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Giubilante Con Calore -- Part Four

Filler scene transition.....

“Giubilante Con Calore”
(Jubilant Warmth)
T  H  E    I  N  F  I  N  I  T  Y    S  E  R  I  E S
* II *
Author: D. Sanders
The Rest of this un-proofread monstrosity can be Found here:

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By dinner, the “Infinity” was getting clearance and setting down in the middle of nowhere. A Large house built against a catacomb of caves and a snow covered filled was the backdrop and two adults and three children came bursting out of the house to greet them.


“Cris, we are walking all of fifty feet, I can’t even see her anymore under that coat.” Val chuckled as they all grabbed their coats

“It’s ten degrees outside, I don’t want her cold.” Cris said fastening a fluffy red coat with a white fur rimmed hood onto Tovi.

“We must buy her more red. It’s her color.” Beau commented handing Cris her mittens.

“Will you two stop fussing already?” Eran rolled his eyes; poor Tovi was buried under her winter garments. He was punching open the gangplank just as the last mitten was pulled on and Cris scooped her up onto his hip.

“Ready Princess?” He asked as the cold air from outside rushed in to greet them. Tovi nodded and Eran and Beau led the way down the gangplank followed by an amused Phineas and Cris and Val brought up the rear.

“WELCOME HOME!” Mandy cried, her youngest on her hip, also bundled up warm as she rushed over to greet them as they walked down into thick drifts of snow.

“UNCLE ERAN! UNCLE BEAU!” A girl Tovi’s age, just under five came rushing forward and Eran held open arms and lifted her skyward as she crashed into him.

“God, who is this lady? You were just a baby yesterday! Have you been good?” Eran asked his namesake, her dark chocolate skin, golden eyes and white hair crisp and clean under her green hooded coat.

“Yes! I got your letters and I can read them now all by myself!” She grinned and Beau reached over to take her.

“Such a smart girl. Do you have any kisses for Uncle Beau?” Beau got covered in kisses, sheer bliss.

Eran was hugging Mandy and cooing at the Baby as Farin and Bo made it to the group, and the scene was repeated with Eran moving to fawn over his husband’s namesake. All three girls had the most glorious combination of exotic beauty from both parents. Mandy was always a beautiful woman, still was and all her daughters had her perfect completion and their skin just a few shades lighter due to their father’s influence.

They all had Farin’s sharp slanted eyes, feline in color. Erin’s a bright yellow gold; Bo’s a light pale green, and little Valeria’s were a brilliant amber color. They all had Mandy’s pristine white hair, but only Erin’s had that tight coarse texture curl. Bo and Valeria had the white color, but Farin’s silky, bone straight flaxen texture.

It was then Mandy noticed Val and Cris. “OH my GOD! What? Who?” Mandy, empty handed since Bo had taken Valeria rushed over.

“Tovi honey, this is your Auntie Mandy. Mandy, meet our daughter Tovi.” Cris grinned and Mandy squealed and threw her arms out.

“Oh my goodness! Hello beautiful! Dear heavens me, come give Auntie Mandy sugars you sweet angel!” Mandy gushed and Tovi, swept into the moment let Mandy sweep her away from Cris in a twirl of a hug.

“Farin! Look what I have!” Mandy called and Farin turned and stopped stunned.

“Since when did? Oh my God, we sure are growing.” Farin smiled brightly as Mandy carried Tovi over for introductions.

Phineas was standing off to the side out of the way and Val walked over and slung an arm over his shoulders. “Family reunions, we tend to gush a lot. Come on, don’t be shy.” Val led Phineas over to the group slowly making their way out of the cold into the house.

Everyone was laughing in absolute chaos as they fell into the house stamping snow off boots. Cris was taking off Tovi’s coat as she was introduced to her “cousin” Erin and in no time both little girls were off across the room to where Erin had her dolls spread out on the living room floor in front of the roaring fire and being both almost exactly the same age, it was instant friendship and they were off playing in their own little world.

Valeria was put back into her playpen, and Bo was being bounced on Beau’s hip as the room filled and the door shut.

“It’s so good to have you all home.” Mandy cheered shutting the door turning to Cris. “When did you adopt her?”

“Yesterday.” Cris smiled hanging Tovi’s coat on a hook by the door.

“Dear God, she’s beautiful she could almost be yours, she looks like you a lot.” Mandy chuckled hanging up Erin’s coat on the same hook.

“I thought the same.” Val added walking up to hang up his coat and Phineas’. It was then Mandy spotted the newcomer.

“Oh dear! Where did you come from, I missed somebody in the chaos!” Mandy cried just up and hugging the stranger behind her who looked a little shy and daunted.

“This is Phineas, Phineas, meet Mandy, we failed to mention she’s quite…”

“Watch it Val.” Mandy playfully threatened standing back to get a good look at the boy. “Such a handsome lad too.”

“Thank you Ma’am.” Phineas’ blushed.

“Ma’am? Oh no, no, no. Mandy is just fine sweet-cheeks. We’re family, none of this Ma’am stuff around here, I’ll box your ears.” Mandy winked as Beau walked over.

“I see you already met our new little brother here. We need to talk and I need to know if you have any Isulatium meds for him?”

“Oh my, Diabetic?” Mandy asked going into her medical mode and taking Phineas’ pulse.

“Badly neglected. Before you feed him like the goddess you are in the kitchen, we’ve got to get his levels stable. Every meal he spikes.” Beau said concerned, wanting to get Phineas help immediately.

“Goodness gracious. Yes, I have a few patients I’m treating, I have some, hang on.” Mandy went just to the next room, it looked as if Mandy had opened up a small health clinic as Beau and Phineas followed into the small addition off the “Homestead”.

“Once a doctor, always a doctor Mandy?” Beau smiled as he checked out the facility.

“It’s a free clinic. They needed one in Rael. I tend the sniffles really. Rael may seem small, but we’ve half a million people. Some of them can’t afford a lot, so since this community gave me so much, I give back what I can. Come here kiddo.” Mandy said patting her examination table. “Hop up here.” Phineas did as told and Mandy took a small drop of blood from his finger and tested it.

“Fifty-five. When did he last eat?” Mandy asked slapping a piece of candy in his hand. “Eat that, NOW.”

“Jesus, three hours. I tested him after lunch and he was three-fifty.”

“Way out of control.” Mandy went to her cabinet and took out a bottle and stuck a syringe in it and came back over to Phineas. “I’m going to give you a shot of this every day. This is Isulatium, it will repair your pancreas.” Mandy said tenderly jabbing his arm and administering the drug.

“There’s more Mandy.” Beau said shutting the door.

“I do not like the look on your face Beau.”

“I need you to double check my tests. Dormant Stage One Dartax.”

“Mercy me. I have Phortanitum-diturbide on hand. A Three week course should knock out Stage One.” Mandy said sitting at her desk and tapping at her Monitor. “Is the access code to the “Infinity” Medi-comp still ‘poppycock’?” Mandy asked and Beau nodded and she accessed the records on the Ship and Beau’s tests.

Phineas just sat there, not understanding a word, but knowing they were talking about him. “Beau did you run a level four diagnostic on red blood count?”

“I did, low levels all across the board.”

Mandy hummed in thought and sat back to scratch her chin while she read the screen. “You’re right, I don’t know why you question your findings, you’ve got more experience than me.”

“I’m a field trained medic due to necessity. I’m a musician damn it not a doctor.”

“You’re both.” Mandy grinned and turned to Phineas. “I am in shock you’re standing. You’re one tough boy. Cris was just like you when Eran brought him to me, but don’t worry, you’ve nothing we can’t cure. Beau, test his sugar again please now that the candy has had time to work. I’ll get what else he needs here. I have the PD injectibles, twice a day for three weeks and Dartax be gone.”

“I feel like a pin cushion.” Phineas said as he received another shot and the fifth finger prick that day.

“You will for a while yet. Damn it, one hundred and fifty, he’s spiking too bad. We’ve really upset his system with food he’s not used to.” Beau grumbled and Mandy nodded.

“Give the Isulatium time to take affect. He won’t be spiking in a few hours. Daily doses he’ll be able to eat anything he wants to in forty-eight hours and in six months he won’t even need the drug anymore. That’s miracle stuff.” Mandy said putting away her gear.

“And cheap. It pisses me off places like Mirastor can’t deal it out for free.” Beau frowned and Mandy sighed.

“Mirastor is a shithole. You are well rid of that place.” Mandy replied in kind and Phineas nodded.

“Believe me, I’m glad to be out. If I died tomorrow, I’d die happy.”

Mandy just smiled and came over to hug him. “Ah dear heart, you just keep up that attitude, you’ll be fine. Now then, we are here to celebrate a family reunion, both the old and the new members. Come on, I’ll make you hot chocolate.”

“Mandy, hello SUGAR?”

“Hon, I have three daughters, do you think I make it with Sugar? They’re hyper enough thanks. They love it and they’ve no idea it’s good for them. They drink it by the gallon, I make it with substitutes, no harm to anyone.” Mandy led them back out of her office and Phineas just floated behind them, lost in a dream world he’d never before dreamed he could be a part of before.

Mandy passed out mugs to everyone and they all sat around the living room laughing. Tovi and Erin sitting at Farin’s feet while he entertained them with a story, Bo and Valeria were asleep in the playpen, Phineas sat close to the fire, trying to regain some warmth in his eternally frozen toes, he was daydreaming, drinking his drink and staring into the fire lazily. He felt almost faint.

Mandy laid a hand to his shoulder. “Hon, you’re looking a little flushed. I know your toes are cold, but you’re too warm. Trust me, the meds will start working soon, back up a little bit before you pass out from the heat.”

He nodded and moved a few feet away and not a minute later he was passed out on the floor. Beau and Mandy immediately by his side “We’ve shocked his system. I half expected this.” Mandy said as Val came over to pick him up.

“Let’s get him in a bed to sleep this off.” Mandy said leading them all up the stairs to a guest room. “He can stay in here. Poor dear.” Mandy said turning back the covers for Val to lay him down.

“He’s a mess.” Val sighed and both Mandy and Beau nodded.

“I really hate Mirastor. I’ve yet to meet anyone from there healthy.” Mandy complained pulling the covers up and checking Phineas’ temperature with her hand.

“It’s a miracle he’s walking around at all.” Beau said and Val turned to Beau.

“That bad?”

“Yes. I tried to make it sound light for his sake. But he didn’t make it out a moment too soon. In his current state without medication I’d have given him three months tops.” Beau said sitting in a chair.

“He’s nothing but a walking skeleton. Please tell me you’ll all stay long enough for him to get healthy again. If he ever was to start with.” Mandy said as Eran walked into the room.

“We’ll stay as long as it takes. He’s a good kid, he deserves a chance.” Eran said leaning against the doorframe.

“You see how healthy Tovi is in comparison? That’s all his doing. He probably went without more often than not to take care of her.” Cris’ voice sounded coming into the room behind Eran.

“Boy he reminds me of you.” Mandy said to Cris who nodded.

“Yeah, he is a lot like me, I wish I couldn’t say that.”

“Is Phineas Okay?” Tovi’s voice came from behind Cris’ legs and Cris squatted down beside her.

“He’s sick honey, but he’ll be okay if we take care of him.”

“I got sick once, and Phineas made me better. He made me drink nasty med’cine.”

“Well I’m glad he did.” Cris said hugging her close. Thanking Phineas again silently for being there when she needed him. They’d be there for him in return; everyone made a mental vow as they stood there at his bedside.

They left Phineas to sleep off his reaction to his medication, he wasn’t in danger and while he slept it gave the medicine time to get into his system. Everyone popped in occasionally to check on him while they went about bringing in their items from the “Infinity”.

They set Tovi up in Erin’s room, both girls were getting along like long lost sisters and it was just plain adorable watching them play together, it was like one big sleep over for them and they were currently down for a nap in Erin’s bed, both of them curled up together snuggling the same oversized teddy bear. “Oh now that is just precious.” Cris said taking more pictures.

“I want copies of those.” Mandy whispered as they left the door ajar and all went back downstairs.

Beau and Eran were established in their old room and Val and Cris in theirs, Mandy was making Dinner when the door opened and a pretty young girl, around fourteen and bundled in large coat, hat and scarf came in shaking off snow. “I’m home!”

Everyone just stared. Not having a clue who this girl was.

“Mary Alice, I was beginning to worry.” Mandy said taking her coat and hanging it up and exchanging it for hot chocolate.

“Class ran late.”

“Um, Mandy?” Cris broke the silence.

“Oh god, I forgot. Mary Alice is staying with us, Her parents moved to the Capitol and she wanted to stay, so she moved in with us, I’m teaching her to help me in the clinic.” Mandy began and Mary turned to smile at the others.

“I’m so excited to meet you.”

“I guess we were all full of surprises.” Val chuckled as introductions ensued and Mary gave everyone a hug and was hugged in return. She was a lovely girl, dark brown hair fell in waves down her back, her ivory skin was flawless and her large dark brown eyes twinkled with kindness.

“And before any of you wonders, yes she knows, I prepared her, and you can trust her implicitly.” Mandy winked and Eran rolled his eyes.

“I don’t know why we bother trying to hide it, everyone knows eventually.” Eran moaned and Beau laughed.

“It really doesn’t matter here.” Beau laughed as Mandy handed Mary a tray with soup and hot tea on it.

“Mary, we have a sick lad upstairs. Be a dear and take him that please and check his vitals for me.” Mary nodded and went upstairs.

“She’s a pretty girl.” Cris grinned as Mary disappeared.

“Pretty inside and out. She’s a real help to me especially in the clinic. She’ll be a good doctor, she’s got the perfect disposition for it.”

“This family got huge. Thank god we made this house big.” Val laughed as he stretched and pulled up a chair at the table.

“Amen to that. It’s so nice to have it full again. I missed you.” Farin said, as he took sat at the table.

“Time just flew.” Eran said as the table filled up quickly with everyone pulling up a chair.

“It sure did. I can’t believe in just two weeks it will be our fifth anniversary, I just met you yesterday didn’t I?” Cris asked Val who smiled and leaned over to kiss him.

“I sure feels like it, wow. Five years and a new daughter, I couldn’t ask for more. We need to go shopping. She needs Winterfest presents and so does Phineas.”

“I am so buying him new clothes, I get dibs!” Beau said and Cris laughed.

“Naturally.” Everyone laughed as they talked and caught up with each other’s lives.


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