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Finished - "Giubilante Con Calore -- Part Fourteen"


“Giubilante Con Calore”
(Jubilant Warmth)
T  H  E    I  N  F  I  N  I  T  Y    S  E  R  I  E S
* II *
Author: D. Sanders
The Rest of this un-proofread monstrosity can be Found here:

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The clock on the mantle chimed midnight.

“Happy Anniversary Baby.” Val said to his husband leaning over for a long tender kiss.

“Happy Anniversary Love. Happy Winterfest everyone!” Cris beamed as he settled closer to Val on the couch.

“Cheers. Happy Winterfest and Blessings to all those we love.” Eran said holding up his glass and running his fingers through Beau’s blond curls.

“Cheers!” Everyone drank to Eran’s words and soon filtered away to their own beds for the night.


The next twelve days were a glorious, jubilant blur. Presents were exchanged daily, tears of joy shed, songs were sung, food devoured until pants had to be loosened and belts undone. The “Homestead” was full of jubilant warmth and love. Children played with their new toys and the adults with theirs too. Phineas was in heaven and his fingers were aching from using all his new pencils to make gifts of thanks to everyone. Mandy’s landscape was framed and hung over the mantle and Mandy was often found just standing in front of it staring, a smile on her lips.

On the twelfth day Phineas gifted Romi a lovely coral ring for her finger. It wasn’t a bonding ring; he had just thought it pretty and appropriate for the newness of their relationship, which was growing stronger and more secure by the day. Farin teased them endlessly and neither of them minded in the slightest.

Almost as soon as it began, the season was over and it was back to routine. Maintenance began in earnest on the “Infinity”. Phineas became quite adept at getting that hopper to and from the shop for Farin and Val who had more time to work on the upgrades with Phineas doing their running for them. Romi and Mary were back in school again and Phineas spent Tarisday evenings with Ms. Renault, then Tarisdays and Fellsendays. His work was improving by leaps and bounds and the room he shared with Romi was always cluttered with his art projects and her instruments. They bought a second table for the room so they each had their own work surface and as Romi did her homework, Phineas was either painting or playing in a new medium, clay. He absolutely loved sculpting and he was currently dirty up to his elbows making a bust of Romi from clay.

All too soon, the work on the “Infinity” was done and everyone was tearfully bidding each other goodbye. Phineas held Tovi tight; he was going to miss her terribly. Val came and took her into his arms and resting her on his hip while giving Phineas a hug, followed by Cris as they carried their daughter on board. Both men thanking him again for being there for Tovi when she needed him. They had her because of him and they would forever be in his debt. Phineas just shrugged it off with a smile. He loved her too; it was just the right thing to do and nothing more. They’d learned that was Phineas’ signature style. You didn’t need to tell him what to do and when to do it. He knew and followed his own conscience and moral code, which was impeccable.

Phineas had Erin on his hip and Romi under his arm as they waved until the ship vanished into the sky.

The “Homestead” seemed horribly empty.

“Was it like this the last time they left?” Phineas asked Mandy who sighed.

“It sure was. Let’s just hope they come back soon, Time for them is fleeting and they easily loose track of it.” Mandy said wiping her eyes on a dishtowel.

“Now everyone, they are like boomerangs. They always come back. No matter how far away the go or for how long. This is always HOME.” Farin stated moving to his chair by the fire.

“That it is, that it is.” Mandy smiled as Bo knocked over her milk, Valeria began to cry and Erin played sullenly with her dolls, her playmate gone. Life went on. Mandy rocked the baby, Phineas cleaned up his sister’s accident and Romi went over to play dolls with Erin. Life did indeed go on, especially when there were children who didn’t understand yet.


*Five years later*

“They’re COMING!” Valeria hollered where she hovered by the window that began to rattle as the “Infinity” began it’s decent.

All the girls rushed out to greet their uncles while the adults chuckled and pulled on their coats.

Tovi was the first down the gangplank and she and Erin squealed with delight. As soon as Tovi had learned to use a vid letter pad, she and “cousin” Erin had sent communications to each other and soon both girls were inside and up in Erin’s room exchanging nine-year-old gossip. Bo and Valeria too young to actually remember their uncle’s last visit were joyfully greeting them as the adults waited impatiently for their hugs.

“Phineas!” Val cheered as the very tall young man walked over full of bright smiles. He’d filled out nicely and at almost twenty-two he was a handsome man indeed. But what caught everyone’s attention was what he was carrying.

“NO WAY!” Cris grinned like a fool and Beau was floored. None of them had known.

“It was hard to keep the secret what with Erin always telling Tovi everything.” Phineas chuckled as Romi, a little taller but still much shorter walked over to join her husband.

Phineas handed over his burden to the eager hands of Beau. “How absolutely beautiful.” He said of the small bundle, which was wrapped up snug and warm.

“God so tiny. Boy or Girl?” Beau asked, as he cradled the tiny infant not very old at all.

“Boy. He’s a month old today.” Phineas beamed proudly at his son, a thick thatch of black hair atop his head and Phineas’ blue eyes.

“What’s his name?” Cris cooed, touching the irresistible softness of newborn hair.

“Brion Seamus.” Romi answered looking tired but happy.

“Inside everyone before the baby catches a chill. He’s much cuter when he’s not hidden under all those blankets.” Farin grinned, obviously a doting grandfather.

It seemed life on Pirotaine was going well for the Corcoran’s. Romi sang to sold-out performances all over Pirotaine with her back-up band. She’d taken time off touring to get married and have the baby. Her home was still the “Homestead” and if Phineas wasn’t touring with her, he was making a name for himself in his own right. He used part of the salvage yard as his workshop and if he wasn’t selling paintings he was selling his sculptures. People were lining up for his works. He used old spare parts that no one wanted to buy from Farin’s yard and with some creative placement he was selling those parts for fifty times what they were worth alone.

He always split the profits with Farin since he was raiding the shop for his art.

The girls adored their big brother who spoiled them rotten with his earnings. If he wasn’t taking them to the amusement parks near the capitol, he was making them insane contraptions to play on in the field. He was very creative with his hands and ingenious when it came to reusing things others considered trash.

Mary had moved out after graduation and was attending the university in Talestine City. It had a marvelous medical program and Leigh was taking law classes there and they were currently banded and sharing a small apartment on campus.

“We’ve gotta come back more often. Things change way too much when we’re gone.” Beau sighed seeing more gray in Farin’s hair and more lines around Mandy’s eyes. He held the newborn and smiled. “And I was right, you two did make a pretty baby. I think he has Romi’s face and hair, but those are definitely your eyes Phineas.”

“I know. But what do you expect when Mom is so damn pretty? Of course my son is beautiful.”

“You’re still sucking up to me after thirty three hours of labor Shithead.”

“I am no fool love. After what I put you through I’m still surprised you left me in one piece.”

“Well you did give me a pretty baby, I’ll let you live a little longer.” She grinned right back.

Eran sat back in his chair and propped his feet up as Valeria sat on his lap showing him her new book. “This is what life is all about. Nothing is as warm as home.”

Everyone heartily agreed as yet another Winterfest descended upon the extended family that enjoyed the Jubilant Warmth created by each other’s love and the comfort of coming home.



I had 2 options here, drag this out more with lots more useless detail of events or wrap it up. I opted to wrap it up instead. It already dragged on for more pages than I'd intended for a month timeline really.

I get so wordy.

But next plot bunny I have is already here, with new characters begging for a shot, so I think for the first time I'm going to be writing one for this series that DOES NOT take place on Pirotaine, I have an adventure to send the boys on.


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