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'Desparatus Desiderium' -- Part III

You know the drill -- I'm posting unproofread drivel as I write it...

“Desparatus Desiderium”
(Desperate Longing)
T  H  E    I  N  F  I  N  I  T  Y    S  E  R  I  E S
* III *
Author: D. Sanders

The Rest of this un-proofread BS can be Found here:

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“Then there is no point arguing the point is there?”


Xan smiled, Kivi was going to be good compatible company at the very least. Xan just shook his head and pulled them both up off the floor. “The tea is getting cold.”

“That is when I like tea.”

Xan laughed as he sat down. Kivi was going to be wonderful company if he kept that up.


Xan awoke when a gentle hand on his shoulder stirred him awake. “Xan, Lord Xan. My goodness you’re a deep sleeper. Xan.”

“I’m awake.” Xan rolled to face Kivi, groggy and blurry eyed. The first thing he saw when his eyes focused was Kivi’s amused smile and brilliant eyes.

“Good morning. I have your bath ready and your breakfast. Your first class is in an hour.”

“Kivi, you don’t have to wait on me…”

“I know Xan. But it seemed you were not inclined to care for yourself this morning. It’s my pleasure.” Kivi replied cheerfully as he stood to leave the room.

“You’re amused aren’t you?” Xan asked throwing his legs out of bed to stumble toward the bathroom.

“Very.” Kivi’s soft chuckle could be heard as he shut the door to give Xan his privacy.

“Pay backs are a bitch Kivi.” Xan grinned as he slipped into a warm bath with a sigh.

After a luxurious bath with sandalwood scented oil in the water, Xan found his favorite breakfast waiting for him. Fresh pastries that were more savory than sweet, fragrant tea, and fruit that had been cut and peeled into an assorted salad. All light foods, which sat well with him in the morning. Kivi certainly has been apprised of his preferences.

“Will you join me?” Xan asked as he seated himself at the table and Kivi smiled and nodded and sat opposite him at the table. He poured Xan’s tea and to Kivi’s shock Xan poured juice into his own glass.

“You said you liked this right?” Xan asked, cheerful and Kivi sat there stunned. A Prima was serving him.

“Y-yes. Xan…”

“Kivi, I’m so done arguing. Get used to it. I enjoy fucking with the norm.”

“So I am learning.” Kivi said as Xan set down the decanter and they both broke their fast together at the table as equals.

During the meal Xan watched Kivi shyly eat, amused. “How old are you Kivi?”

“I will be twenty years from my pouch tomorrow.”

“Your emergence day is tomorrow?” Xan asked with a smile. Kivi returned it.

“Yes.” Kivi answered moving to clear the plates from the table.

“We should celebrate. Twenty is a lucky year.”

“It already is. I need no more, I have all I ever hoped for.” Kivi replied leaning over to take Xan’s empty cup and his hand cupped Xan’s in a grateful and thankful gesture.

Xan smiled, the more he got to know Kivi, the more he reminded him of Devapa, always subtle and gentle as a breeze in manner and movement. “You’re quite… refreshing.” Xan remarked as he stood from the table dusting off any stray pastry crumbs from his clothes. “I must be off if I am to be on time.”

“Yes. You have twenty minutes. Your class is an hour, and then you have ancient literature until mid-day after. I know you like your larger meal mid-day; I will have it ready for you. Would you prefer red or white meat today?”


“Xan, this is my job. I have nothing else to do these little things to see to your comfort are a pleasure to me. It gives me something to do. Please let us not argue, please. I am so happy I want to take care of you.”

“Fair enough. White meat please then.” Xan replied, Kivi was right he would need to eat and Kivi would be bored sitting in here alone day in and day out without things to do to keep occupied.

“Have a good day Xan. Be Well.” Kivi walked Xan to the door and handed him his satchel containing his gear.

“Be well Kivi.” Xan smiled and headed out to class. Kivi shut the door behind him and leaned against it with a contented sigh. He’d heard rumors that Xan was kind; the rumors were a pale representation of the truth. There wasn’t anything Kivi would not do for that man; he deserved his very best at all times. Kivi was eternally grateful and felt blessed to belong to Xan, there was no master like him; he’d move the heavens and earth to please him. So Kivi set to work cleaning away the breakfast dishes and moved to begin preparations for the mid-day meal.

He had the meat marinating in a flavorful white wine, and all the vegetables were cut and prepared when Kivi took a break to take his own bath for the day. He always preferred to kill two birds with one stone. First he’d clean the bathroom in the nude, and as he rinsed the cleaners away he’d wash himself.

He was giving the tub a wipe down with a soft sponge, the shower running to rinse away the cleaners and soaking Kivi in the process. He did not notice the man in the door watching him.

Xan’s second class had been cancelled so he had come home to find Kivi cleaning his bathroom, gloriously nude. Xan watched through the crack in the door, he felt like a voyeur but Kivi was hypnotic. Every muscle moved in fluid grace, no wasted movements, efficient and precise. The shapeless robe he wore hid a treasure of form beneath. Lean, strong and elegant, Xan was spying on perfection.

Xan pushed the door open as Kivi turned and squawked in alarm. “Please don’t be alarmed. Class was cancelled. Please continue.” Xan smiled, his arms folded over his chest.

“Xan. You startled me.” Kivi smiled turning to rinse his hair in the spray before he shut off the taps.

Xan walked over and handed him a towel. “Sorry. Do you always clean the bathroom in the nude?”

Kivi took the towel and wrapped it around his middle. “Yes. It saves time and my clothes.”

“Can you leave me a note when you plan on doing it next? I missed a lot of that.”

Kivi laughed, “I will inform you. Xan you are amusing.”

“And you are stunning. I think my eyes fell out when I walked in here.”

Kivi turned and smiled. “You flatter me too much and your handsome golden eyes are fine and still in their sockets.” Kivi said handing Xan back his towel before disappearing into his room for a moment to dress again. He came out in the same shapeless robe.

“I detest that robe even more now.” Xan grumbled good-naturedly.

“You will live I surmise. Do you need anything before I start the meal?”

Xan shook his head and sat on the couch. He was watching again. Kivi smiled and just went to work.

“Do you do anything else without that robe?” Xan asked after a few minutes and Kivi turned and planted his hands on his hips.

“Xan, if you wish me too, you just need to ask. I belong to you.”

“Do you mind at all? I feel like a letch here, but you’re beautiful. I don’t want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“I am not shy. If you like to look at me I will take this off while I work if that pleases you.”

“Does it please you?”

“I would lie if I said it did not. I will do anything you ask, it pleases me to please you.”

“We’re in a circle again here. I will be content just watching you clothed or un-clothed.”

Kivi smiled and let his robe slip to the floor as he continued to prepare the mid-day meal.

Xan was in heaven watching that form move about the room. He’d not seen anyone quite as lovely as the youth before him. “You need to be painted and hung above the mantle. Classic beauty you have.” Xan remarked lazily from the couch.

“Xan. You are one of a kind.” Kivi shook his head as he placed the meat in the oven to bake. He was going to start cooking the vegetables when he grabbed his robe and pulled it on and over his head hurriedly.

“Is someone coming?”

“Yes.” Kivi whispered sliding his veil on and moving to answer the door and reaching the door a few moments before the knock actually came.

It was a stranger, one of Xan’s classmates coming to introduce himself and Xan fumed as the youth marched in, slapping Kivi’s behind as he walked passed.

“I don’t think I invited you in and you will refrain from hitting my Ounta.” Xan growled and the youth paused.

“Just coming to invite you to our soiree later Lord Indivar. I meant no offense.”

“I am not a social person. I am here to study not partake in parties. Thank you, but I decline your offer.”

“Suit yourself your Lordship. If you change your mind you are welcome to attend.” The youth said before leaving and Kivi shut the door behind him.

“It is a good thing you declined. He is trouble.” Kivi said, his eyes angry.

“You’ve met him before?”

“We all sadly have. The man is in perpetual season. And Ountas know to hide or you’re on your knees.” Kivi turned and began taking out anger on a carrot. Xan came over and stilled his hand with his own.

“He forced you?”

“No. I am lucky there. But others have not been so lucky in his presence. He has done nothing but paw me in passing, as you’ve seen.”

“I’m sorry Kivi.”

“Dear Xan, you of all Prima have no need to apologize for his actions. You are far, far above them all.”

“Hardly, I made you work around here nude. I’m hardly better.”

“Xan. You made me do nothing I did not want to. I like you very much. I am equally curious if that sets you at ease.”

Xan smiled. “Curious huh?”

“Oh course. You are quite handsome Xan, a man would have to be blind not to notice you.”

“Then turn about is fair play then.” Xan stepped back and stripped to his own skin and turned for Kivi to take a good long look.

“You are handsome enough to send someone into a heat cycle involuntarily.”

“So are you.” Xan said tugging Kivi’s robe free and letting it pool on the floor with his own garments.

“We are breaking a million laws, you realize this?” Kivi asked, almost short of breath Xan only laughed.

“I do. I’ll pour the wine and start the music. You save our dinner from burning and shall we eat Au natural?”

“Xan, you are crazy.”

“I know. Go with the moment Kivi, deny this is spontaneous fun?”

“I cannot. You win.” Kivi laughed as he pulled their dinner free from the oven and they made a picnic out of it in front of the fire, dressed in only their skin.

They sat by the fire, or rather Kivi sat and Xan lay sprawled with his head resting on Kivi’s lap looking up into his extraordinary blue eyes. Kivi indulged him and was currently feeding him tidbits of his meal as they talked.

Xan had no idea what had come over him, he wasn’t in heat and neither was Kivi so he wasn’t picking up on stray pheromones that were making him go as crazy as he was currently. He had never in his life been so immediately attracted to someone as he was with Kivi. The minute he’d looked into those eyes he’d been interested, he saw that face and melted, he walked in on him nude and he’d been a goner. But that was just the physical attraction; Kivi’s beauty went right through. He was everything Xan found appealing, the way he moved, his voice, his personality, his calm demeanor, everything about Kivi pushed all of Xan’s buttons. Kivi had no airs; he didn’t pretend to be anything he wasn’t. He was real, he was natural, and he put up with Xan’s quirks with just an amused smile. He was perfect.

“Xan? You’ve gone so quiet. Is there anything wrong?” Kivi asked his long fingers playing with Xan’s hair delicately moving the strands away from Xan’s face.

“Nothing is wrong. I’m just thinking how I want to stay right here and not ever move.”

Kivi chuckled. “This is nice. I shant move anytime soon, unless of course my legs eventually fall asleep, and then you may have to help me move.”

Xan smiled from where he lay. “I’d carry you, never fear.”

“I know you would. But you have already swept me off my feet with just being yourself. You are a hard man to refuse and even harder not to love.”

“You can always tell me ‘no’ if I get too strange.” Xan grinned and Kivi smiled back softly.

“I like your strangeness.”

“I adore you Kivi. You’re wonderful company, you put up with me and don’t think me insane.”

“I never said I didn’t think you we’re insane.”

Xan laughed and sat up. “That’s why I adore you. Never change Kivi. I need your sense of humor, it’s a comfort to me.”

“Are you that lonely Xan?”

“You noticed huh?”

“Yes. It breaks my heart to think you shut yourself away from others when you are such a joy to be around.”

“Kivi, I don’t like people much. I don’t like people trying to befriend me simply because my name is Indivar. I positively detest snobbery and social climbers. I loathe conversation that has to be had while walking on eggshells or conversation that is so insipid you want to fall asleep halfway through. Given the choice Kivi, I’d take sitting here with you over it all. This is real.”

Kivi reached up and laid a hand to Xan’s cheek. “I will always listen to you. Please I beg you, always keep me as your Ounta. I would rather die than be with another master. I long to take care of you in my heart, please let me. You make my heart ache with want to take care of you and protect you from those who hurt you. I love you.”

“Kivi, I don’t want to keep you.” Xan began and the strangled sob that escaped Kivi’s throat made Xan pull him close for comfort.

“I didn’t mean it like that Kivi. I meant keep as in own. I would never want to own you. But keeping you close because I love you too is another thing entirely. Let the world outside think what they will, but behind these doors, when it is just the two of us, never treat me as your master. Never. You are precious to me, I do not want to see you leave me either. I’ve looked for you too long. I fell in love with you almost immediately. You are everything I find desirable in this world.”

“Xan, perhaps we are moving too fast. I can’t breathe my heart is pounding so fast.” Kivi said leaning back from Xan’s embrace.

“You are probably right. Perhaps getting dressed is a good idea, we shant be so tempted.” Xan said standing and pulling Kivi to his feet and hand in hand they walked into the bedroom and toward the closet.

Xan pulled out a black shirt and pants. “It’s not color, but these will look far nicer than that robe. Please wear these.”

“I can’t tell you no even if I try.” Kivi said allowing Xan to slip the shirt over his arms and fasten it for him. Kivi had never been dressed by another; it was almost sensual the way Xan slowly took his time with the buttons.

Kivi shivered and had to break contact; Xan was making him crazy with need. He opted to just return the favor and picked out a blue outfit for Xan to wear. Once dressed the returned to the living area, and Xan sat at the table with his studies and Kivi cleaned their mess and then lounged on the couch with a book of his own allowing Xan his space to study.

Xan however had his attention divided and Kivi had caught him more than once just staring at him. “Xan you will not learn a thing if you just sit there looking at me.”

“You’re a distraction.”

“Shall I leave the room?”

“Don’t you dare Kivi. I like you there just fine handsome.”

“Xan you are insane.” Kivi chuckled but remained curled up on the couch.

“I know. I have a class don’t I?”

“In an hour yes you have Historical Archive Studies. It’s your longest class. You shant be done until Evening.”


Kivi just smiled into his book. “Do you crave anything in particular for supper?”

“Kivi on a platter.”

“Xan.” Kivi’s tone was almost warning.

Xan laughed. “I’m still full from lunch. Surprise me with anything light and I should be heading out. I need to run an errand before class.” Xan stood and grabbed his shoulder satchel and leaned over the back of the couch and to Kivi’s delighted surprise he was kissed on the cheek.

“I’ll see you later handsome.” Xan purred into Kivi’s neck and Kivi shivered.

“Be well Xan. Come home safe.”

“Be well my Kivi.” Xan shut the door behind him and Kivi melted into the couch pillows. He was so in Love with that crazy, incorrigible Prima he could hardly see straight. Life was perfect; he never wanted this dream to end.


Xan had a light gait in his step as he headed off campus to a row of shops along the main boulevard. First he went to a local wine shop and picked up a bottle of mead, a traditional emergence day celebratory wine and placed that in his satchel before he headed just next door into a jewelers.

“Lord Indivar, we’d heard you were in town.” The Prima at the counter thrilled at seeing a wealthy patron hurried over.

“I am. Please I have a little time before my class, Show me sapphires please, bracelets or earrings, they will compliment the eyes of the one I am shopping for.”

“Ah, a lover my Lord?”

“That’s none of your business. His Emergence Day is tomorrow, I would give him a gift is all.”

The Prima nodded and brought out a selection of fine jewels. Xan looked them all over, but one piece in particular caught his eye. A deep blue large pendant, surrounded by diamonds in a teardrop cut on a heavy gold chain. It would look stunning around Kivi’s neck and could be easily hidden under his garments if needed. “I would have this one. Please wrap it.” Xan paid for his purchase and tucked that into his bag and then headed to class.

“That’s some gift for just a simple friend.” One Prima whispered as Xan left.

“Yes it is, I think the elusive Lord Indivar is hiding something. Maybe Sansun’s most eligible bachelor is no longer eligible.”

“What scandal. I wonder who the lucky man is, Lord Indivar is harder to impress than a snake. He’s short tempered and aloof. Whomever it is must be remarkable.”

“And able to put up with Lord Indivar’s habits. Did you know he almost refused the Ounta they gave him? Then demanded better accommodations for him? For an Ounta? Lord Indivar has strange priorities. He even refused Lord Tibiae’s social invitation. So the rumors of him being a shut-in are true. I wonder who managed to break into his solitary ways.”

“We’ll have to keep our eyes open to see which young Lordling is walking around with that stone around his neck.”

The gossip continued and spread and before Xan’s class was over someone was leaning over to speak to him.

“So, I hear you’re buying jewels. Who’s the lucky boy?”

Xan rolled his eyes. He’d have to be more careful; everything he did was gossip fodder. “None of your business. Leave me be, I am trying to listen to the lecture.” Xan grunted never making eye contact and typing notes on his portable unit.

He hated people, he hated gossip, he hated being disturbed when he was trying to learn something new and he couldn’t wait to go home to Kivi’s serene company. Kivi listened when he talked, Kivi left him alone when he wanted to read, he gave Xan space to be himself and was attentive when Xan wanted living contact. To say he was in love with Kivi would be the truth. Granted it was new and untested, but he couldn’t deny the fact that he found himself not paying attention to the lecture and imagining Kivi’s smile and voice. He needed to go home, he had to see him. He wasn’t learning a damn thing for want of exploring this new emotion. During the break in class, Xan collected his belongings, apologized to the professor begging fatigue from the journey and asked to be excused.

The professor took Xan aside as the class filtered outside for the twenty-minute break. “Xan, you are the one student I want this term. I know how you think boy; I have things to share with you. Come see me tomorrow, I have archives I want you to read. Important documents I think only you have the capacity to understand.”

“Professor Indira, I’m honored.”

“No lad, you’re special. You can change this world if you try. Give Kivi my love.”

Xan did a double take. “Professor?”

“He’s my son.” The professor whispered and Xan nodded, an excited thrill running up his spine.

“He’s gifted.”

“I know, so is his Hopa. We can’t talk here, may I beg a visit later this evening, we would like to see Kivi. His Emergence Day is tomorrow.”

“I know, you are always welcome in my home Professor Indira.”

“I will bring the documents I want you to see. Thank you Lord Indivar. We shall come by after supper.”

Xan nodded and Left, hurrying home to give Kivi the news.


Kivi could barely eat; he hadn’t been able to contact his parents in months. When he sensed them coming he was bouncing at the door waiting. Xan could sense them coming too but waited to say anything to see how sensitive Kivi was. It was within a minute of Xan sensing them; Kivi’s sixth sense was keen.

When the knock came Kivi threw open the door and two figures quickly moved inside and the moment the door was shut Kivi was all over them.

“Sipa! Hopa!” He sobbed clinging to them both in joy.

“He took your limiter off! Thank you Lord Indivar. Thank you!” Professor Indira wept as he held his son.

The Ounta with Lord Indira walked over to Xan and bowed deeply, it was easy to see where Kivi got his looks; this man was just an older version of Kivi. “Lord Indivar, bless you, bless you. My Kivi is my joy, to know he’s with you sets my fears to rest.”

“Please don’t bow, and please call me Xan. We are all equals here in my chambers.”

“See Kadala. I told you he was one of us.” Professor Indira winked and looked to Xan.

“You’re not alone Xan, there are others who think like you. Not all Prima’s like our society and we’re many, but none of us quite as high in rank. But we have hope in you, you can make changes if you’re strong enough.”

“What are you talking about?” Xan asked ushering them all into the living room to be seated. Kivi sat at his Sipa’s feet and let him stroke his hair.

“Freedom, shaking off their shackles of oppression. You’ve noticed Kivi is gifted, so is Kadala. The only reason they are Ounta is because we are forbidden to teach them and certain Prima’s would balk at the idea of actually earning a living with their own two hands and not off the backs of slaves. Even though I love Kadala, I have been forbidden to make a formal union with him. They overlook my lack of martial status because I am a low-ranking Prima. They turn a blind eye to my companionship to my Ounta. Kivi is our only child and I am forbidden to acknowledge him in public. That destroys me.”

“Sipa, I know you love me. That is enough.” Kivi said resting his cheek on his father’s knee.

“No it’s not. I wanted you to have the same opportunities as other children, but because your Hopa was Ounta I was forced to watch you become a slave with no power to stop it. Xan, you have more power than you realize, you understand do you not?”

“I do Professor. And get to the point, you are preaching to the choir. What would you have me do?”

“First learn the history they don’t want you to know. I have collected over the years many archives and documents about the initial oppression of the Ounta, and the purging of gifts on purpose. What the Prima have forgotten will be their downfall. Lead the Ounta out of slavery. You are powerful, the most powerful Prima ever, everyone fears your gifts, you could be our light.” Professor Indira spoke passionately, Xan nodded.

“I am one man. Even with my powers I can’t fight an entire country.”

“You have an army of untrained Ounta’s and Primas like you. We are many Xan.” Professor Indira handed Xan a ring with a strange, knotted design that looked like a snake devouring itself. “That is our insignia, you can trust any Prima with that symbol on his hand. He’s one of us. The Sansui Society. Once The Prima and the Ounta were once one race. The Sansui, we seek to restore one race. We want the freedom to choose our mates, raise our children, and work without slaves. Earn our living as the gods intended. No Sansui should be forced to live as an Ounta. You think that don’t you?”

“I do.” Xan said sliding the ring on his finger. “I will help all I can. I do not know if I will be what you are looking for, but I will try. I will need to adjust my class schedule won’t I?”

“Yes, I have much to show you. I can arrange your graduate studies to focus on history as my graduate assistant.”

“Then make the changes I suppose. I have a horrible feeling I’m biting off more than I can chew.”

“We’ve time Xan. There is much to learn yet.”

“And I will help you Dear Xan.” Kivi said moving to sit beside Xan taking his hand. Xan smiled at him and laced his fingers through Kivi’s.

“I know you will. Will you make me a promise?” Xan asked and Both Professor Indira and Kadala sat in pleased silence noticing the interplay between their son and Lord Indivar.

“You know I will.”

“Let me teach you. If you are by my side I want you able to protect yourself. This could get ugly.”

Kivi nodded. “You are probably correct. I consent no matter how scared this makes me for your sake.”

“Kivi love. This whole conversation we’re having is illegal. We’re getting in deep; we might as well jump in with our eyes open and prepared. I will need you by my side more than ever, and I’ll be damned if I leave you helpless when I know damn well you’re dripping with talent.”

“He’s right Kivi. Your Sipa has taught me, even if am just a weak Empath, I no longer feel everyone’s emotions to the point I have those headaches. My talents are few but trained and useful. You take after your Sipa more than you know.” Kadala smiled and Indira nodded.

“He’s right. Kivi thankfully learned as a child how to block instinctively. Try to prod his thoughts Xan, you’ll see.”

Xan focused and tired to read Kivi’s mind, he met a brick wall. “Incredible. That’s natural?”

“Yes, you can’t crack his shields with a sledgehammer. He learned that himself at age four.” Indira said proudly.

“Amazing. But if they’ve been in place that long, taking them down to teach him will be difficult. He’s used to having them up.”

“True, but I’ve no doubt you’ll be able to teach him.” Indira said turning to face his son. “I know this is hard my son. Trust Xan.”

“I do Sipa. I do.” Kivi smiled, his hand still held by Xan.

“I just hope I can do all this. My head is swimming it will take a lot of thought and planning.” Xan sighed and Kivi squeezed Xan’s hand tighter.

“I will be here to help you always. I have faith in you.”

Xan smiled into those blue eyes that he loved. “I will try not to let you down.”

“That is impossible. The effort is more than enough, Dear Xan.”

“Did you get swept away like this Indira when you met Kadala?” Xan asked with a smirk and Indira laughed.

“Yes I did. He does take after his Hopa. It those eyes, they’re bewitching.” Indira said taking his lover’s hand and kissing the back of it.

“They certainly are.” Xan said pushing Kivi’s bangs off his forehead. “Worth fighting for.”

“I still say you flatter too much Xan.”

“Get used to it.” Xan smiled and Kivi just sighed and settled against Xan’s side with a sigh.

“Well, I think our meeting would be suspicious if we stayed too long. Here are the initial documents I want you to read Xan. It explains a lot. Kadala and I should be going, but we will visit as often as we can. Once I make arrangements to have you as my assistant our meeting times will be less circumspect. Kivi my dear, Happy Emergence Day.” Indira said handing Kivi a small package. It was cheese.

Kivi squealed “Sipa! You know I love this, goodness but it is expensive.”

“You’re worth it my dear. Don’t eat it all at once you’ll make yourself ill.” Indira chuckled hugging his offspring. Kadala stood and also hugged his son.

“You make me so proud. I will come see you soon. It was just yesterday you left my pouch, now look at you.”

“Hardly yesterday Hopa. I love you, be well.”

“Be well my pearl, be well.” Kadala said kissing both of Kivi’s cheeks before covering his face to follow Indira back out in public.

Kivi shut the door behind them with a sigh.

“They love you.” Xan said and Kivi smiled where he leaned against the door.

“And I them. You remind me of my Sipa at times.”

“Just as you remind me of my Hopa, so we’re even.” Xan winked reaching into his satchel to hand Kivi the wrapped present.

“What is this?”

“Happy Emergence Day, it’s after mid-night so you can open that now.”

“You bought me a gift?”

“Of course.”

“Xan.” Kivi breathed his name in awe as he moved to sit to open his gift.

“Oh Xan! This is… I cannot accept something this beautiful. It must have cost you a fortune.”

“Worth every credit to see it around your neck.” Xan said taking it out of the box to fasten it around Kivi’s neck.

“Xan, you spoil me. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You will make me cry.” Kivi said touching the stone where it rested on his collarbone.

“No tears. Happy Emergence Day my Kivi.”

“Xan if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were courting me.” Kivi said as Xan’s arms slipped around him from behind.

“That’s probably because I am.” Xan replied softly into Kivi’s ear.

“Xan that is not necessary. I am already yours and not because I’m your Ounta. You won my heart on your own merits.”

“I know Kivi. If you cannot tell I love you in return, then we have a problem in communication.”

Kivi laughed and turned in Xan’s arms to wrap his arms around Xan’s neck. “I too am empathic Xan. I knew.”

“I thought you did. Shall we play these stupid courting games or dare we just admit the truth?”

“The truth always is best.”

Xan smiled as he bent to kiss the man in his arms. The kiss was long and deep and perhaps the most perfect kiss Xan had ever experienced. Kivi was a perfect compliment and he’d be a fool to deny they meshed together as if it were fate dictating their lives.

“I want to see you in your present and nothing else.” Xan purred into Kivi’s neck.

Kivi complied with a smile.


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