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The Saaaaaaap, Crap and secrets continue....

for windtear, mortegami and fieryopal since I know you three are reading this hard on the eyes and brain un-proofread crapola....

STILL PRE-PROOFREAD...lots of errors that will eventually be fixed... just sharing the progress...

“Sempre Dolcissimo Cantabile”
(Always Sweetly Singing)
Author: D. Sanders
---- continued... Go read these posts first







The following Morning over breakfast the brave face Cris wore fooled no one. They’d gotten used to seeing Cris jovial and bright naturally, the forced cheer with blank eyes was disturbing. Enjoe was surly, ate without comment and just his presence seemed to curtail any frivolous banter that had become routine at breakfast.

“Where am I going to sleep and what needs to be done?” Enjoe said finishing his coffee.

Eran resisted the urge to slam his mug down. “First, we have to see if there are any more pre-fabs in Rael, second, just lend a hand to whomever needs it. You particular skills during a maintenance schedule really are rather useless. You can’t overhaul and Engine and Cris has the network under control. You, like me are relegated to fetch boy.”

“Fetch Boy?” Enjoe raised an eyebrow.

“Yes. If I can do it, you can.”

“Don’t forget, practice is tonight.” Beau stated pointedly changing the subject. Cris seemed to brighten.

“I forgot! I didn’t practice at all this week.” Cris moaned and Val chuckled.

“You already know the part, and you sing in the shower, that’s practice.” Val grinned and Cris winked.

Enjoe just sat there wondering what the hell they were talking about and why were Val and Cris so, close?

“It’s still raining out there and it’s cold. DO you mind if I steal Cris this morning? His wardrobe needs a little warming up.”

“Finally someone else noticed. Yes, take him please. Cris I’m begging buy anything but Gray. In fact, take me with you?” Beau asked and Cris blinked.

“Hey, not you too. Val gave me a lecture already thanks, I don’t look that bad.”

“Yes you do.” Enjoe said and Cris looked hurt for a split second and Val’s eyes narrowed.

“You don’t look bad, you just look unkempt. Can I help it if I wanna see my man all dolled up?”

Enjoe’s head whipped around and his eyes widened when Cris leaned over and kissed Val tenderly. “I guess you’re allowed I suppose.”

“That’s settled then. SHOPPING TRIP!” Beau cheered holding out his hand. Eran rolled his eyes.

“Oh hell no Beau. I’m going too, I’LL hold the credit disk. Spend-a-holic.”

“Spoil sport.”


Enjoe’s outburst had everyone pause to look at him. “What?”

“First off since when did that happen?” Here Enjoe pointed to Cris.

“About twenty-three years ago, some cheap chick squatted and pushed.” Cris growled.

“No you idiot. Cris, since when do you suddenly start going by Cris and what the hell is going on between you two?” He pointed at Val who was smirking.

“Cris is my name and I dunno. Val started calling me that and it caught on with everyone else I suppose and is it not OBVIOUS what’s going on?”

“I’d say you’re… together.” Enjoe was going to say ‘lovers’ and changed his mind. He couldn’t say it, it was incomprehensible, Tinks was his, the little whore was anyone’s if he was drunk enough. Hell he’d even screwed him a dozen times or more. Granted Tinks had been so wasted he never remembered, but Enjoe did, every alley they’d ever done it in actually. Tinks would usually pass out half way through the process and Enjoe would have to finish with a limp body. He liked those moments best, Tinks was really pliant when he was out of it, not that he wouldn’t be pliant sober, Enjoe just had never wanted emotional baggage from the idiot, Tinks not remembering was a good thing, the wonderful little whore.

Sometimes it took a few well-placed powders in Tinks’ drinks to get him stone drunk faster, but once he was out of his senses he was perfectly broken in and quite built for the rough stuff. Tinks never cried, even when Enjoe had him flat against a wall without an ounce of lubrication other than spit. A drunk Tinks was a very useful Tinks. There were a few times however he’d almost been caught by Eran and had to leave Tinks naked from the waist down in some alley, but most of the time, they just thought Enjoe had found him drunk and carried him back to the ship. No one, not even Tinks knew the truth. Tinks was his, not this interloper’s.

“You’d be right, we are together.” Cris stood and walked around Val and laid his hands on Val’s shoulders. “He’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I love him. You had better not have a problem with that.”

Enjoe registered shock, who’d have thought the little gutter slut would find someone? Enjoe assumed Val just didn’t know the truth about Tinks; he’d make sure he found out later. Enjoe’s outward appearance however never changed. How dare this man take what was his. Enjoe was furious, his mind was already pondering future courses of action.

To everyone else, it was lovely to see Cris standing up for himself, but he usually did stand up to Enjoe, he just didn’t fight for long most times, he grew weary of fighting fast and gave in ninety-nine percent of the time.

“Whatever. Until you need me then I’ll be reading.” Enjoe left the room and everyone took a much-needed collective breath.

Enjoe disappeared into the “Infinity” to collect his books and Mandy flopped onto the couch. “Well, there goes the neighborhood.”

Eran snorted. “That’s it, I’m calling an R&R from the R&R. Day off for everyone, Christ I need to go blow off steam.”

Beau nodded and looked to Tinks. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey don’t sweat it man. Enjoe is just being surly. Especially when he’s not privy to all our crap. Not our fault he didn’t come with us.” Cris said turning toward the door. “And if we are going out I need a shower first I feel like crap.”

“I need one too actually.” Val said grinning and standing to follow Cris.

“You just wanna look at my naked ass.”

“That too.”

Eran and Beau chuckled as the pair left the room.

“Speaking of beautiful posteriors…” Eran turned to look at Beau.

“I’ll go start the shower.”

“Good idea.”

Farin turned to look at his wife still seated on the couch. “Wish I was that young again.”

“Farin honey, don’t knock yourself. You didn’t hear me complaining last night did you?” Mandy grinned over her coffee mug.

“I’m a lucky man. You get sexier every year. I must say I thought you were gorgeous when you were eighteen, you at thirty-five? No comparison. You are all woman and a damn fine one.”

“Glad you still think so, I have news for you.”

Farin raised an eyebrow; he knew his wife and her news flashes. He was glad he was sitting down. “What?”

“Did you happen to check your pocket this morning?”

“No…” Farin fished in his pocket and felt a small tube. He pulled out the small sealed test tube filled with a blue liquid. “…What’s this?”

“A test.”

“A test?”

“For such a brilliant man, you can be a little slow on the uptake, dad.”

Farin just smiled and looked into Mandy’s eyes. “You only just stopped taking the drugs.”

“Six weeks ago. You knocked me up first fertile cycle stud.”

“Hot damn! Come here sexy mama.”

Mandy met Farin mid room and got a kiss that curled her toes.

“I’m really enjoying retirement.” Farin chuckled and Mandy winked.

“Retirement? Ha, you’ve got a family to support now.”

“I think we’ll scrape by with the business Val so graciously gave us. I took a look at the books, damn profitable; he gave us a gold mine. I love that kid, I love it here, I love the people here, and I REALLY love you.”

“I love you too, you need a shave.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Farin saluted and headed into their room for a shower like the rest, Mandy waltzing in behind him.

“You’ve got a nice ass too ya know.” She snickered as she shut the door.


“Beau what are you looking at?” Eran asked as Beau peered through a shop window as the quartet stopped for coffee at the Fontesque Bakery.

“The toys in the window over there. I think we should take one back for Mandy and Farin.”

“Whatever for?” Eran asked as Val and Cris were collecting their coffee at the counter still.

“The baby of course. Duh.”

“She’s got eight more months to go yet. We don’t even know if it’s a girl or a boy.”

“Five credits it’s a girl.” Cris said as he and Val joined Beau and Eran at the table in the corner near the window.

“You’re on. Five on a boy.” Beau countered pointing at the toy store across the street.

“Oh good idea. We should get her something to celebrate the news.” Cris said and Beau turned an "I told you so" look towards Eran.

“That’s what I thought too.” Beau said holding out his hand and Eran sighed and dropped his credit disk in Beau’s hand. “Thank you oh light of my life.” Beau chirped grabbing Cris’ hand.

The group wandered across the street after they finished their coffee and came out several bags heavier. The baby had everything from plush toys to a crib by the time they had finished shopping.

“Now for what we came for… To the men’s shop with you my good handsome fellow.” Val said grabbing Cris’ hand and setting off down the street. Beau taking Eran’s as they followed.

“They are fabulous for each other. I’m watching us when you were wooing me.” Beau said and Eran smiled.

“I know. I think I’m finally going to enjoy life for a change. I’ve got you, we have them as friends, we’ll have fun together.”

“We already are. Oh look the music store! I need new strings for the guitar.” Beau changed gears so quickly Eran had almost forgotten what a flighty spontaneous joy he was. Eran just followed and watched Beau blow his credits, not giving a damn. He had always wanted to be able to spoil Beau rotten, now was his chance. They caught up to Val and Cris a few minutes later and Cris was just standing there in the men’s clothier foyer looking daunted.

“I think he’s overwhelmed.” Beau teased swooshing past and grabbing Cris’ hand in the process. “Green if you do not buy something green to wear with your coloring it would be a crime.”

“Purple. He’s must get something purple. I love that color, it will look great on him.” Val added and Beau brightened.

“OH! Definitely.” Beau nodded approvingly.

“Save me Eran!” Cris looked horrified.

“Deal with it, I do. I’m going outside for a smoke, Beau please buy me a coat while you bankrupt us please, I trust your taste, you always dressed me well. Have fun kiddies.” Beau nodded, glee in his eyes at being under orders to not only buy both he and Eran some decent winter clothes, but everything for Cris was going to be a gift of thanks. Eran knew if they had told Cris beforehand he’d not accept the offer, so while they showered Eran and Beau formulated the plan to get Cris to try on everything Beau shoved under his nose then Let him be frugal and pick the few things he’s opt to buy on his own and then Beau would just grab everything that fit as well as the ones Cris had chosen to spend his pinched credits on and buy the lot. The boy, who saved every credit for a rainy day, was about to be showered with appreciation and his horded credits would still be there for the next rainy day to come along.

Eran left the others to outfit Cris; he knew whatever Beau and Val decided on would be fine. He was not much to shop for himself either, he felt sorry for Beau’s victim as he lit up and watched the hustle and bustle of the town around him while he waited for the others to finish.


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