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New Year and More Stuff...

Whoa my life since my last post...


And everyone, I will recommend that all of you invest in a wet/dry shop vac... THANK GOD WE HAD ONE!!!

Our toilet not only overflowed the other night, it was overflowing for about a half hour or more before we noticed.


The rugs were FLOATING and the carpet in the hall was SATURATED... and creeping into Dad's studio and the Master Bedroom!!!

We drug in the shop vac, plugged it in and 52 gallons of water removal later (Yes, we sucked up that many GALLONS of water we had to empty the tank 4 times!)

It took less than an hour though with the aide of the wet vac, and we set up a fan to dry just the minor damp remainders (This vac is KILLER GOOD) and by morning, it was bone dry and it looked like nothing ever happened.

Best investment we ever made. We bought it to vac up the dog hair in the garage, less than $100, on sale at sears last year. Had we not had it the cost of repair to our carpet from a minor catastrophy would have been exponentially more.

Then Aeris turned the big old ONE, December 30th and we had her party this afternoon. The kid made out like a bandit boy howdy. I never had so much fun at an infant's birthday party. She's just a joy to my senses. I took a gazillion pics and movies I won't bore people with, but I'll eventually load them in my livejournal scrap book. I made her parents and her granparents a VCD photo slide show of the past year of pics I had, set it to some pretty music, I even did DVD case covers and labels, it'll be a nice memorial for them when she's all grown up and they drag them out while she's in High School to embarass her in front of her boyfriend.

She'll hate me for this... muwhahahah.

I even managed to write a little, clean the office, hunt for a new desk I'll blow my tax returns on, and tomorrow I clean my room and do laundry I've not done in WEEKS. I'm on my last pair of clean undies man! I'm so lazy.


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Jan. 3rd, 2005 06:03 am (UTC)
52 GALLONS OF WATER??????? JESUS!!!!! It's pouring buckets here, too, but thank heaven we don't get flooded (though the creek beside our unit rises up to alarming levels).

Flooding aside, I'm glad that you survived the New Year transition unscathed (and a damned sight more productive than I've been!). *hugs D*

Jan. 3rd, 2005 06:15 am (UTC)
Yup...It's been raining here too, I think that's why our plumbing backed-up cause there was like no toilet paper or turds or piss, just water everywhere.

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