grow up. And I need to remind Eran to make a call to Romi. We want her off planet.”

“Romi, the vocalist? She is most amazing.” Kivi said, he had a recording of her voice; he was quite a fan of the human female.

“She’s Brion’s mom.” Beau winked indicating Brion who was sitting off to the side quietly.

“Your Mother?” Kivi asked and Brion nodded.

“Yeah, I’m not sticking around I’m afraid. Unlike my Uncles, I’m not immortal and I’m taking my mom home. I’d love to help, but I gotta take care of her first.”

“As you should. We would not have you stay with so much at stake that is not your doing or concern. Your Mother is your concern.” Kadala said as Beau went to go remind Eran to make the call to Romi.


Romi returned to her hotel room after a successful show and her travel manager was waiting outside the door.

“What’s wrong?”

“You have an urgent message Romi. Do you know a man named Eran?”

“I do. My Brion is with him! Give me the message. Is something wrong?”

“He didn’t say. Just that you need to call him at this number immediately.” Romi snatched the message and dashed inside to make the call.

Eran answered his vid communicator and almost fell off his chair with Romi’s frantic voice. “What’s wrong? Is it Brion?”

“Calm down Romi. He’s here and fine. We can’t talk over the com, not secure. I want you at these coordinates yesterday. Pack everything and get your tiny ass over here a.s.a.p.” Eran said sending directions to the university.

“I’ll be there in two hours.” Romi said disconnecting and grabbing her cloak. She hired a transport and was on her way within fifteen minutes.

Kadala and Kivi were fixing dinner when the knock came to the door and Brion answered it since he was sitting closest. He was crushed in his tiny mother’s embrace. “I missed you too Mom.” He chuckled as he tried to shut the door while stuck in his mother’s arms.

“What the hell was that message about Eran?” Romi asked dragging her son across the room with her as she crossed the floor.

“Let’s not waste time on introductions eh Romi?” Eran teased as Romi finally remember her manners and she was in a Prima’s home.

“God I’m sorry, but what the hell Eran? You had me worried to death.” Romi said and Xan just laughed.

“No need to apologize Mrs. Corcoran. Any parent would worry and forget social proclivities. Welcome to my Home Madam. I am honored.”

“As am I.” Romi bowed, still holding onto Brion’s hand.

“Mom, long story short. I’m taking you home no arguments.” Brion said and Romi looked up at her tall first-born.

“Mind if I ask WHY? I have seven more sold out shows, I can’t drop everything on a whim you realize.”

“It’s not a whim Romi. How long until your tour is up?” Eran asked and Romi flipped open her pocket calendar.

“Two weeks. Can it wait that long?” Romi asked and Eran nodded.

“Yes, I suppose it can. Brion will finish the tour with you and then take you home on the first transport back to Pirotaine.”

“You’re up to something.” Romi eyed Eran warily.

“Yes. This is your last tour of Sansun for a while.” Eran said his eyes grave.

“Tell me you’re about to fuck with the social structure.”

“Did I ever tell you when you were younger how much I adored you?” Eran laughed. Romi was always blunt and sharp.

“Yes. And I take your reply as a yes too I presume.”

“You were always a clever cookie Romi.”

“Thank God. Good luck I suppose and thanks for not getting my son blown up.”

“Like we’d involve Brion? Not on your life. Just the moment came up and we jumped on it. Just go home, eat Mandy’s cooking and give everyone our love. It’ll be a while before we come home again.”

“You got it.” Romi said turning to Cris and Val. “Phineas tells me you’re going to be grandparents.” She said changing the subject and Cris nodded.

“Tovi’s due on our Anniversary. It’s going to suck missing the birth, promise to take me lots of pictures?” Cris asked and Romi nodded.

“Absolutely. Goodness gracious it smells divine in here. Where are all the flowers I smell?” Romi said changing gears again lightening fast. Kivi blushed and Xan laughed.

“No flowers. You smell Kivi and I. We are still seasonal.”

“Huh? Oh yeah, I forget about that. Well you both smell great then.” Romi winked and Kivi coughed a little overwhelmed with such a celebrity he admired telling him he smelled good.

“Mom, you really do just fill a room don’t you?” Brion laughed as Xan indicated Romi should join them in the living room while they waited for dinner.

“Well baby, it’s just a waste of time not to be yourself.” Romi grinned as she sat next to Xan and held out her hand. “Sorry for the outbursts. I’m obviously Romi and you are?”

“Xantarun Indivar. Call me Xan.”

“Whoa, I heard of you. You’re big news kiddo. I thought I filled up gossip columns you have me beat.” Romi teased and Xan laughed.

“Yes, I cannot sneeze without making news. It is most troublesome.”

“Honey laugh at it. Hell according to the rags I have three children with Phineas and a dozen more illegitimate offspring. Including a Zootari lover. I mean really. Zootari are nice, but they have tentacles! Honestly.” Romi rolled her eyes and Xan chuckled.

“I read that one.” He said as Kivi came in with a decanter of wine.

“Mrs. Corcoran, are you thirsty?”

“Oh lord honey no. But stand there a minute. Wow, you smell fabulous up close. What I wouldn’t give to have your glands baby. Just call me Romi too.”

Kivi smiled. “Thank you.” He said softly a pink hue still on his cheeks.

“Don’t be embarrassed love. I just speak the truth.” Romi said as she met Kivi’s eyes for the first time. “Wow, fabulous eyes too. Kivi you should be on a stage modeling or something. You’re stunning.”

“Oh my no.” Kivi looked aghast.

“Romi, cool it. Kivi is technically an Ounta, you’re lucky you see him at all.” Eran said and Xan nodded.

“Kivi is my mate. He is in the open to humor me, he is still growing accustomed to my whims.”

“It’s a damn crime. I’m sorry Kivi, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“It is all right. I am most flattered coming from such a beauty as you I am most honored.”

“Now you sound like my husband.” Romi grinned.

“Dinner is ready, would all please join at the table.” Kadala announced and Kivi helped bring the food to the table.

Xan sat at the head and Kivi opposite him at the other end of the table as hosts. Xan stood and raised his glass. “To new friends, to my beautiful mate and to all we hold dear. May times be gracious, peaceful and hopeful.” He held up a toast that everyone was more than eager to drink to.

After dinner, everyone sat around the living room with tea and coffee and chatted about mundane matters. Beau had his guitar and Kivi sat awestruck as he, Cris, Val, Brion and Romi sang Pirotaine songs for an audience who had never heard them before.

“What a wonderful place your homeland must be to inspire such loving hymns.” Kivi breathed in wonder.

“It is a beautiful place.” Beau said noticing a small Sansun lap harp sitting in a corner.

“Who plays that?” Beau asked and Kivi smiled.

“I do. I was inspired after you left to learn it. I am not very good.” Kivi said shyly.

“He lies Beau. He is too modest. He is most pleasant to listen to when I am reading.” Xan said getting up to hand Kivi his small hand held instrument.

“Play something, I’ll jump in and we’ll duet.” Beau said strumming his guitar once in a chord to see if he was still in tune.

Kivi nodded as he sat on the floor and plucked out a soft ballad on the mellow little harp. It sounded almost mournful in tone. Beau plucked out an improvisational counterpoint that livened the tune with a springtime air. It was like the dying of winter and the birth of spring combined.

Everyone sat silently listening and then Romi began to hum a third melody, adding her song to theirs. Like a bird welcoming the dawn light.

By the time the song faded, everyone sat with their hair standing on end.

“That was amazing.” Xan shivered in his seat.

“I’ll say. I want to record that.” Romi said and Beau smiled.

“Me too. Let’s hope one day we can find the time to do that.” Beau said setting down his guitar, there was no performance that could have topped the feeling lingering in the room.

“I most enjoyed that very much. I have never played with another, it was exceedingly pleasurable, I am honored.” Kivi bowed his head to Beau and Romi.

“Well, I hate to call this a night. But I have a two-hour transport from here to my hotel. I think I will steal my son and say goodbye before I break down in tears. I don’t want to hear about anyone of you getting hurt.” Romi stood and everyone with her.

“We’ll take care Romi. We can’t die we’ll be fine.” Eran reassured as he hugged Romi and Brion farewell.

“Just be careful. I love you all.” She said hugging the rest and then moving to hug Kivi.

“You, don’t you ever cover up that face again and you will play for me again. Promise?” Romi asked and Kivi smiled softly and returned her embrace.

“I will ever play when you ask. I am pleased to have met you, I have always admired you.” Kivi said as Xan walked over and took her hand and kissed the back of it.

“You honor us both. Perhaps I might beg you return one day when times are different where we may have more time to visit. I would entertain your family with mine one day as friends.”

“It’s a date.” Romi said moving to the door with Brion.

“Take care everyone. Send us word so we don’t sit and worry.” Romi added as she and Brion opened the door to leave.

“We will if we can.” Cris said shutting the door behind them.

“We should go too. You have much to do if you are off this night.” Indira said taking his son into his arms.

“I am scared Sipa. I shall miss you.”

“I will be fine as will you. You will be safer where you are going. Your Hopa and I will pray for you.” Indira said as Kadala joined the embrace.

“Your Sipa is right. I would worry less with you safely away from here. I have faith and I have much hope. All will be right. Xan will take care of you better than we ever could.” Kadala kissed his son’s cheek and wiped his sons tears with his sleeve.

“I love you both. I will do my best.” Kivi said softly as Indira and Kadala moved to the door.

“We know. Xan-ka be well. Be strong.”

“Sipa-ka, Hopa-ka…” Xan bowed to them both. “Be well, I will do all in my power.”

“Eran, Cris, Beau, Val, my dear friends be well and be blessed.” Indira said and everyone replied in kind as Indira and Kadala went home.

Xan turned to Eran. “I will get us packed, we can leave whenever you feel it is best.”

“The less people out and about the better. We’ll leave around midnight.” Eran said and Xan nodded taking Kivi’s hand and leading him to the bedroom so they could pack and get ready for travel.


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