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Okay, since I replaced my Aiptek Tablet, I have a perfectly GOOD aiptek tablet here now collecting dust.

The only reason I replaced it was it has a smaller drawing surface

about 4x6

But it works just fine, I just out grew it.

The pen tool does have a small crack in the casing, (where the halves screw together). The threads cracked when I replaced the battery once but it didn't do any serious damage.

So anyone here want it?

It's the perfect first tablet.

It was my first tablet.

It's about 2 years old now, and it will work on Win 98 and XP (Cause I've used it on both OS)

For Sale for $20 plus $5 shipping.

First come first serve, e-mail me at fablespinner@hotmail.com

And I can take Money Order or paypal either/or.

With the tablet you get the software driver CD (Yes I hang on to everything)

The hyper pen, and a wireless 2 button Mouse.

All in a funky see-through Teal casing.


Well THAT was fast! Bearliou is fast on the reply button boy-howdy!

In other news, the tax return came and I got a new Monitor!
YAY a 19" Flat screen, I'm in LOVE! And I should note I got a KILLER DEAL on it for buying the display model.

Less than half retail price.

I like to save money when I'm POOR!


No more 14" viewable dying 7 year old monitor!


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