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Pretty Prince needs to Kiss a Black Knight

OMG - Fanart
Just a semi clean pencil sketch

God I hate coloring it, but love flowy fabric and bits and bobs. *nod nod*


since this was brought up elsewhere in an accusatory tone:

My visual reference? The (or AN) HK BOOTLEG DVD cover. (The picture was probably a magazine or artbook picture but my copy was an old HK bootleg cover)

That's pretty obvious official art looky-loo work. Never said otherwise. It's about on every Arslan Page on the web too probably.

My First ever attempt, I had to look at something. I just removed weapons, added jewelrey and a leg around, changed his clothes a little, changed the shape of his eyes a little, armor cheast plate cosmetic things I changed to my tastes -- must EVERY thing this blatantly obvious in reproduction be credited?

NO, not in my opinion, visiual reference off official art I don't think is neceassry, everyone's seen it a million times all ready (if they're in the fandom)if not they need just open pretty myuch any Arslan website to find it.

How many times do you see someone reproduce an official image and you know which picture they used immediately just by looking and no one ever slams them for "no credit". And that's all they draw -- official art reproductions.

WHy don't I say it every time if it's not obscure reference I used? Because it's obvious. I give people credit for brains. ANd it's again blatantly OBVIOUS.

I still drew the picture, I just looked at the DVD cover to do it. That's pretty much fanart in a nutshell the very first time I draw a character, It is for me at least. Never drew this character before in my life until last night.

Now had I claimed this as an original character or something equally stupid -- yeah then jump down my throat about it. I did nothing of the sort.

I only tend to use official work the FIRST attempt -- this is a FIRST ATTEMPT.

This one a no brainer, it's the cover of the old DVD, tweaked.

So there, since you insist on making me feel horrid about not stating the glaringly obvious -- For those who don't see it immediately ---->


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