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Sempre Dolcissimo Cantabile - PART VI

more un-proofread crapola....

STILL PRE-PROOFREAD...lots of errors that will eventually be fixed... just sharing the progress...

“Sempre Dolcissimo Cantabile”
(Always Sweetly Singing)
Author: D. Sanders
---- continued... Go read these posts first







...Eran left the others to outfit Cris; he knew whatever Beau and Val decided on would be fine. He was not much to shop for himself either, he felt sorry for Beau’s victim as he lit up and watched the hustle and bustle of the town around him while he waited for the others to finish.


Cris was done shopping in his mind. He was tired; he must have tried on dozens of outfits to humor Val and Beau. He had taken up to the counter a single shirt in purple because Val liked it, a new pair of denim pants, a Green sweater because Beau had liked it, and a black leather jacket because he had liked it. He would have picked up a few of the rather funny t-shirts he and Beau had laughed over, but he was here for something more substantial than a t-shirt. Even if Beau was already wearing one over his longer sleeved shirt.

The front of the light blue shirt had big dark blue lettering that read: “I suffer from Attention Deficit Syndr… Oh look SHINEY THINGS!”

Eran had taken one look at Beau, stuck his head in the door and remarked with a smirk “At least it’s accurate advertising flake.”

Beau just grinned and waltzed up behind Cris as he laid his measly few selections on the sales counter with his arms laden. Beau had everything Cris had tried on and all the things Beau had picked out for Eran and himself to wear piled on the counter and had shoved himself in front of Cris to pay for it all.

You can’t do that. No don’t let him do that!” Cris argued with the sales clerk. Beau just nudged Cris out of the way with his hip and handed the giggling girl Eran’s credit disk.

“Val come hold your man out of the way. We’ll take it all thanks, oh and the one I’m wearing.”

“Beau are you CRAZY? I can’t let you buy all that stuff for me!” Cris was dumbstruck and wide-eyed.

“I think he and Eran have other plans.” Val smirked as Beau paid for the bounty.

“But, But!”

“But nothing. You’d have told us no, like you’re doing now, if we’d told you we were going to do this. Deal with it Cris. You do a lot for us, we want to return the favor that’s all.” Eran said as he walked inside to take the bags off the counter to help carry back to the shuttle.

“Eran… Beau… I…” Cris stood there in shock stammering.

“I don’t even want a thank you damn it. Come on, I’m hungry and I want lunch over at the pub after we drop these off. I’m in the mood for some fish-n-chips.” Eran quipped just toting out the bags. Beau held up the purple shirt, those hot black leather pants Beau had insisted Cris try on and were exactly like the pair he’d gotten for Eran too while he was at it and the new jacket.

“Go change into these.” Beau ordered and Cris in a daze changed out of his ratty flannel pants and shirt and came out looking downright sinful in the new clothes he’d just received.

“You’re right Val, purple is so his color.”

“I told you so.” Val drank in the sight, with his hair loose for warmth on a chilly day Val thought he was looking at a God as Cris walked out shyly.

“I still think these are too small.” Cris said as Val helped him on with his new leather jacket.

“You said that before. They are just the right size for you. You just aren’t swimming in your clothes for a change. I mean look at that build! Show off your ass, you got a great one.” Beau grinned as he flounced out of the shop pleased with his handiwork.

“Beau’s right, I love seeing you look like this. You’re gorgeous.” Val breathed as he pulled Cris’ hair out of the back of his jacket and Cris took his arm. Even the shop counter girl complimented the new look. Val was blushing as everyone headed down the street for lunch at a local tavern. They just made a pit stop at the shuttle to add the bags of clothes to all the baby paraphernalia already in the back.

Cris had recovered sufficiently from his shock to curse them all for being sneaky, thanking them profusely for the wonderful surprise and gifts and vowing revenge on them all at his earliest opportunity amidst several rounds of fish, chips and lager.

During their meal a few of the girls from the choir came in and immediately gravitated over to Beau. “We’re still having practice tonight right?” They asked obviously infatuated with the talented Choir leader.

“Naturally.” Beau smiled affably. Eran just smirked into his brew, girls forever flirted with Beau and the shit let them. The adorable attention whore he was ate it up like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh hey Wow, I didn’t even RECOGNIZE you Cris. God I want your hair, I’ve never seen it down. I’m so jealous.” One of the trio of young girls came over and sat beside Cris on the bench. “You look great, what’s different?” She asked scrutinizing Cris as he sat there trying to finish his lunch.

“New outfit, he’s hot huh?” Beau teased and winked at Cris.

“Fucking Flirt.” Eran chuckled under his breath.

“You get off on it.” Beau shot right back and Eran winked.

“I’ll say he looks great. Too bad you won’t stay on Pirotaine.”

“Sorry, no can do. Someone has gotta keep Eran from getting into trouble out there with the Feds.”

“That’s very true.” Eran just stated fact.

“Val you’re leaving with them too aren’t you?”

“Afraid so Serine. I gotta keep him out of trouble.” Val winked at Cris who smiled and chucked a chip at him.

“I’m low maintenance. Be glad.”

“Trust me I am.” Val grinned and the three girls finally realized a sad fact. Cris was off the market.

“Wait a minute. Are you and Cris a couple?” Serine asked Val who winked.

“OH MY GOD! How ROMANTIC!” Serine was toast, history, off in cheap romance novel land complete with obligatory stars in her eyes.

“Quite sickening really watching those two make puppy eyes at each other all the time.” Eran grunted and Beau kicked him.


“Ow! Damn it Beau. Spousal Abuse!”

Three girls turned as one. “Those really are binding rings?”

“Last I looked they were.” Eran was getting tired quickly of seventeen-year-old girls, quickly.

“Oh man Tergie is gonna cry she SO has a crush on you.” Serine said to Beau who shrugged.

“I’m sorry girls, I’m a bonded man, have been a long time.”

“Ah well, we’ll see you guys tonight, gotta get our lunch and take it back, we’re only on break from next door.”

All three girls came and went and four men paid their tab and headed out to wander the town for a while and kill time until practice.

“How come no one ever gets a crush on me?” Eran asked as they walked, he wasn’t bad looking; in fact he was rather the extreme opposite. Beau hooked himself under Eran’s arm.

“I got a crush on you.” Beau purred and Eran smiled.

“Okay, how come no GIRLS ever get a crush on me?”

“Dude, you’re scary. Girls crunch on you from afar. They LOVE the bad boys, but only if their parents don’t find out.” Cris stated as they paused by a vendor selling hot chocolate and popcorn on a street corner.

“God that smells GOOOOD” Cris sighed.

“And nothing smells as BAD as burnt popcorn.” Val chuckled buying everyone a small bag of it and hot chocolate to wash it down with.

“That’s true enough.” Beau wrinkled his nose as they perched themselves on some obliging planter boxes to eat the treat and just continue to enjoy the day and each other’s company.

They were seated outside a small jewelers, and in the display case window Val’s eyes caught something he knew he’d want a closer look at and while Cris walked out of ear shot to throw everyone’s bags and cups away Val grabbed Beau. “Keep him OCCUPIED for ten minutes.”

Beau gave a conspiratorial grin and waylaid Cris and hauled him into a local arcade. Eran along for the ride and Beau’s credit needs, Eran was enjoying himself more than he had in far too many years. It was fun just being a twenty-three-year old again, he felt young and alive, it was a magical feeling he’d thought lost forever. Being old chronologically no longer meant having to act like it, being young at heart was the cure for being immortal.

As soon as they were out of sight Val dashed into the jewelers, he had to be fast. “The set in the window. How much?”

“Which one?”

“The silver and gold braided ones.”

“Oh pretty, those we got in yesterday.”

“How much?”


“Sold. Hurry I don’t wanna get caught.”

“Ah, surprise eh?” The girl asked as she took Val’s purchase from the window and wrapped them up, taking his credit disk and ringing up the sale.

“Yeah, gonna save it until Winterfest. Was gonna do this anyway, but those really caught my eye. Figured get them now before they were gone.”

“Good idea. I knew those would go fast. Simple but stunning, I’m sure the one you’re going to give this too will love it.”

“I hope so. Thanks!” Val hid his purchase in his vest pocket and dashed into the arcade.

Eran and Cris were battling each other on a racing game as Beau tackled him.

“SHOW ME!” Beau was giddy as they hid around a bank of games. Val handed Beau the small package for a quick peak.

“Val! Gorgeous! Oh my god, when you going to?”

“Winterfest I think. If I can wait that long.”

“Hurry, put it away. He’s gonna love it.”

“You think so?”

“Val, you have NOTHING to worry about. He’ll melt into his shoes.”

“Good.” Val said tucking away his gift as Cris and Eran finished and Cris came away smirking.

“Dude you never have and never will beat me in that game.”

“Fucker.” Eran sulked as Cris slipped under Val’s arm.

“You look smug.” Val teased and Cris smiled.

“Of course. What’s next?”

“It’s almost time actually, we should head over to practice.” Beau said checking his watch and once more the group was off, Cris none the wiser that he was leaning against a present tucked in Val’s inner coat pocket.


Beau was seated at the piano at the front of the room, everyone else were seated in their sections. Eran and Val in the bass section, Cris with the tenors all of them with very old books of festival music.

“All right, everyone’s here, let’s do a quick warm up first and then I want to do a run through of “Good men, Goodwill.” Beau stated doing scales on the piano for the voices to sing to for warm up.

Warmed up, Cris was ready to settle into a run through of the song when Beau made his heart fall into his shoes. “Cris, please try the cantor line.”


“You heard me. Take the high cantor.”

“I can’t sing that.”

“Yes you can. Don’t argue with the director.”


“One, two, one, two, three, four…” Beau just smiled and counted time the choir began and Cris was going to kick a blond ass later.

As the Choir sang through the first verse Cris began to panic, during the last verse, he’d be singing a counterpoint to the choir, now he knew why Beau had made him “practice” with him. The lying sack of shit, Eran better not be too attached, Beau was dead meat. The Choir sang and during the last chorus, Cris would sing a cantor descant in counterpoint.

Oh ye Good Men who led us all hence
From famine and war and pestilence.
We sing of you our forefathers of Peace
Who gave us all grace, good will and love.

Sing all Good Men, Good Ladies and All
Sing to your Mothers and Fathers, Honor them True.
Sing to your Sisters, The Fair and Bold
Sing to your Brothers the Brave and Strong
Sing to your Loved Ones Both the Young and Old
Sing to the heavens of Goodwill and Love.

Pirotaine our beacon of Hope
You shone for us in our darkest hour
We came to you, lost sheep from the stars
You gave us all grace, Goodwill and Love.

Sing all Good Men, Good Ladies and All
Sing to your Mothers and Fathers, Honor them True.
Sing to your Sisters, The Fair and Bold
Sing to your Brothers the Brave and Strong
Sing to your Loved Ones Both the Young and Old
Sing to the heavens of Goodwill and Love.

Sing all Good Men, Good Ladies and All -- (All hearts rejoice in this season of Peace)
Sing to your Mothers and Fathers, Honor them True. -- (Young and old we sing for you)
Sing to your Sisters, The Fair and Bold -- (Lovers hold each other close.)
Sing to your Brothers the Brave and Strong -- (Friends will raise another toast.)
Sing to your Loved Ones Both the Young and Old -- (Honor the founding with your songs)
Sing to the heavens of Goodwill and Love. -- (Oh Pirotaine, we’ve come home.)

“That was GREAT CRIS!” One of the Altos cheered.

“I knew it would be.” Beau smirked and crossed his arms across his chest and Cris flipped him off.

“I hate you Blondie. I am so not doing that again.”

“Why not?” One of the sopranos asked looking deflated.

“Because BEAU is the soloist, not me. I’m not even FROM Pirotaine, you are Beau.”

“I thought it was beautiful, and you’re here now and it’s the spirit that counts Cris. Please?” Val looked about ready to piss himself. Cris caved in like an anthill made of sand. He could not tell that man no, damn it all.

“That’s settled then. Serine please sing the solo in “Rejoice, Oh Sister” ready everyone?” Beau carried on with rehearsal.

He had picked enough old classics to feature everyone in the small choir at least once. Granted, he was a self-admitted ham, but even he wasn’t so vain as to think he was the ONLY one good enough to sing solo. That wasn’t in the spirit of the season. Yes, he was good, so were the others in their own unique ways. He happened to be a fan of Cris’ voice; he had an untrained natural beauty. Val made his toes curl in the best of ways, he always did like a good booming bass voice, he’d so make him sing “Drink of Cheer, O Brother!” He was positive he was going to be given hell for it at home, but it was worth it if he got them to sing. He would not dare try and make Eran sing solo, he had to share a bed with him and he knew Eran hated to sing at all, it was a shock he was even here in the first place. Beau knew not to hedge his bets; he’d fold the cards and walk away still ahead.

Soon enough the practice was over and everyone was heading home for dinner, including a quartet of young men who had all had a wonderful day with each other. Mandy was crying over the presents for the baby, Farin was trying to get her to stop, Cris was putting away his new clothes, Val was hiding Cris’ Winterfest gift in his trunk under and old pair of socks, Beau and Eran were helping in the kitchen and Enjoe was watching them all wondering what the hell had happened in six weeks.

They had all gone DOMESTIC. He could not wait to get off this backward planet, so he stuck his nose back in his book and ignored them all.


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