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Giubilante Con Calore -- Part Six

More non-substance and fluff.....

“Giubilante Con Calore”
(Jubilant Warmth)
T  H  E    I  N  F  I  N  I  T  Y    S  E  R  I  E S
* II *
Author: D. Sanders
The Rest of this un-proofread monstrosity can be Found here:

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Phineas smiled wiping his eyes. “Yeah.” He said in a daze standing on shaky legs. He had parents, something he’d never known and could barely comprehend, but it felt so good he was high as a kite. Mandy took his hand, he was already her height in no time he would be taller.

“Before you do anything, we first go check your sugar levels.” Mandy said leading the way and not relinquishing his hand.

Farin smiled as he followed in their wake. The day had only just begun and it was going to be a wonderful day indeed.


“Ninety. Perfect!” Mandy grinned as the test after a night of fasting gave a normal blood sugar level. She put away the test and gave Phineas another round of his medications. “Now you are free to go help your father.”

Phineas grinned and hopped off the table “Thanks… mom.” He said a little shyly tasting the new word and liking it. Mandy smiled at him.

“Go on handsome.” She swatted him out and Phineas went into the other room pulling on his coat and going to help Farin carry in more firewood for the dying fire in the living room hearth.

As they returned, the smell of coffee was rich in the room and they were stamping snow off their boots and laughing. Eran, ever one to follow his nose to coffee was the first to wander out of bed, dressed in thick fleece pants, two pairs of mismatched socks, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt over it. Obviously cold after falling out of a warm bed, he hurried over to the coffee and hovered over the pot as it brewed. He shifted foot to foot impatiently.

“God Eran you never change. Good morning to you too. You’re such an anti-social bear in the morning.” Mandy teased and Eran scowled at her as he poured his coffee and drank it black. He turned to see Phineas and Farin adding wood to the fire.

“He looks better. Good color in his face.” Eran remarked sitting down at the table.

“And his levels were perfect. He’s tough and is springing back well.” Mandy stated with a smile as she grabbed a basket from the counter. “It’s my turn to beg a helper. I shall teach you the finer points of stealing eggs from chickens.”

Phineas followed Mandy out to the chicken coop and came back covered in feathers and a terrified look on his face. Eran laughed. “Little known fact, chickens are foul beasts.”

“That was a horrible pun.” Beau’s sleepy voice groaned as he wandered out from the back room. Also dressed in layers of baggy clothes.

“But we have fresh eggs!” Mandy chirruped holding up the basket as she took off her coat and Phineas hung it up for her on the hooks by the door.

“Can I help?” He asked and Mandy just shook her head.

“Not needed. Just relax, breakfast will be shortly.” Mandy winked and Phineas sat next to Farin at the table as Val and Cris stumbled in from the side room. Val heading straight for the coffee and Cris falling into a chair at the table next to Phineas as three small girls came tearing down the stairs making enough noise to wake the dead.

And a baby, who began crying right on cue and Farin shoved up from his chair, morning peace over, as he went to get the baby and change her diaper.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Tovi crashed into Cris. “Erin says we can make a snowman, can we? CAN WE?”

Cris laughed as he set Tovi on his lap. “After breakfast. Sure.”


Val just smiled into his coffee where he was leaning on the counter in the kitchen.

Mary wandered downstairs, looking unkempt from sleep but bright eyed. She had on a long flannel night gown in white with a thick red robe and red slippers, she looked lovely in her night clothes “Morning everyone!” She smiled going into the kitchen to help Mandy.

Phineas stared a little too long and Beau elbowed him and whispered under his breath. “Lesson number one, don’t make it obvious you’re staring.”

“Huh?” Phineas snapped out of his daze and Eran laughed at him.

“God am I glad I am no longer fifteen.”

“You did that at twenty-two, don’t be picking on him.” Beau teased and Phineas was clueless.

“Okay I’m lost now, but I’ve been lost since you picked me up.”

“Staring at girls.”

“Was I?”

“YES.” Cris, Beau and Eran said in unison. Phineas blushed he hadn’t even realized he was doing it.

Farin reappeared with Valeria in tow, looking changed and happy as he set her down to toddle across the floor to play with Bo and the disarray of stuffed toys all over the living room floor.

As he sat at the table Erin crawled up on his lap and when Val joined them at the table Tovi switched from Cris to Val. “Papa, did you hear? Daddy said we can make snowmen!”

“Which means I need to bundle up.” Val chuckled knowing full well he would be the one rolling around heavy snow after breakfast. He hadn’t made a snowman in years; Tovi was worth the frozen toes and backbreaking labor.

“I forgot how cold it is here in winter. Thank god for environmental controls and fireplaces.” Eran said getting up for another cup of coffee.

“Amen to that, and thank god for my living furnace. I swear I was wearing three pairs of socks and still trying to crawl under Val in my sleep for warmth.”

“What do you mean TRYING? You practically knocked me out of bed last night.” Val chuckled sipping from his mug and bouncing Tovi on his knee.

“But you’re so WARM.” Cris grinned and Tovi giggled at the face he made.

“Are you warm Papa?” Tovi asked and Val squeezed her.

“I guess so. What do you think?”

Tovi laughed, “Papa’s big.”

“He sure is sweetie.” Cris winked and Val choked.

“No Double entendre’s you.” Val scolded and Cris just grinned wickedly.

Eran almost snorted coffee out of his nose, Beau was lost in a fit of stifled giggles, Phineas looked shocked, Farin shook his head and thankfully Mandy and Mary were out of ear shot.

“Welcome to the insanity.” Val said to Phineas just rolling his eyes.

“Don’t worry Son, your mother and I are far more tame.” Farin grinned and all laughter ground to a halt and four eyes turned to Phineas and Farin.

“Oh tell me you’re staying!” Beau cried and Phineas nodded.

“I am. We had a long talk this morning, I’ll have to get used to it, but having parents is like a dream come true.”

“Phineas you got a mommy and Daddy?!” Tovi squealed with joy and Phineas nodded at her.

“Mandy and Farin are my parents now. Yeah.”

“YAY!” Tovi clapped.

“I got a big brother?” Erin asked Farin and he nodded.

“YAY!” Erin scrambled off Farin’s lap and onto Phineas’.

“Will you play with me sometimes?” She asked and Phineas smiled.

“Of course I will.” Phineas smiled at his new little sister.

Erin smiled but as all very young children, lost interest quickly as Mandy and Mary came over with plates full of food. She got into her own chair at the table, Mary brought over Valeria and Bo and got them in their high chairs as everyone settled around the large table for breakfast.

Mandy, handed Phineas a rather full plate, but mostly eggs and a few strips of bacon, with a biscuit to the side and covered in bacon milk gravy. “Eat all of that. No seconds because you’ll need to eat another small meal in a couple of hours. Until you’re absolutely stable, you eat six times a day in moderate portions. Space it out and you won’t spike.”

“SIX?” Phineas gaped, the meal before him for breakfast was more than he usually ate in a week. There was no way he’ could eat six meals a day this size.

“Yes, six. You need to gain weight too. Don’t argue and eat.” Mandy winked and Phineas gulped audibly.

“Yes mom.”

“Good boy.”

Phineas gave a valiant effort, but was stuffed full about halfway through his meal and begged off for fear of losing the contents already in his bloated stomach. “So long as you eat what you can, that’s good.”

Mary smiled and cleared her plate and Phineas’ where she sat next to him. “I have to go get ready for school.” Mary dashed up the stairs in a blur of red and white flannel.

“Can we make snowmen now?” Tovi asked and Cris smiled.

“We gotta get dressed first.” Cris said helping her off her chair and leading her up the stairs to the room she was sharing with Erin to go get her dressed and ready for the day.

“I’m off to bundle up too.” Val said setting his plate and mug in the sink.

“We all should. This will be fun.” Beau said as he and Eran went back to get dressed themselves.

“You can watch, PLEASE don’t exert yourself.” Mandy said and Phineas nodded.

“I don’t know how to make one anyway.”

“Hard work. Let the strong one roll around that crap.” Farin chuckled.

“I heard that Farin!” Val hollered from his room.

“You were supposed to boy!”

Mandy just rolled her eyes and sipped her coffee before taking the girls upstairs to get ready.

Mary was back down the stairs and a blur out the door as she headed to school for the day.

Phineas just wandered back upstairs to dress warm and let everything sink in slowly.


Mandy watched from the window opting to stay warm inside and keeping the little ones out of the cold. Bo and Valeria were still too young and were quite content to nap on the floor in the living room lost in their toys.

Val was the only one working up a sweat in the bitter cold as he rolled a massive snowball in the field to form the base of the snowman. “BIGGER PAPA!”

“Bigger she says, I’m gonna have a heart attack.” Val groaned but continued to add snow to the rather large ball he could barely move as is. Finally when he couldn’t budge it a step further he helped set to work rolling the middle.

Cris was filming and laughing.

“You could HELP!” Val glowered and Cris grinned, the camera still held up.

“I COULD. Am I going to? Now that’s another matter entirely. Roll papa, roll.”


“I love you too.”

Eran was enlisted to help lift the second section on top of the first. “Holy mother of all that’s heavy.”

“Tell me about it.” Val huffed as he helped Tovi roll the head in the snow.

He lifted that and set and packed it in place. He held Tovi up so she could place rocks in for eyes, a radish for a nose and small buttons Mandy brought out for a mouth. She cheered as she finished and then turned to Erin. “Let’s make you one now.”

Val looked faint. “Another?” his voice shook.

“Pwease Papa?”

Val caved and went to start again. Cris was trying not to laugh at his husband and failing. Val made a rather rude hand gesture he’d have to edit out later, but it was worth it to catch this all on record.

Phineas sat on a snow covered fallen log with Farin watching everyone make snowmen, well Val make snowmen while the other’s heckled him from the sidelines.

While Val did the heavy labor, Beau was with the girls making snow angels and Cris, apparently done recording was doing something behind a rock.

The next thing he saw was a small ball of snow hurdle across the field to smack Eran firmly and precisely on the back of his head.

“You are so… DEAD.” Eran went chasing after Cris who held an armful of snowballs he kept throwing at Eran as he ran.

“Can’t kill me! HA! HA!” Cris taunted as everyone stopped to watch the snowball fight in hysterics.

“I’ll find a WAY! GET BACK HERE You LITTLE SHIT!” Eran pelted after Cris who was now out of ammunition.

A flying tackle and they both disappeared into a huge drift, snow went flying and Eran came out looking a mess and Cris far worse. He had snow shoved down his shirt, his pants, his hair was covered in it and he was laughing about it.

“Face it Eran, I nailed you good.”

Eran was covered in snow and lighting up a bent cigarette. “Fucker.”

“Why thank you for that assessment.” Cris chuckled digging snow out of his shirt.

Val was wiping his eyes from laughter. “Man Eran you should have saw your face. WHAM!”

“Cris, I swear you are the ONLY one who can catch him off guard.” Beau wept with hysterics holding up the vid camera. “And I got it all!”

“YES!” Cris chortled and Eran turned to his husband.

“You’d better record over that or else…”

“Or else what grumpy?” Beau stuck out his tongue.

“I’ll make you lick a cold pole.”

Beau’s tongue went back in his mouth. “Only one pole I lick and you’d better be good or it’s never getting licked again.”

Eran went off to pout; Phineas was once again stunned at the very rude commentary that went over little heads. He however knew precisely what these men were talking about. “Are they always like this?”

“Pretty much son. Pretty much.” Farin chuckled as Val went back to finish making snowmen, Cris went in to change out of his soaking clothes and Eran continued to chain smoke and glower at them all.


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