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Giubilante Con Calore -- Part Twelve

Any how, here's more fic for those of you waiting....

“Giubilante Con Calore”
(Jubilant Warmth)
T  H  E    I  N  F  I  N  I  T  Y    S  E  R  I  E S
* II *
Author: D. Sanders
The Rest of this un-proofread monstrosity can be Found here:

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“He’s right love. When I met Cris he was just like Phineas. The moods are wild highs and devastating lows. He has no balance yet and is teetering on emotions he doesn’t understand. We all have to help him. You especially, he loves you most of all.”

Romi nodded, feeling horrible herself for over-reacting and heading down the stairs after Phineas.


Phineas would have run had the snow not been fresh and the road slick but as it was his quick long strides carried him down the road toward Rael. He’d made a right mess of things; he’d made everyone upset and Romi cry and all because he didn’t stop to think of their feelings. He’d only thought it was fascinating his youth had been caught on film. He supposed he did look pretty awful but it was still the only image he’d ever seen that had captured him as a child. He was confused and didn’t know which way was up anymore. He was not used to the rules, he had no idea how he was supposed to act around real people, he tried, but it was painfully obvious things he found interesting were either commonplace or taboo subjects.

Phineas scrubbed his eyes, he hated feeling this gutted and no one made him feel like this. Back on Mirastor he’d have pulverized the person who made him feel bad. In this case he had no one to blame but himself and it wasn’t like he could kick his own ass. He felt pulled in a million directions, he was thankful and was trying so hard to please everyone and the one person he really wanted to impress the most he’d just made cry. He would never fit in unless he learned to just stop being himself and just stay quiet. When he was just listening to others and staying in the background no one got upset with him. When he tried to assert his own opinions or his own passions they either looked at him strangely or like tonight they recoiled and he could shatter a good mood within seconds.

“I’m such a fucking loser. You should have left me behind, at least on Mirastor I felt like I could do something. I wasn’t a loser there!” Phineas shouted at nothing in frustration then taking out his anger on a snowdrift, that wasn’t a drift all the way through and one solid kick and he felt a toe crack and pain shoot through his entire leg. “FUCK!” He cried out falling to the ground and grabbing his little toe. He’d certainly broken it being an idiot and if he hadn’t he’d have one hell of a bruise in the morning.

“Phineas! Are you okay?” Romi asked in concern as she raced toward him, she’d heard his outbursts and then saw him kick the rock.

“I’m fine!” Phineas barked, pointedly not looking at her.

“Lying sack of shit. Gimme your foot.” Romi shot right back kneeling at his side and going to take off his boot.

“Ow! Damn it! Let go. Why do you give a shit anyway? Just let the loser go, I deserved that.”

“Phineas Kale Corcoran do not talk to me like that I’ll kick you in your balls so hard my toes will stick out your nose! You hate when I talk about my looks? I positively LOATHE the way you keep calling yourself a loser! You can knock that shit off right now. You are not and have never been a loser. Had you been a loser you’d never have survived at all. Yes, you don’t have a lot of learning out of books, but you drop anyone of us in a city with nothing to our names but the shirts on our backs and not one of us pampered country bumpkins your age would survive a week! Now give me your foot!” Romi demanding seizing his boot and yanking the laces free. Phineas hissed.

“Not so hard!” He cried out and Romi gently pulled the boot off.

“Sorry. Oh dear you crunched this good.” Romi grimaced, digging in her pocket for her communicator. “Mandy, we need help. I think Phineas broke his foot. We’re down the road toward Rael…” Romi hung up and looked at Phineas. “… Help is coming.” She said wrapping her scarf around his foot to keep it warm.

He couldn’t look at her; once again his ineptitude was shining through like a cheap casino neon sign. Her hand reached out and turned his chin to face her. “Look at me Phineas. This was an accident you’re not a loser.”

“Whatever. I’m sorry.”

“Phineas if anyone has to say they are sorry here’s it’s me. I over-reacted. I just... it was hard. I know you told me about your childhood, but I really had no concept. Seeing it like that for real, it hit home. You’re amazing, you are the sweetest guy I ever met and treat people with so much respect and honor it’s hard to comprehend that you lived in hell where no one ever treated you like that. You truly humble me.”

“Stop. I’m none of those things. I’m just some street thug good-for-nothing.”

“You’re good for lots of things, you just can’t see them yet.”

“Name one thing.”

“I can name several. You’re great with the girls, you have infinite patience, you are a genius with a pencil, you have half the town already buzzing about you. You make a good impression on people, you’re a natural leader, it’s no wonder you survived; people follow you because they want to. You have loads of charisma when you stop trying to be perfect and just act naturally. And of course you’re really good at that kissing thing, but I believe I already told you that.” Romi said still holding his foot in her lap trying to keep it warm and stop the bleeding from the missing toenail on his smallest toe.

“I’m so confused Romi.” Phineas confessed, trying to fight the tears, he hated to break down; tears were and undesired sign of weakness. A weakness that could and would get you killed on Mirastor.

“I know Phineas. We all do. Just don’t try so hard, you’re charming enough naturally.” Romi said reaching out to lay a warm hand to his cheek. He smiled at her, his eyes drinking her in like the blind suddenly seeing.

“I love you. It killed me I made you cry.” Phineas choked out, no longer able to hold back his tears of frustration and real pain, his foot was throbbing.

“And that’s why I love you too. You care from the bottom of your heart. Get used to me crying Phineas. I’m a highly strung, neurotic, flighty musician who swears like a space convoy pirate.” Romi said and Phineas chuckled through his tears.

“Yeah, you do. But god I love that. You’re full of passion Romi and full of fire. You burn everything you touch and I’m delightfully singed.” Phineas said wiping his eyes with his sleeve and sniffling.

“Then come here and let me really burn down the house.” Romi purred grabbing Phineas by his shirtfront and pulling him close to plant a hard kiss on him. She wasn’t such a bad kisser herself when she decided to run the show. She let him go with a smirk.

“How was that?” She asked as he sat back stunned.

“Thank god I’m sitting in snow.”

“Down Boy.” Romi grinned just as Val, Farin and Cris came into view on the run.

“Phineas!” Farin’s voice was highly concerned as he sank down to his knees beside his son.

“I’m okay Dad. I just got pissed off and kicked what I thought was a drift.”

“Okay my ass. Ouch.” Val said taking a look at Phineas’ foot.

“Let’s get him out of this cold, I’m sure it’s not doing anything but numbing the real pain his foot is in. If you didn’t break your toe, I’ll be surprised.” Cris said as Farin and Val each took one of Phineas arms over their shoulders and carried him back swiftly between them. Cris hung back with Romi who carried Phineas’ boot back.

“Nice kiss Romi.” Cris winked at her and she laughed.

“You missed the one he planted on me earlier. Yowza! He’s hot stuff.”

Cris laughed. “He okay now?”

“Yeah. We’re all entitled to mood swings, even Mr. Perfect.”

“Mr. Perfect will be a piss-pour dancing partner this weekend with that foot.”

“I don’t care. I’m usually the one making the music other’s dance to. I can’t dance worth shit. I just want to go and enjoy the atmosphere with my man. Ya know the usual, gloat that the tall hot one all the girls are at school are secretly crushing on is MINE! Nee-ner-nee-ner-neeeeee-ner. Nothing wrong with that now is there?” Romi grinned wickedly and Cris laid an arm about her shoulders.

“Romi, you’re priceless. You’re just the sort of spitfire girl that makes the world go around. No wonder he’s head over heels for you. I’m gay and married and I’d still date you myself you little pisser.” Cris laughed and Romi nudged him in the ribs.

“I’ll tell Val on you.”

“Just don’t tell your boyfriend on me, he’ll kick my ass.” Cris grinned with a wink as they entered the “Homestead” where Mandy already had Phineas in the clinic tending his foot.


Mandy finished wrapping Phineas’ foot and before he went to stand she forestalled him with a small box she pressed into his hand. “I presume you’ll know what these are for.”

Phineas nodded and tucked the box into his pocket. “I do. Thanks. I was gonna ask where to get some, ya know. Just in case.”

“We knew you would. One thing I’m grateful for, you are at least worldly enough to understand consequences to your actions.”

“Amen to that. Besides on top of the fact we don’t need accidents you have to diaper, I have Dartax. There’s no way I’d give it to her.”

“You’re not contagious. You took your last dose of meds this morning. It’s all but gone now. But you’re smart, thank god I don’t have to worry about you being stupid.”

“Stupid is relative, have you seen my foot?”

“Okay stupid where it matters most.” Mandy laughed helping him stand.

Phineas hobbled out of the back favoring his right foot and the thick bandage and sock that encased it. “I didn’t break it, but I got one hell of a bruise and I ripped the little toenail off. I will never assume its just snow I’m kicking again.” He was at least in good spirits about his self-inflicted injury.

“And get off that foot! Go elevate it.” Mandy shook her head as she followed him out of the room.

“Climbing stairs at the moment is not on my list of desired things to do.” Phineas grimaced at the daunting task of climbing a flight of stairs while his foot was on fire.

“That’s what we’re for. Grab an arm Farin.” Val chuckled once again moving to help support Phineas’ weight. In no time both men had him upstairs in his room, Romi trailing them all into the room with a pair of sodas in her hands and an amused expression on her face.

“Can you manage from here plucky?” Val asked and Romi winked.

“He’s in good hands.” She said as the other’s left and shut the door behind them. “Okay handsome, let’s get you comfortable.” Romi stated setting the drinks down and going to help Phineas get ready for bed, she had not noticed his lightening fast slight of hand where he discreetly hid the box in his nightstand. He certainly did not want her assuming that’s all he wanted from her. That was moving way too fast and even he knew that. It was good to be prepared for the unexpected, however advertising his preparedness was asking to be celibate for much longer than he desired. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside and was about to just crawl into bed when Romi walked over and yanked his belt.

“Comfortable would probably entail the lack of a belt cutting you in half. You take that off and give me your clothes for the hamper.”

She was a bossy one, but that was part of what lit Phineas’ fire. You did not argue with Romi, you’d lose. He was just shaking his head amused while he shimmed out of his pants and she helped him pull them off over his bandaged foot. Dressed in just his underwear and socks, Romi walked over to deposit his clothes in the basket in his bathroom while he stretched out in bed. She came back to tuck a spare pillow under his foot to raise it then went to the door. “I’ll be right back.”

She wasn’t gone long, and when she came back she was dressed in just her panties and an overly large night t-shirt that hung down to almost her knees that read “I don’t do mornings!” and her pillow was tucked under her arm.

“What the hell?” Phineas asked as she set herself up on the right side of the bed.

“Hello? You’re sorta gimpy here. Shove over you’ve got company to help.” Romi said crawling into bed with him. “And don’t get any ideas!”

“Too late.” Phineas groaned trying to stop the raging hormones suddenly surging to the surface, he was glad to have a blanket draped over his middle.

Romi laughed and leaned over to kiss him. “Phineas, believe me I am not gonna make you pointlessly court me, it’s stupid. I can’t stand stupid games like Mary plays with Leigh. He’s wound up so tight he’s about ready to explode. I am NOT going to do that to you. I am putting my foot down tonight for two reasons. One, your bad foot and Two I have school and you have work tomorrow. We need actual sleep. You can however start dispensing with those kisses stud.” Romi said crawling under the covers and Phineas almost pounced.

“Romi, you are a pill! I just adore you.”

“Too much talking not enough kissing.”

“Yes ma’am.” Phineas drawled leaning over her, his foot still propped up on a pillow. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and he kissed her until she was purring like a pampered cat.

“God you curl my toes.” She sighed and Phineas chuckled as he turned to spoon up with her.

“Good. Goodnight beautiful.”

“Goodnight stud, and you can put away the stick in my back Mister.”

“You caused it, deal.”

“I suppose you have a point.” Romi laughed not the least bit shy or daunted. “Goodnight.”

“’Night.” Phineas sighed, drinking her in with his senses as he shut his eyes for sleep.


Mary walked into Romi’s room to wake her and was stunned to see her bed had not been slept in and she went to knock on Phineas’ door to see if he knew where she was and his door was ajar. She saw the bed through the crack in the door and there was Romi asleep with an arm draped over her middle.

“Oh my GOD!” Mary was flabbergasted and her shocked outburst drew Romi’s attention, she’d been awake anyway, just not wanting to move.

“What are you ‘Oh my GOD-ing’ at?”

“You two! Did you sleep in here all night?”

“Duh Mary. It’s pretty obvious I did isn’t it?”

“You slept with Phineas?”

“Um, yeah. Are you always this redundant first thing in the morning?” Romi asked and Phineas always a light sleeper himself and who had been privy to the entire conversation tried not to shake too badly as he laughed silently into his pillow.

“Goodness gracious ROMI!”

“What? It’s not earth shattering news Mary. We shared a bed to sleep.”

“Romi you know damn well what she thinks you shit. Mary calm down, if you’ve noticed, we’re both still dressed, kinda hard to do what you’re thinking with clothes on.” Phineas chuckled sitting up and Romi grinned at him.

“Spoil sport. I had her knickers in a twist.” Romi laughed as she sat up from bed.

“Oh Romi you’re EVIL! God I thought…”

“Yeah we know what you thought. Maybe perhaps if you do it you won’t be thinking about it all the time. Poor Leigh.” Romi said waltzing out across the room toward the bathroom.

“Romi!” Mary gasped.

“Don’t get all flustered Mary, it’s a natural human impulse. Just be sensible about it and if you love the other person making them wait and dick teasing them isn’t nice. You flirt shamelessly, you’ll suck his tonsils out of his throat, you make him pant like a dog in heat, and then just up and stop like slamming into a brick wall full speed. That’s cruel Mary. Do you not pay attention in Biology or Sex Education? Boys are wired different than girls, they don’t switch off so easy.” Romi said as she washed her face to wake up.

“But…” Mary was nervous now.

“But nothing. If you’re not ready to do it, stop teasing him already.”

“I do love him, I just get scared.”

“Then tell him your scared. He’s getting mixed signals. You’d be surprised when a good boy comes along how they’ll cope, most of them will shift down a gear and wait if they love you too.”

“Girls? Can you like have this conversation when I’m NOT in the room?”

“Phineas, would you wait for a girl to be ready?”

“I would, I am.” Phineas winked at Romi.

“Have you done it before?” Mary asked and here Phineas blanched white and coughed.

“That’s kind of personal isn’t it?” He managed to choke out.

“I know, but I’m curious.” Mary asked and Phineas looked to Romi for an out and he wasn’t going to get one from her.

“Okay… Yes I have.”

“A lot?”

“Christ Mary, Yes okay!”

“The girls, what were they like?”

“Mary, please. I really, REALLY don’t want to be discussing this with you. I had cheap sex education on the street from hookers and that’s all the information you’re getting damn it. I never had a nice girl so I really can’t answer your questions what it’s really supposed to be like. Cause I’m a virgin in that area myself. There was no emotion in what I had, it was gratification, period.”

“Mary, just trust your heart you’ll know when you’re ready to be someone’s partner. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get dressed and help Phineas get his pants on over that foot of his.” Romi smiled and Mary nodded and left.

“Romi, I…”

“Don’t even think about apologizing for nothing Phineas. I kind of already suspected you’re not a novice. You kiss too damn good, someone taught you.”

“They thought they’d teach me what NOT to do. They hated men that were bad lovers, I was their guinea pig.”

“Lucky me.” Romi laughed as she gingerly slid his foot through a pant leg.

“What about you? I mean have you?” He asked as he stood and fastened his pants.

“No. I never had a boyfriend before you. I’m the nerd remember. If I’m not scaring the boys off with my mouth, they think I’m a lunatic.”

“You are a lunatic. I love it. You can keep the frilly girls, As much as I love Mary, she’s high maintenance man, and you’re afraid and uncomfortable all the time cause she’s so sensitive. Give me your unfettered spirit any day of the week Romi. You live life and don’t apologize for being you. You had me hooked almost immediately. You’re my kind of girl. Wild Thing.” Phineas grinned pulling on a clean shirt. Romi just smiled wickedly at him from where she sat perched on the edge of the bed.

“Do you know you already have a bad boy reputation in my school?”

“Eh? I only know five of you. How on earth can I have a rep?”

“The others see you, you’re the new tall kid who beat Jack. He’s one bad ass didn’t you know. Last I heard you had damn near super human strength, could bite through leather and of course you’re from Mirastor so you have that cool Mirastornian accent that just sends these girls swooning. Me included.”

“I talk like a bum.”

“You purr when you talk. You and Cris send chills down my spine the way you pronounce certain words. And you roll your “r’s” in almost a trill. Just you saying my name is heaven, you just have to say it and I melt like goo. Not to mention you’re handsome too. You have fans you didn’t even know existed.”

“I had no idea.” Phineas replied, a little in shock and then tucking away the information that he could start Romi’s engine by just saying her name, that was really a handy thing to know. He smirked as he began to brush his teeth.

“I know. I’m gonna have death notes left in my locker when people find out we’re together.”


“Yes, way.”

“If you get threatened you’ll tell me right? I’ll kick their asses if they hurt you.”

“Oh Mr. Possessive. I can handle them, but I will tell you if I’m worried about it. Just no beating up people.”


“Good. How’s your foot?”

“Good actually, My toe smarts but I can make it downstairs I think.”

“Wonderful. I need a shower, I’ll see you downstairs.” Romi said kissing Phineas quickly before vanishing into her bathroom to get ready for school.


Phineas spent most of the day with his foot propped up on an old engine casing next to his desk while he worked on his handwriting, practicing the alphabet and his new extended name and just answered the com for Farin who was busy helping a customer in the workshop fix and old generator. It was the last day of work before vacation and Phineas was looking forward to the festival and flying high emotionally. Now that Romi was officially his girl he felt a like a great nervous weight was gone off his shoulders and he was totally relaxed in her presence now and not feeling he was walking on eggshells. Waking up with her beside him was euphoric and Farin only gave him a hard time about it only every five minutes or so in jest.

“So, slick. How’s the foot?” Farin asked as he came into the office to check messages. Phineas just shook his head.

“The foot is fine, just my toe hurts, but Mom’s pills she gave me help a lot. And you can cut it out Dad. Nothing happened, I’m hardly slick.”

“You have, precautions right?”

“DAD! Yes, jeez!”

Farin just laughed and went back to work. He was having a ball giving Phineas a hard time about no longer being single, he was a good young man, he worked hard, he studied hard, he was even tempered and his easy going nature was comforting, Farin could not have asked for a better son.

Even his clients often remarked how impressed they were with the lad, Phineas made Farin proud in everything he did or attempted. Even his choice of girlfriend had Farin giving an immediate stamp of approval. Romi was a perfect compliment to Phineas’ nature and they did look quite handsome together. Phineas’ fair hair and complexion was like a sunset against the midnight beauty of Romi, even if they had a rather large height difference. Phineas was a good head and shoulders and then some taller. Romi stood to about the middle of his chest, she was short for her age and Phineas was tall for his, it was amusing to watch him bend to kiss her before she left for school. Farin admittedly was amused easily it didn’t take much to make him smile. He was happier than he ever had been; he had it all, a beautiful wife, four perfect kids, a fabulous home with all the amenities, and a hefty bank account thanks to Eran’s severance package and the salvage shop. There was nothing else he could ask for except maybe a few grandchildren someday.

The bell on the door chimed and Phineas looked up to greet the customers only to stare in confusion when all his friends and Romi walked in laughing.

“What are you guys doing here? It’s only lunch time.” Phineas asked laying down his pen and gingerly standing on his tender foot.

“It was half day today. We came to steal you for lunch. Farin can we take Phineas?” Romi hollered into the shop and Farin waved Phineas off.

“Go on lad. Take the rest of the day, I’m closing up as soon as we finish this anyway.”

“Thanks Dad! Should I bring you back lunch?”

“No, don’t bother. I’ll grab something from the pub next door when I get hungry. Go have fun.”

Phineas slipped on his coat as Romi crawled under his arm. “How’s your foot?”

“It’s okay I can walk on it, it’s just sore.” Phineas smiled down at her as Simon and Leigh, Mary and Maevis in tow walked over.

“Oh god I think this is so cool. You two are so cute together.” Maevis gushed and Romi rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. I’m starving, can we go eat?”

“I’m with Romi, I’m famished.” Simon said as they headed out the door.

“Let’s go to Maxi’s on the wharf, I want some of their chowder I’m frozen.” Mary said and everyone in agreement they began walking down the festive and busy streets toward the restaurants along the boardwalk and wharf.

They were almost there laughing as the three young couples walked arm in arm toward their destination when a group of young teenage boys stepped out of an alley, headed up by Jack.

“I gotta bone to pick with you.” Jack snarled poking Phineas in the chest.

Phineas’ whole demeanor changed in an instant, his face grew hard and dangerous as he stepped in front of Romi. His eyes were steady and icy cold as he fixed Jack in a predatory glare and stalked forward. “Listen, I thought I made myself perfectly clear before. Back off man, you’ve no idea who you’re fucking with. Don’t make me hurt you.”

“Nor do you. I don’t take kindly to people getting into my business.”

“And I don’t like people disrespecting my family and friends.”

“Big talk from a brat off the streets. You’ve got no family, you’ve got people who pity losers.”

“That may be, but I still won’t let you get away with your crap. Move it and give it up, you have no chance against me.”

“You don’t scare me. Get him!” Jack hollered to his cronies who jumped Phineas. Romi gasped as Phineas shoved her out of the way into Leigh’s arms and in the same fluid motion he got her out of harms way he dropped into a squatting position and spun with his leg outstretched. Effectively sweeping three boys’ legs out from under them sending them to their backs onto the slippery pavement. Phineas pushed up with his legs from his low position and time slowed as he jumped over one of the fallen boys and literally grabbed Jack by the face. Phineas whole hand covered his face as he pinned Jack against a wall. He took his other hand and grabbed Jack’s wrist and pinned it painfully behind his back and made Jack turn around to face the others and the crowd that had gathered to witness the ruckus.

“I told you, you stupid little thug, you’re messing with the wrong man. Now apologize to all these people for making a scene.”

“Screw You!” Jack grunted and Phineas just twisted his wrist harder.

“I said tell all these nice people you’re sorry for picking fights during such a peaceful season.”

“I’m sorry.” Jack whimpered his wrist throbbing and his friends were long gone.

“I don’t think they heard you. Speak up.”

“I’m SORRY!” Jack hollered and Phineas let him go with a shove.

“Good boy, now for the last time bugger off and leave my friends alone.”

Jack ran off holding his wrist and the entire crowd erupted in laughter and applause, Phineas however grimaced, that stunt had hurt his toe. Romi was right by his side.

“That had to have hurt.” She said softly and Phineas nodded.

“Oh yeah, he had piss pour timing.”

“Dude you did that INJURED?” Some complete stranger around their age asked in awe as Phineas hobbled over to an obliging planter and sat down.

“He’s got a bad foot. Almost broke his toe last night. Damn Phineas, I already thought you were cool, holy shit you’re awesome. That was wicked man!” Leigh said answering the boy’s questions and worshipping Phineas’ skills.

“Stop, please. I hate fighting, I’d really rather leave it behind me. I only fight when I have to, I don’t like it.” Phineas said hating being the center of attention. Romi however was standing by his side and wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

“Baby, you’re wonderful. If I didn’t already love you, after that statement I’d have been a goner like these people. You’re first class through and through.” Romi smiled and Phineas reached up and rubbed the back of his knuckles across her cheek.

“I’m sorry I broke my promise and fought.”

“Phineas, you’re allowed when Peckerhead Gits pick fights with you with a back-up squad of goons. I’d rather you do what you did than let them walk all over you. You didn’t throw a single punch and had them all disabled in seconds with no one getting hurt. You’re a true gentleman.”

“She’s right lad. Saw the whole thing, where did you learn moves like that?” A man dressed in the local law enforcement uniform walked over.

“Mirastor.” Phineas said as the man held out a hand for Phineas to shake.

“I thought you had an accent lad. What’s your name?”

“Phineas Corcoran.”

“Ah yes, Farin’s boy. Heard rumors about you I see are true. You need a hand there?”

“Nah, just letting the throbbing stop for a minute. I’m fine. I’ve been through worse.”

“I don’t doubt you have lad. Happy Winterfest, and if you ever decide you want to join the local volunteer squad, you come see me, we can use men like you.” The man said handing Phineas a card with the address of the local department of law enforcement on it, which Phineas tucked into his pocket.

“I used to give cops a hard time. I think it’s ironic I’m being offered a job as one.” Phineas laughed as he stood again and the crowd dispersed.

“That was sweet though.” Cris grinned coming out of a local restaurant, Val and the others behind him. “We saw it all. Oh man, I was pissing myself laughing when you made him apologize. He’s so gonna come back and try again.”

“Yeah, I know. Nothing I can do though about it, idiots never learn.” Phineas said as Eran lit up his cigarette.

“Don’t be a cop, the pay SUCKS.” Eran said with a wink as he exhaled.

“You did good, now go get off that foot.” Beau said with a smile as the quartet headed out and about their own business.

“Yes, let’s go I’m starving and I want you sitting down five minutes ago.” Romi said setting off and giving Phineas support as he limped and they found Maxi’s as fast as possible.

Once inside, Phineas had his foot propped up on a chair as they ordered rounds of fresh clam and corn chowder in sourdough bread bowls and warmed apple cider that had been steeped with mulling spices.

Their meal must have been interrupted a dozen times by people coming over to talk to Phineas and congratulate him and pay their respect to him, Phineas thought these people were nuts, he didn’t do anything.

“They just don’t see a lot of action like that. Rael is pretty peaceful. You have moves they’ve only seen on the Vid.” Simon winked; he too was a little awestruck.

“It’s making me lose my appetite, and if one more girl shoves a communicator number in my pocket I’m gonna lose it, and you’re not helping Romi by laughing about it.”

“I’m sorry, I just think it’s funny that I’m sitting right here and they’re still doing it. I must be invisible or something, I find it amusing as hell.”

“Only you would. I think it’s horrible. It’s pretty obvious he’s your boyfriend, they shouldn’t.” Mary huffed and Romi just shrugged.

“I’m not worried. Phineas is not the type you have to worry about. I trust him to be a good boy.” Romi grinned at him and Phineas leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“I’m all yours, no worries.”

“See.” Romi laughed as they finished their meals and chatted over chocolate pie and coffee for dessert.


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