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Never EVER shop at Walmart.com

I placed my order for contact lenses, I accidentally put in negiative rather than positive in the prescription, we caught it almost immediately when they called to verify my prescription with my Dr. and cancelled the order and placed it again with the correct prescription.


even though the first order was cancelled with a live person on the phone MINUTES after it was placed... they still fucking charged my debit card and it will take five fucking days to put it BACK.

That's in ADDITION to the correct order which was also charged. (And still pending an not going to ship until Thursday. ><__><)

So I'm out almost 80 bucks because they take their sweet time putting money back.

So much for the "We don't charge your card until the Order ships" bullshit.

No they didn't charge it technically, but they put an authorization hold on my funds that Wells Fargo looks at like a debit pending charge.

Tying up my money.


That's the first and ONLY time I shop at Walmart.com I'll pay five bucks more at lensexpress just for the lack of hassle when something like this happens.

-  vs. +

and I'm out 80 bucks for a week.


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