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Well I had a WONDERFUL learning experience tonight with spubba.
For those of you who have never seen his art, his website is HERE

Anyhow, beechan2 mentioned this Japanese Program "OpenCanvas" the other day on our art list (bishart) and how several artists can simultaneously collaborate on a piece of art.

It's sort of Oekaki like, only more like "Chat Oekaki" (for lack of a better explanation) where everyone is live and working at the same time.

Now I've never dabbled in oekaki art, but wanted to learn. So after about an hour and a half of spubba walking me through the set up process for the program (Seeing as all the controls and menus are in Kanji) we got connected then started doodling together.

It was the very first time I broke away from non-traditional art (paper and pen) and went straight to digital only.

And I had a wonderful time. I learned a lot by watching spubba sketch, damn he's fast!!!

And we ended up torturing my BAD piccy of Wufei, and made him into this Geisha looking thing by the end of our session when we started adding make-up!
('cause I had the red color up and his lips were BEGGING for it, it went down hill from there.)


And I guess I inadvertently gave him a few hair tips in the process. All in all it was a great learning experience. And I encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE who uses a drawing tablet to come join bishart because spubba mentioned hosting a weekly list get-together on OpenCanvas to share live tips and work on group projects.

His collaboration with beechan2, who introduced us to this medium was a wonderful Legolas *cough* NAILS Aragorn against a tree. light bondage, colorful um, toy, and bare bottom evidence of a recent "spanking" can be seen on Aragorn's red bottom. *GRIN*

I vow to practice my Oekaki skills in Adobe PhotoShop and Procreate Painter to steady my eye / hand coordination so I can be a better contributor to the project, but first experience is VERY promising!

I didn't do too badly. But I'm still getting used to my new tablet. I went from a 4x6 surface area Aiptek to a 12 x12 Wacom.

The difference is staggering, you can do so much more with better tools.

Okay, enough rambling from me, I just wanted to share a unique experience and extend the invitation to join bishart to all the artists out there to come and play.

It's so nice to get instant tips from the peers you admire.

Being able to give back in the areas I'm decent in, was an unexpected bonus thrill.

You can download the OpenCanvas program HERE

Come play with us!

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