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Well I have to go to work Saturday for "Empowerment" up-training...

I have to attend BOTH classes because I work with Managed Care (HMO) (8:00am - 10:00 am) and PPO/Indemnity (10:00 am - 12:00 pm) policies.

What does this mean? I spend four hours listening to people tell me what I already know just so I can be certified and have "TEH POWER"

I'll be able to make on the fly descisions that I currently have to have manager approval on.

I'l have the authority to send back claims to be paid with my own "certified" override rather than a manager since "I've demonstrated the knowledge of when Empowerment applies to exception situations."

Hear that meany-poopy-head people who snark at me on the phone? Better be Nice to me, I'll have the authority to pay your claim no questions asked other than MINE (to determine if you actually have an exception to the rule rather than you just not knowing how your plan works and that you actually have a deductible you owe. You'd be surprised how many people think insurance means "FREE" medical. No dear, you have COPAYS and DEDUCTIBLES, NOTHING is FREE. And will you pay your doctor his $15 copay now please. Yes, you have to pay it EVERYTIME you see him, not just the first time. Unless you are pregnant and having pre-natal visits, only then usually is the co-pay waived. It's $15 dollars PAY IT YOU CHEAP SKATE!) Oh work rant excuse me....

Do I want this authority? YES, I can send stuff back immediately rather than wait until my MIA manager gets around to it.

Booyah. SO kelroni if you have Cigna issues, call me babe! LOL


And can someone please tell mother nature to stop stabbing my right ovary with a knitting needle? OW! CRAMPS. ><___>

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