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The Friend MEME

Friends MEME!

a. Choose 15 people from your friends list at random. Choose everyone if you wish!
b. Write something about/to each of them.
c. Don't tell anyone who the statements are about. Good or bad. No matter how they beg! If you guess correctly, I will tell you. I want you to guess!

These probably are not very vague at all... Being subtle isn't my strong point. And choosing just 15 of you was HARD!


1.) We don't know each other extremely well, but we're a little better than mere acquaintances. And we're getting closer slowly and that makes me happy, you're a wonderful soul and I'm glad I can count you as a friend. It helps we've met each other in person, that always helps strengthen the bonds of friendship and you're fun to sing with too!

2.) What can I say, you were the First person I really "got to know" over the internet. You signed my guest book on my brand new site almost 4.5 years ago. (Time flies) I wrote you back, and the friendship has gotten stronger since. We've shared hotel rooms at cons, we've written together; we've shared the rough times and the happy. You're my peaceful-tree-hugging-flighty-insane-wacky-out-there "little sister" I love you very much, never change!

3.) Again, I've known you a LONG time. Every year we get to know each other just a little bit more. I adore singing with you; it's the part of Yaoi-con I look forward to most. I love your intellect, I adore that you make no apologies for marching to the beat of your own drum. I love that we can each respect each other for our differences and NEVER argue over them. I love that where we meet eye-to-eye we can talk until the wee hours of the morning. You're gutsy, frank and a powerful woman. I admire your strength and I love your personality. And you are just about the "softest" woman (in the best of ways) in the world to hug! I could hug you non-stop for hours. You're squishy and firm in all the right places and are so damn sexy! ROWR. Again don't ever change you're small in stature and the Empire State Building of Attitude! GO YOU! I'm such a fan!

4.) You again are one of my dearest friends I've ever made. You have earned my undying respect and loyalty and I'd move mountains for you. Your intelligence is fascinating to me; I aspire to be as elegant in the use of our language as you are. Your dark wit makes me cackle like a banshee when you crack a joke. You have so many subtle facets that I think 99% of people miss them and don't understand you, and don't appreciate you like you deserve. Being Anal-retentive myself I bow to your superiority in that arena. Gotta love perfectionist Virgos! I regret not being able to spend more time with you at the con this year, we live fairly close to one another, and getting together once a year is a travesty. I plan on making a concerted effort to make it up there at least more often so we can go grab some iced coffee and bullshit. You rock my socks lady; you inspire me to be a better person.

5.) You were the first "on-line" friend I ever met in person. You came to California to visit your parents for Christmas and you came by my house. You're the only person to see the "Hentai Gingerbread man Cookie" ornament on our tree! LOL. We've come a long way since then and I am so very grateful to have you as a friend. You're strong and you're my Tohma, just no pushing my ex-under a speeding vehicle! xoxoxox

6.) You are adorable -- you almost got us mugged in San Francisco at the trolley stop Yaoi-con 2003, this is just a reminder that your voice carries and that I will eternally tease you over this for the rest of your natural life! :PPP I envy your cosplay skills, I love your writing, and I just plan love you. Time really flies, wasn't just yesterday we met on am mailing list? Nope... June 2000 and we're still hanging in there!

7.) It started with you having too much sake and me worrying I'd have to carry you back to the hotel... You're so sweet and thankfully really close. I love our weekend get-togethers to devour anime and just shoot the breeze. My Dad still wants your new car! And I think you look fantastic, every time I see you, there's less to see. You look faboo!

8.) Another friend I met through LJ and lives in Visalia with me. We do not see enough of each other and you work for my DAD! How sad is that? Border's next Saturday for Manga and Coffee, you and me! xoxoxox

9.) This friend again is one of my dearest. I don't see you nearly enough. I miss living closer and how we'd camp out over tea and cookies and watch anime until our eyes bled. I miss your kitties, I miss YOU! I missed your party at the con I got tied up with setting up and getting organized and by the time I looked at my watch it was over. *wails* Now that I actually have a decent job and car I've no excuse not driving down for a weekend. I adore you and I'll never forget how you made my last Christmas down south something I'll never forget. You really are an amazing woman with a heart the size of a football field. Even if you don't think so.

10.) SO cute, so sweet, so pervy! Let's watch PR0N in the middle of the registration room! GUESS THE boobies! You are such fun and I love your pictures and your personality. You're one of those friends that always brings a smile to my face. THANK YOU!

11.) You're another friend I totally and utterly respect for your mind and humor and all around crazy slant on life. I want to visit your apartment just for the muse antics! But that's a long journey eh? ~_^  If I had half your talent, I'd be a happy woman. I admire you as much as I like you for who you are. I hope you can make it every year that would be SWEET!

12.) AHHHHH you make my brain melt with your cynical humor. I must print out most of your journal entries about your life to read aloud to my parents. We're all fans of your sarcasm here, we wave little flags even! We should buy stock in depends undergarments when you really get going on a rant, because we know we will be pissing ourselves laughing by the end of "your pain". You have a way with words, and my mother especially says if you don't start writing a column or book like a new age Erma Bombeck/Dave Berry it would be a crime. You make real life observances that are brilliant and we'd buy your memoirs! And that's just your writing -- you as a person? How many adjectives can I use before it sounds trite? You are WUNDERBAR and you're another friend I don't see nearly enough.

13.) I'm combining 2 of you here, you're both sort-of joined at the hip (when I see you) and you are "my girls" I get so motherly protective over you both. Even if you scarred me for life with your cosplay costumes at Anime Expo 2003... O_O You're both so cute and so young and I am going to enjoy watching you both make your marks on the world and I'm lucky to have you as friends.

14.) TEH TALENT! OMG OMG OMG -- Goodness I envy you. Big guns, big cocks, big personality, huge amounts of patience to help me grow and develop. I would give anything to finally meet you face to face. We've known each other quite a while now I can only imagine and WISH for a chance to sit down with you with a big sketchpad and just to doodle with you. I'd also want to walk around your brain for a while -- your knowledge of art programs makes me stagger with confounded jealousy. You are so versatile, and you are your own WORST CRITIC! I want to slap you sometimes because you can't see the good in your own work. You are wonderful, and don't be so hard on yourself!

15.) TALENT OOZING OUT OF EVERY CUTE PORE! ENVY... ENVY... ENVY... So cute, so tiny, so HUMBLE. If anyone could have a big ego, you could and you DON'T. I admire you, I like you and you're so charming on top of every thing else. (Not to mention has a healthy dose of evil inside to make a rich person! :PPP) Next convention I'd love to sit with you and do a spur of the moment collab-doodle, we should have done that this year, we had tons of time sitting there, I never even thought about it! D'OH! I'm glad you're a partner as well as a friend; you're an admirable person.

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