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Five Year Life Anniversary: 12-08-99/12-25-99 --- 12-08-04/12-25-99

I’m late posting this, I do this every year and I usually post this on the anniversary of my “almost didn’t make it” date of 12-08-99.

Considering it’s closer to my “I made it! Woo-Hoo!” date of 12-25-99 I think it’s more appropriate considering how I feel.

Once again I count my blessings and look back. This year marks the fifth anniversary of my brush with Mr. Death. I’m happier every year, I’m grateful I’m alive and I’m happier, much happier than I was.

I hope I’m a better person and I hope the joy I find in life touches those I hold dear.

Everyday I wake up and I have all those I love still here in the world with me makes me thrilled to be here.

Everyday I take a step, sit up, draw a picture, write a story, hold a baby or sing a song I remember a time I could do none of those things. I remember lying there with nothing but my pissed off, I’m not gonna give up without a fight, will to get out of bed and LIVE AGAIN!

I remember fighting every step of the way, and damn it feels GREAT to be sitting here typing this and being able to tip my proverbial hat to the reaper and say.

“Thanks for the wake up call, you don’t have to come back any time soon. Let’s resume that dance when I’m old, next time I’ll let you lead rather than me.”

To my old friends who know what happened 12-08-99 you walked these past five years with me, and thank you for being there to help me when I needed you.

To my new friends whom I’ve just met, here’s to the next five!

I raise my glass in toast to all you beautiful people, thank you very much for sticking by my side and making life worth fighting for!

Happy Holidays and Season’s Cheer to you all!

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