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Fansub Day

Those of you following the Release of "Wolf's Rain" episode 6 is out HERE

I've been downloading Back episodes of "Spiral" and "Samurai Deeper Kyo" all weekend via Kazaa and that's slow going. My Guru Stats have dropped significantly this weekend. EEP

"Get Backers" is still only released to episode 10

and I've got 20 more episodes to watch of Inu Yasha before I'm caught up watching that series. So I know what I'll be doing today while doing my laundry. *GRIN*

For Inu Yasha and Spiral releases go HERE

I think they do .Hack//sign and Gundam Seed too but I've not been following those series.

Just a heads up message of release info.

And I'm avoiding taking a nap, went out to breakfast with my parents to Hometown Buffet, and while I never overeat, I'm FULL and now I'm sleepy.

Must get up and walk around a bit to avoid going back to bed.

My creativity is suffering again, I'm just not in the mood to draw or write this weekend.

I think it's because it's the first weekend I haven't had to work Overtime in 3 weeks so I'm catching up on my "Veg" time.

OH, and before I forget bearilou asked about supply tips for beginners.

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, the better the tools, the better for both.

I always use:

#2 .005 mm mechanical pencil

Kneaded Rubber Eraser (No shavings to dust away)

Paper now this is personal taste really. I hate sketch pad paper for inking cause pencil smears too easy. It's great for pencil sketching with shading paper smudge-sticks, but not for ink work.
I always use card stock to draw on, even just my sketching. It's expensive though. So when that fails I buy the really nice, HEAVY weight, opaque white printer paper. (NOT COPY BOND, that will scan grey and you'll need to do a lot of digital adjusting when you scan on that paper type).

Pens/Ink= I like Micron Pens because they are easy and not messy. But I do occasionally break out the nibs and ink and do traditional inking. For that I use Drafting ink. It's opaque black and matte finish so it scans beautifully. Pen nibs are all personal preference, if you get the HOW TO DRAW MANGA. VOL 1 book the front of that book has a ton of supply/material references with examples of nibs and ink styles. Very useful.
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