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Giubilante Con Calore -- Part Thirteen

Whoa, It's been so long since I've written a het sex-scene it was like treading new water, whoa one has breasts for a change (and not man boobs either)... LOL

Phineas gets lucky... Took him almost 100 pages, but my muse is a happy boy now, maybe he'll stop whining at me to hurry up, he owes me!

“Giubilante Con Calore”
(Jubilant Warmth)
T  H  E    I  N  F  I  N  I  T  Y    S  E  R  I  E S
* II *
Author: D. Sanders
The Rest of this un-proofread monstrosity can be Found here:

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“I’m not worried. Phineas is not the type you have to worry about. I trust him to be a good boy.” Romi grinned at him and Phineas leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“I’m all yours, no worries.”

“See.” Romi laughed as they finished their meals and chatted over chocolate pie and coffee for dessert.


After lunch, the happy and on vacation teens ended up at the ice rink in the center of town, Phineas even with a good foot wouldn’t have strapped a pair of skates on if you paid him, but he did like to watch and he had to admit Mary was very good. Romi, not a very good skater herself sat off to the side with Phineas on a nice cozy bench where he had one arm about her shoulders, the other holding a cup of hot chocolate. Romi was using hers to keep her hands warm as they laughed at Leigh falling all over his own two feet trying to keep up with his girlfriend.

“Stupid git, one sure way to have a bruised backside for vacation.” Romi chuckled and Phineas recoiled in sympathy pains when Leigh’s feet went straight up in the air. Again.

“That’s true. Ouch.” Phineas replied finishing the last of his drink and tossing the cup in the trash receptacle beside the bench.

A stray cat, the same tabby color as Phineas’ hair sauntered over Phineas’ feet then out of the blue leapt into his lap. “Do I have a cat magnet stuck inside me? I swear even on Pirotaine I can’t escape you lot. Shoo pussy.”

The cat however had different ideas, it was wet and Phineas was warm. Romi just laughed and reached over to scratch it behinds it’s ears. “It must think you’re its long lost twin, you match.”

“Ha, ha, ha Romi. Very funny.”

“I thought so. What’s the matter puss-puss is he being mean to you?”

“Romi… Really, I’m gonna start sneezing in about three seconds. Come on kitty, I like you and all, but get.” Phineas tried to budge the cat that just dug her nails into his clothes just as he felt the first sneeze coming on.

“Allergic to cats?” Romi asked disengaging the cat from Phineas’ pants and transferring the young cat to her own lap.

“Very.” Phineas’ statement was punctuated with a hardy sneeze. Romi fished into her bag for a tissue and then handed him a small white pill.

“Take that, I’m allergic to oh just about everything. Those help almost immediately.” Romi said taking one herself so she too didn’t start sneezing her head off while she played with the cat with her scarf. Phineas let the chewable pill dissolve on this tongue and sure enough within moments the itchy and scratchy tingle in his nose and throat was gone.

“That’s handy stuff. I always did like cats, they just didn’t like me.” Phineas smiled watching Romi play with the cat.

“Me too. Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, anything with fur and four legs and I like it, I’m allergic too, I ALWAYS carry those pills in my bag, because I know my will power sucks rocks. I’m gonna play and then pay for it later. Those are wonderful miracle pills if you’re an animal junky like me.”

“Yet another thing we share in common.” Phineas grinned just watching Romi when a shadow fell over them and a group of young girls skated over.

“Hi, you’re Phineas right? I’m Tera and I heard all about what happened. That must have been so cool. Are you going to the dance tomorrow?” She went on and on not taking a breath and Phineas’ was losing his sanity slowly.

He finally had to interrupt. “Goodness sakes. Come up for air! Yes, I’m who you think I am. Yes, I am going to the Festival Carnival. No, I do not want to talk about what happened. And fuck me! Are all the girls blind here? Can you not see I have a girl beside me already? I’m getting really fucking annoyed at everyone pretending they can’t see you sitting here Romi. It’s fucking RUDE.”

“Its just Romi. You’re not dating HER are you?” Tera looked shocked then leaned closer to whisper but loud enough where Romi could still hear “She’s crazy and not all there if you know what I mean.”

That tripped Phineas’ trigger “God Damn it! Romi do you put up with this sort of treatment all the time?”

“Pretty much, don’t get your underwear in a twist.”

“Too late. Listen, Sara, Farah, Tiara, whatever the hell your name is, you wanna gossip about me, chew on this. I’m quite happily attached to this girl here, so you can all stop wasting your time, I’m not impressed and if one more person treats her like she doesn’t exist or like shit, heads are gonna roll. Ask Jack what happens when people disrespect those I care about.”

That did the trick and girls backed away almost on a dead run. Romi rolled her eyes. “You make great Idle threats.”

“I know, but damn it Romi don’t put up with that bullshit. You are gonna outshine all these girls one day, then they’ll regret how they treated you.”

“I don’t really care Phineas. You treat me right and that’s all I care about.”

“Come on, let’s get out of here. I’m freezing and I want to be alone with you somewhere. I don’t care where.” Phineas said standing and purposefully holding Romi’s shoulders in a blatant advertisement they were an item as they stood, her hand slipped into his back pocket as they called over to Mary telling her they’d see her later.

They walked out of the rink hooked together and all eyes were trailing after them and Romi couldn’t resist giving Phineas’ backside a squeeze where her hand was stuck in his pocket. “Down girl. No fondling the merchandise if you’re not buying.”

“But you have such a nice ass. I can’t help it and the cat is following us.” Romi laughed and Phineas shrugged.

“I don’t care about the cat. Take me somewhere, anywhere we can escape idiots.”

“I never did show you the art gallery. Wanna go?”


And with that Phineas and Romi made haste to the small art gallery on the boardwalk.


The section of boardwalk the gallery was situated on definitely catered to the creative people of Rael. Amateur Performance Clubs, dancing studios, craft stores, and great smelling coffee houses with live music, and the art gallery that showcased the local talent. The owner of the gallery smiled when Romi walked in. “Back again Miss Nguyen?”

“I am. What’s new?”

“The gentleman with you.” The older woman commented looking Phineas up and down appraisingly.

“That’s true. Phineas this is Ms. Renault. Ms. Renault this is Phineas Corcoran, my boyfriend.”

“About time someone got smart about a hidden treasure. Welcome Mr. Corcoran, is this your first visit to my gallery?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Phineas said surprised at the woman’s formality not used to it at home.

“He’s an artist too Ms. R.” Romi interjected and Ms. Renault smiled.

“Really. What’s your medium?”

“My what?”


“Phineas uses pencil mostly, he’s not formally trained Ms. R but he’s absolutely amazing.”

“Some of the best ever known were never formally trained. I would like to see some of your work.”

“I don’t have anything really. I usually just toss it or give it away.” Phineas replied with a shrug.

“I have what you drew me. Hang on.” Romi fished into her backpack and pulled out her school notebook where she had the portrait he sketched of her safely tucked away. She’d been looking at it all day.

“You took that to school with you? It’s not done Romi.”

“I think it’s perfect as is. Can you believe he did this in about ten minutes?” She handed the rough sketch to Ms. Renault who scrutinized the picture.

“Sure lines, excellent eye, no wasted strokes, even hand and marvelous shading. I’d love to see what you could do when you’re not just sketching. Can you paint?”

“I never tried.”

“Come back and see me after the holiday, I would love to see you try your hand at watercolor. You have a softness you should develop. I haven’t seen such rough talent walk in my door in years. I want my hands on you boy.”

“Are you serious Ms. R? They said you don’t take students anymore.”

“I only take people who do art because they love it and show a gift. He has it. I want you in here Tarisday Evenings can you commit?” Ms. Renault asked and Romi was bouncing on her feet with excitement.

“What time? I sorta work with my dad and sometimes we run late. I’d have to ask him first.”

“Like Farin would say no? Hardly.”

“Seven, that’s when I close on Tarisdays. Here’s my number Mr. Corcoran, you discuss this with your father and call me. Now I’ll leave you to go look at the gallery since that’s what you came in for.” Ms. Renault said patting his arm with her aged and wrinkled hand and disappearing into her office.

“Phineas! She never ever teaches anyone. That is so cool!”

“What kind of stuff does she do?”

“Here, follow me, I’ll show you some of her pieces.” Romi said leading him back to a private wing of the gallery. Wall after wall of beautiful paintings, some oil, some watercolor, some landscapes, seascapes, and portraits she was very versatile. Phineas was in awe, this was the type of art he’d always wanted to be able to do, but with only a pencil he’d never had the chance.

“These are amazing. Wow. Not even the big mural in the Emerald Casino is as nice and they paid like a billion credits to that artist they hired. They should have hired her.”

“She never ever does commissioned work. She only paints for her joy in painting.”

“I believe it, you can see the love in these paintings.” Phineas breathed wanting to touch the seascape, knowing his fingers would be cold and wet if he did it looked so real.

“I should have brought you here sooner, you’re drooling.” Romi laughed as they walked the walls of paintings hand in hand.

“I’ve always liked art. It’s something beautiful in a place without beauty. A Touch of paradise in hell.”

“You’ve a wonderful outlook on life Phineas. I adore you.”

Phineas winked at her. “The feeling is mutual.” Phineas replied, his limp becoming more pronounced.

“You need to get off that foot, are you hurting again?”

“Yeah, a little been walking on it a lot this afternoon.”

“Let’s go get something to drink next door you can rest before we go home.” Romi said as they finished touring the small gallery and headed for the door.

“Don’t forget to call me Mr. Corcoran.”

“I won’t forget, thank you Ms. Renault.” Phineas said as he and Romi left and went into a quiet coffee house next door where they sat with frothy sodas and listened to the guitarist on the tiny stage.

Romi was in her element, and Phineas was swept along in her wake. She utterly fascinated him she was fresh and new and alive with music and talent and art, everything he liked she embodied. It was no wonder he loved her like he did, she was everything he ever saw beauty in, she was, in all actuality, his perfect match. He sat transfixed as the guitarist called on her to sing, it seemed everyone knew her in this part of town and appreciated the talent she was gifted with.

Phineas sipped hip drink and watched and listened to her sing soft and low, life was amazingly good and warm and all was right and in balance as far as he was concerned, life just did not get any better.


The walk home was long and arduous on his foot and by the time they got there, everyone else was getting ready to head into town for dinner. All he wanted to do was rest and he wasn’t really all that hungry anyway, so he’d nibble on leftovers out of the cooling unit for dinner and he and Romi set themselves up in front of the fire to watch vids as the “Homestead” emptied of occupants.

For the first time they were utterly alone and it didn’t take long for two teens to forget about the movie on the vid and find kissing in the glow of the fire much more preferable.

Phineas was curled around her, pressing her into the couch as he captured her lips again and again, taking her breath away as she gasped and clung to him in almost desperation. His courage growing as his hand slowly and deliberately found it’s way under her layers of clothes and found the warm skin of her stomach first. Her skin was soft as silk and it trembled involuntarily when his hand made contact.

“Phineas.” Romi moaned breaking contact and moving to get off the couch and taking his hand. “Upstairs.” She whispered tugging him up off the couch.

His hormones surged to the surface and he nodded almost panting in need as he took her hand firmly in his and kissed her all the way up the stairs in a clumsy ascent to his room.

As he shut the door and locked it behind him, he turned and groaned as he watched her pull her sweater off over her head, she stood there in just her bra and his hands were shaking as he closed the space between them. “Allow me.” He purred into her neck as he bent to nibble at the juncture and with deft fingers undid the clasp as he edged her toward the bed.

As she sat on the bed and lay back, her legs still dangling off the side, Phineas still kept contact with his lips to her skin as her torso was exposed and his warm hands encased her breasts. She moaned into his kiss as he softly kneaded them in his hands, his fingertips caressing the hardened nipples and areolas. He let his hands trail down to her pants and once again his talented fingers made quick work of the button and zipper and he stood back to slide them from her legs. Kneeling before her in the process. And before she could recover her senses, he slowly spread her legs apart and continued to kiss her in the most intimate of places.

“PHINEAS!” She cried out, her hands diving into his hair and her legs lifting from the floor to fall over his shoulders. He worked sinful magic and he had her writhing and mewling and begging for more in moments. She shuddered as an intense wave of pleasure hit her at full force as he showed her no mercy and she came in great spasms.

He sat back with a smirk. He had wanted her to come first, this was her first time and he’d never had a virgin before so he was pulling out all the stops to show her pleasure before he even dared go further. It would hurt her, and he wanted her totally relaxed and pleasured before he took her virginity away from her.

“We can stop if you want to.” Phineas breathed into her neck as he crawled into bed beside her.

“No. I want this too Phineas, you’re not taking anything I’m not offering.” Romi replied right back breathless still from his tender onslaught.

“I know you’re a virgin, I don’t want you to feel pressured is all.”

“God I love you. Stop being such a gentleman already.” Romi smiled at him as she moved to a more comfortable position on the bed and held out her arms to Phineas. “I’m all yours.”

Phineas stood and slowly undressed, Romi giving him appreciative looks as he bared his skin. He was naked and hard as he returned to bed kissing up her leg, her abdomen, her breasts, her neck and then nibbled on her earlobe, keeping her distracted as his quick hands found the condoms in the nightstand and he sat up just long enough to rip the package open with his teeth. “Do you want to or shall I?”

“I do. How do I do this?” Romi asked taking the condom in rock steady hands. She had no fear, no regrets, and was full of anticipation and desire to touch his handsome body.

“It just rolls on.” Phineas instructed, his voice unsteady, he was about ready to explode from desire. The minute her fingers brushed his erection he gasped.

“Did that hurt?”

“Oh no. So good.” Phineas’ eyes rolled back as her hands finished their task. Light fingers tracing him in wonder.

“Does that feel nice?” She asked daring waters she’d never tread before. Marveling at how his body responded to her touch.

“God yes.” Phineas groaned, letting Romi take her time no matter how maddening her touch was, how desperately he wanted her.

Her hand grew bolder and when she squeezed gently and Phineas moaned she had a smirk of her own cross her features. “You’re gorgeous.” She said leaning forward to kiss him. His return kiss was hard and full of passion. She was lost as he kissed her back down into the mattress and crawled between her legs, positioning his body before her.

“You’re absolutely sure.” His voice was quivering with need, but giving her one last chance to change her mind.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything. Make love to me Phineas.”

That was all he needed and slowly he pushed forward, not knowing what to expect with a virgin but not wanting to rush in and cause her more pain than was necessary. He felt resistance but he pressed forward and when it gave she whimpered and he stopped.

“Phineas DON’T STOP! Just… Just do it I’m fine.” Romi urged, begging for him to continue what he’d started.

He slid back out and then in again as far as he could go. She was unbelievably warm and soft in all the right places. He was seeing stars; it had never been like this. It really did make a difference when you loved the person you were with. Sex was sex, this was making love and there was a huge difference. He was crying against his will as he set a tempo, clinging to her, his chest to hers, his lips buried in her neck, his arms under her back and his hands gripping her shoulders from behind.

Her legs wrapped around his waist as he made slow and steady moves, each stroke complete and gradually gaining momentum. It was all a blur as he climbed higher and he felt her shudder and moan and her muscles clamp down around him, bringing him to an unexpected and sudden explosion of desire. He spent himself in hard spasmodic thrusts and he was taking in huge gaping breaths as he sobbed with joy, clinging to the love of his young life.

Nothing in life compared to how she made him feel. In all the joyous things that had happened to him recently, she was by far and away the most important. He fell to his side on the bed and pulled her atop him as he rolled onto his back. He held her with desperate arms, afraid the moment would end and he’d lose this angel in his bed.

Romi held him back and kissed a row across his sweaty brow. “I love you too Baby. I love you too.” She cooed softly, his emotions barred raw for her eyes only. If she’s had any doubts about how he felt about her, they were gone. She felt humbled again. This wonderful, caring young man loved her more than she could have ever hoped or dreamed for. If it took the rest of her life, she’d show him just how much he meant to her in return. She had no idea what she’d done to earn his love, but she’d move heaven and earth to keep it.

“God, Romi. I never in my life felt anything like that.” Phineas hiccupped and Romi sat up to smile down at him.

“Me either. You make me feel like a queen.”

“You are.” Phineas grinned up at her and she poked his chest.

“Well my King, I don’t know about you. But I have this insane desire to raid a cooling unit. I’m thirsty and hungry and I always thought people were kidding when they said you got those desires after great sex.”

“Beautiful, as soon as I find my legs again enough to stand, I’m with you. I’m dry as a desert.”

They lay curled up together a few minutes while they caught their breath and regained a sense of normalcy before they dressed in baggy night clothes, even if it was early in the evening, and wandered back downstairs to eat and drink and finish watching their movie. Rumpled, happy, sated and very much in love with one another where they snuggled on the couch under a blanket and watched an old earth vid called “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Farin and Mandy had an obscene collection of very old movies; this one definitely fit the season and their mood.

They had fallen asleep in each other’s arms on the couch and that’s where they were found when the other’s returned.

“Five bucks he got lucky.” Cris whispered to Beau.

“No way, I don’t take sucker bets.” Beau replied right back as Farin nudged his son awake.

“Go on you two, off to bed.” He said as two bleary eyed teens stumbled upstairs to bed, the same bed. It was pretty pointless to have separate rooms at this point not to mention it was awfully cozy snuggled together in Phineas’ bed under the covers and sharing each other’s warmth.

“Told you.” Cris grinned and Beau smiled as they sat downstairs by the fire.

“I think they’re beautiful together. They’d make pretty babies.” Beau said plucking out a soft tune on his guitar.

“No babies yet damn it. They are way too young for that.” Mandy said as she rocked Valeria in her rocking chair, the other girls long abed.

“But you gotta admit love, they would.” Farin smiled from his chair as he flipped vid channels.

“True. One step at a time, one step at a time.”

The clock on the mantle chimed midnight.

“Happy Anniversary Baby.” Val said to his husband leaning over for a long tender kiss.

“Happy Anniversary Love. Happy Winterfest everyone!” Cris beamed as he settled closer to Val on the couch.

“Cheers. Happy Winterfest and Blessings to all those we love.” Eran said holding up his glass and running his fingers through Beau’s blond curls.

“Cheers!” Everyone drank to Eran’s words and soon filtered away to their own beds for the night.

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