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This is Cali-fucking-fornia DAMN IT!!!

I have bad enough circulation to BEGIN with...

We've gotten a cold front that NOT'S FUCKING NORMAL 28 bloody degrees outside

I am sitting here in:

1 fleese blanket throw
1 T-shirt
2 sweat shirts (One normal, one hooded  zipper front and the hood is UP on my Head)
1 fleece scarf
1 pair of gloves
1 pair flannel PJ bottoms
2 pairs of socks
1 pair of gel slipper socks
1 pair of thick memory foam slippers
(I also have those mini stick on heating pads designed to stick in your underwear for period cramps one in each sock wrapped around my toes. Hey it's a heating pad without electricity needed, I don't care wear I stick it, when in need improvise!!)

5 layers on my feet ALONE

The thermometer on my desk not 1 foot away says 68 degrees in the office and I am fucking FROZEN I cannot feel my toes or fingers AT ALL.

My circulation is piss pour in SUMMER it fucking stops all together when it gets this cold outside when my body is no longer acclimated to cold temperatures. I've been here 12 years now, the blood has thinned and I got older and the diabetes a little more agressive and the circulation has slowed to a CRAWL in good weather.

I haven't been warm in a week.

I QUAKE internally from the cold.


*Goes off to make hot chocolate (Well Hot Milk and Ovaltine and mini-marshmallows cause I like that more.)

FUCK, I'm one minute away from draggin my electric blanket off my bed in here!


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