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The Live journal style sheets read like badly translated stereo instructions. I'm through fiddling, it's just frustrating. And I have piddled away most of the night and got nothing done. I'm just not motivated to do anything worth squat tonight.

Have I mentioned lately, Mondays Suck? No hutzpah, no energy, no nuttin' from me on Monday's. *sigh*

And once again I've not gotten a bloody check from the ex-asshole. The legal aides I've called to get his paycheck garnished....

(AGAIN, he changed jobs on me and I have to do the whole process over. And it will cost me *ANOTHER* $500 to do it unless I can get free legal aide)

....and they don't call me back.

He was supposed to start paying in May last year (2002), he missed May and June payments so we garnished his wages, he at this point was $1050 in the HOLE. We got July, August, September payments forced out of his check.

He quit his job. *FUME*

(He's still in the hole, no back payments were ever made at this point in time July 2002)

We tracked him down, but a lot of good it does me, I still have to PAY to garnish his checks.

I've not seen a DIME since September. At a previous Deficit of $1050 and an ADDITIONAL $525 a month for October, November, December and January, he's now in the HOLE to me $3,150.

Now this is NOT alimony, this is money he is ordered to pay me by the divorce decree to pay off the fucking BILLS he left me with. All of which I knew nothing about. I got my TRW after the separation expecting my student loan and shit a brick. $25,000.00 and I had NOTHING to show for it. I had crappy furniture, clothes threadbare, and I had to cut my own hair. He gave me $20 a week while we were married for gas and lunch money... damn my naiveness.


However, the Bill collectors don't like to wait, so to try and SALVAGE what credit I do have, I'm paying his bills.

Is this fair?
*Rhetorical Question, believe me I know the answer.*

And the Government is NO HELP, Every time he changes jobs,

*I* have to find him,

*I* have to file more paperwork (At the aforementioned $500 a pop just to file), *I* have to call and beg and call and beg.

Yet some bitch can spill coffee on herself at McDonald's at get a cool Million, and HONEST people who actually WORK for living get shafted by the same judicial system.

Where's Wufei and his Katana when I *NEED* him? My Ex needs it rammed up his cheating, good for nothing, slacker, bastard backside.

AHHHH venting feels sooooo good.

Thanks for bearing with my frustration. Wish me luck on the lotto, I think that's my only way out of this black hole.



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