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Guibilante Con Calore...

Bloody muses!

SHORT STORY! I said SHORT! but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....

“Giubilante Con Calore”
(Jubilant Warmth)
T  H  E    I  N  F  I  N  I  T  Y    S  E  R  I  E S
* II *
Author: D. Sanders
The Rest of this un-proofread monstrosity can be Found here:

Part One
Part Two

Phineas sank into his new bed with a sigh, for the first time in his life he wasn’t afraid to go to sleep.

He didn’t awake until morning when Tovi bounded in still in her nightgown to wake him up for breakfast.

He’d found home at last.


Phineas followed Tovi into the main room, everyone was gathering around the table for breakfast, like a family. Phineas just stood there a moment, drinking it in. Beau was dressed in a terry cloth robe and slippers setting out a bowl of scrambled eggs, Eran was deep into a cup of coffee that smelled incredible, also dressed in just a robe and slippers and he was reading something on the monitor on the table, taking a moment to kiss Beau’s cheek as he leaned over the table. Val was still half asleep, his hair sticking up all over the place but he was awash with warm, brilliant smiles as Tovi scrambled up into his lap. He was bare-chested, his plaid robe open and he wore matching thick plaid flannel pajama bottoms, and thick woolen socks. Cris had just wandered out of the galley, he too still in his sleep attire, fleece pants and a huge t-shirt and a just a pair of socks. He came out with a plate of bacon and he kissed Val and Tovi on the cheek as he set the plate down on the table and returned to the galley bringing out a small cup of orange juice for Tovi.

“We don’t stand on ceremony in the morning Kid. Come on and Dig in. Coffee is in the galley all ready if you’re a coffee man.” Cris grinned as he set up Tovi’s booster seat and set her in it while Val stirred in some brown sugar into her oatmeal.

“You really mean it, you are family.” Phineas could not wrap his brain around the concept.

“We are. Beau is my husband, Cris is my brother, Val’s my brother-in-law, and we’ve got Tovi as my niece, then we’ve got you kid. Like I said, we’re different, we like it like this.” Eran smiled as he drank from his mug.

“No one would ever believe this, hell I’m looking at it and I don’t believe it.”

Cris laughed. “I know. We gotta a reputation a light-year long and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t go blowing our secrets now.” Cris waggled a finger as he handed Tovi a spoon and sat in his own seat for breakfast.

Phineas just shook his head and pulled up a seat at the table “Trust me, I ain’t breathin’ a word. Not a bloody word.”

Val passed him the plate of bacon. “Smart kid. Eat up, there’s always plenty.”

Eran got up for his third cup of coffee. “Word of warning though, you take the last cup of coffee you make more.”

Beau chuckled. “Eran lives on caffeine and cigarettes, if he could walk around with coffee tapped into his veins he would. Never take his last cup, he pouts.”

“I heard that Beau!” Eran hollered from inside the galley.

“You were meant to!” Beau singsong voiced back, pouring Phineas a large glass of juice. “Now then, my job technically on-board is to take care of all of you. I’m hopeless at flying, couldn’t fix anything if it broke and I can barely navigate a computer. I am however well versed in all things medicinal; I’ve a lot of experience in my time. So until I say otherwise, please follow the diet I’m going to put you on. You need to eat, and lots of vitamins and protein for you right now. I made a lot of bacon, eat up, and drink this juice, and then before Val steals you, I want to run a medi-scan, I want to make sure you don’t need anything that isn’t obvious. We’ll get you healthy if you listen to me, and don’t follow my example. I eat horribly, but then it doesn’t affect me like you.” Beau grinned piling bacon on Phineas’ plate.

“Whoa too much, I’ll puke.” Phineas eyes widened at the pile of food on his plate.

“I want you to stuff yourself silly for the next few weeks, you’re dreadfully underweight. And that will be easy to do once we get to Pirotaine and Mandy’s cooking.” Beau smiled adding eggs to Phineas’ plate as Eran wandered back in with another full mug of coffee.

“I hear Pirotaine is all farmland.”

“Pretty much” Eran said around a sip. “It’s a wonderful planet, Beau, Val and I were all born there. We’re heading there for Winterfest.”

“What’s that?” Phineas asked around a bite.

“Gluttony and frivolity like you’ve never seen. It’s fabulous.” Beau sparkled.

“You’ve come on board just in time, we’re on holiday. You’ll learn we only run on a schedule when we’ve jobs that require it. We piss about a lot, we are never in a hurry unless we have to be.” Cris chimed in as he poured more juice for Tovi.

“Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun.”

“We do. We’re planning to winter on Pirotaine, and you and I can spend some quality time doing some much needed maintenance schedules on the “Infinity”. Her last good overhaul was about five years ago, she’s a great ship and could use a little break and tweaking.” Val said and Phineas beamed.

“I can’t wait. I really want to learn.”

“We’ll have Farin too, he was the Chief Engineer for this baby for Twenty-years before me. There’s a lot you can learn from him too.” Val winked leaning over to wipe off Tovi’s chin where she dribbled her oatmeal.

“I’m full.” Tovi whined and fidgeted in her seat. Val just chuckled as Cris got up to help her out her seat.

“Go grab me your brush Princess, Daddy will comb your hair.” Cris shooed her off to her room and Tovi came back brush and ribbons in hand.

Phineas smiled “I’m thrilled to see her so happy. Her mom really tried hard to be good. She was just so sick and the last year she was really bad, She died about six months ago, I promised her I’d look out for Tovi.”

Beau looked terrified, “Wait a minute, she died of Dartax, how often were you in contact with her?”

“I don’t have it. I don’t think so at least. Tovi don’t either. We made sure we didn’t get too close near the end there.”

“Good, but I’m testing you for it anyway, it can lay dormant for years. Catch it dormant and you can cure it. I’ll test you both here after breakfast. Better safe than sorry.” Beau remarked making notes on the tests he wanted to run on both new members of the “Infinity” family.

Cris sat on the built in sofa and had Tovi standing in front of him as he first changed her out of her nightgown and into a warm little blue sweater with snowflakes on it and a pair of denim bib overalls. He put on thick white socks and a new pair of white suede shoes. Before he started combing her hair out, once again giving her twin braids. She looked absolutely adorable by the time he finished his handiwork.

“I could watch you do that forever.” Val grinned at the table finishing his coffee.

“You did a good job picking out her clothes. Everything in there is cuter than shi---- poop.” Cris censored his language; he’d have to watch his mouth now that little ears were around.

Val barked once with laughter. “Nice save.”

“Thank you. Okay Princess, you’re done. Go show Papa how pretty you are.” Cris said patting her behind with her brush as he went to go put it away. “I’m gonna get ready myself, Papa’s on duty.”

Tovi was already up on Val’s lap; it was obviously one of her favorite places to be, since they’d gotten up that morning, she’d been making Val’s lap her territory. Not that he minded in the slightest. He was bouncing her on his knee as Cris disappeared to go change.

“I should get ready too, since I’m official nanny. I’ll relieve you shortly to go get ready yourself, be back in a tick. Phineas EAT, you are on no set schedule today. Eat and take your time, I don’t plan on letting Val have you until lunchtime.” Beau said going off to get dressed. Eran closed his monitor, took his empty cup into the galley and patted Phineas shoulder as he passed to follow Beau into their cabin.

“Just relax, you’ll be fine.”

“I’m more than fine.” Phineas replied as he finished his breakfast and chatted with Val and Tovi until Beau reappeared to take over watching Tovi as Val went to go get ready for the day himself.

“You listen to Uncle Beau now Tovi. Daddy and I have to go to work here for a while. Be Good.” Val patted her head and she beamed.

“I Pwomise!”

“Good girl.” Val had a light step as his door shut behind him.

“They are great guys, Tovi you’re a lucky girl!” Phineas smiled at her and she nodded.

“And you too! We get to stay together!” She came over to crawl up into his lap.

“We sure do. Isn’t it great?”

“YEAH!” Tovi bounced and Phineas hugged her then set her down.

“I’ll just get dressed, I’ll be right back.” He said to Beau who smiled and had Tovi help him clear the table. They made it a game and the dishes were stacked away in the dishwasher in no time at all.

“You’re my new official helper.” Beau grinned at her and Tovi nodded.

“I helped good?”

“You sure did.” Beau winked at her as Cris came out to help clear to notice everything was done.

“Wow, what a team. You didn’t leave me any clean up.” Cris chuckled squatting by Tovi to kiss her cheek. “I gotta go to work now Princess, give Daddy a kiss and I’ll see you at lunch time.”

Tovi kissed his cheek and Cris skipped off down the stern corridor toward the flight deck.

The scene was repeated when Val came out and sauntered off down the aft corridor.

Eran’s voice sounded on the ship speaker system. “We’re ready. Everyone secure?”

Beau pressed the com. “Not yet, give us five minutes.”

Phineas came out “What was that?” He asked as Beau was fastening Tovi to the couch.

“Take off. Buckle-in over there on that end of couch, breaking atmosphere can be a little bumpy.” Beau said buckling in beside Tovi and Phineas took the last seat on the couch.

“We’re ready.” Beau called into the cockpit.

“Getting clearance now.”

There was just a slight feeling of motion and just a few little jiggles before Eran’s voice once again came over the system. “All clear, the captain is turning off the seat-belt sign you are free to move about the cabin.”

“He’s really in a good mood today.” Beau laughed as he undid Tovi’s seat belt

“That’s it?” Phineas asked thinking it was going to be a lot longer.

“That’s it. Cris and Eran know this ship inside and out, they don’t mess about. The “Infinity” is fast. She can clear planetary gravitation in under a minute.”


Beau winked. “Yeah wow, come on you two, let’s get you both checked properly.” Beau said leading them toward the Medi-room and science office.


Phineas and Tovi sat on two separate examination tables in the Medi-room. Beau drew some blood from them both and set the vials into the computer analysis monitor. Thankfully, he knew how to use medical equipment, his years in the intern camp he’d learned how to care for the infirm and then years spent studying the mites, he was thankful for these skills, they came in handy now.

Tovi was clean, a little iron deficient but other than that healthy. Phineas however Beau sighed, “I won’t lie to you, you’ve got the dormant virus. You’re not contagious, you’re just first stage dormancy. As soon as we get to Pirotaine, I’m going to have Mandy confirm my tests and we’ll get you the medication you’ll need to get rid of it. You also have Diabetes, do you get the shakes?”

“Is that what that is?”

“Yes, I’m putting you on a very strict diet for now. We’ll get you some medication for that too. The course of treatment is six months, but it will repair your pancreas. Then there is your piss-pour circulation and eyesight you’ve damage to your eyes and circulatory system from your diabetes. Everything a little fuzzy around the edges?”

Phineas nodded.

“We’ll take you to a Doctor on Pirotaine, nothing a little surgery won’t fix for your eyes. And once we repair the damage to your Pancreas your circulation should drastically improve. Thankfully everything you have is fixable.”

“I can’t thank you enough.”

“Don’t be silly. You’re one of us, and we take care of our own. I’m also not letting you work until we get you medicated. You’re on rest until we get you a little healthier. I don’t like your fat levels, you have no body fat at all, you’ve been working too hard just to survive, and your body needs a rest, badly. You’re tough, but take a break, you deserve and need it.” Beau said shutting off his monitors.

“Isn’t there something I can do?”

“Eventually, don’t worry about resting, no one here will think anything of it. Your health comes first, we know that, if you want to help, help me make lunch.” Beau said helping Tovi off her table and leading everyone back to the living space. They set Tovi up in front of the movie monitor on the couch; Phineas was just as awestruck as Tovi as the large screen dropped down out of the ceiling.

“You have one of these in your cabin too.” Beau showed Phineas his control panel. “Cris and I are movie junkies, you can access the files with the menu button.”

Beau demonstrated the menu on the main screen, selecting an old cartoon for Tovi to watch.

“Now I’ll warn you now. Unless you get some of your own and unless you’re swinging the same way we do, the um, adult stuff is rather, ah - how do I put this? Shocking to young eyes and well, we’re all gay here.”

“Gotcha, I sorta figured that one out already. I won’t be raiding your stashes.” Phineas laughed. “I’m the odd man out, I like girls.”

“You’ll definitely need your own stash then.” Beau winked as Tovi sat enthralled watching Martoovian Bunnies sing children’s tunes as they scampered through animated forests.

Phineas helped Beau fix sandwiches and iced tea, just as everyone wandered back for lunch.

Once Beau gave them the low down of his findings, everyone was adamant Phineas take care of his health and he was officially banned from work until Beau gave the all clear.

By dinner, the “Infinity” was getting clearance and setting down in the middle of nowhere. A Large house built against a catacomb of caves and a snow covered filled was the backdrop and two adults and three children came bursting out of the house to greet them.


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