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Because I'm TEH LAZY... semi-condensed and belated con report...

Thursday morning ...get up... go pick up rental van, go to doctor and get my pneumonia shot and my prescriptions refilled. I got samples of ADVAIR for my asthma and I kid you not, I used my inhaler ONCE all weekend. ONCE! I usually use it 5-6 times a DAY... I love this stuff. But back on track... pmdorian made it to my house around 11 a.m. and after I took a quick shower, because I just finished all my crap before she got there, and by noon we were on the road.

Head up the road and stop at Casa De Fruita for a quick tank fill up, potty break, and store pit stop...

Made it to the Westin by 4:15 PM and check in... Molest jo_mako and  plnunn in the lobby.

Check in -- unpack -- get changed and head back downstairs.... I needed to stop by front desk and the lady behind the counter "Boy you look...different..."

"Yeah, I actually am out of my t-shirt and jeans and no make-up. I look like the undead during road trip, I look human now."

She then asked me what to expect for the weekend... *evil smirk* I enlightened her... muwhahahaha

I am standing in the lobby and I spot the ever beautiful caerfree and Karena (sp) and Oh god I'm horrible the cute little blonde I can never remember your name....

Caer made my evening calling me a "Sexy Bitch that was going to give her good dreams." :PPPPP I owe you for that comment alone babe! FWEEEE

So we chatted and then I got a call nemkess and aka_anonymous had arrived so we headed up to the room to wait for them.

They descended with all their cosplay gear and the room went from Neat to BOMB GO BOOM....

But it was worth it we got to glomp friends not seen in a year!

We realize there is NO FOOD nearby... and the mini-bar $4.00 recess peanut butter cups are so not gonna happen.

We head over to the grocery store and stock up on sandwich fixing for the weekend.

Back downstairs, I see one of my favorite people in the WORLD stormcloude and I baby-sit her stuff a bit while she checks in and I smoke... and I wander over to her room to bring presents and see babaca and we bullshit and find out kelroni's flight will be LATE...

And I head out again... (I think this was Thursday, it's all al BLUR) quatresprincess, jade1x2, kimmy_kun quick hug and dash in the lobby and Patty and I and Nonny and Nem fall into our cause we're pooped

We chat in the room until the wee hours and crash. Nem had a cold, and had a coughing fit, but other than that I managed to fall asleep somewhere around 3-4 a.m.


I'm up before the rest, around 7-ish -- and am sitting there having my smoke and coffee, as they all come around and invade the bathroom.

During my eternal wait to get into the shower... sitting there sucking on my smokes in my pajamas... my phone goes... demeter calls and we squee, and I giver her my room number and she descends... cue more fangirling and chatting, then I help Nonny get her Kazuki cosplay hair braided into place and Demeter's roommates descend and me still in my pajama's with tons of people in my room and me wanting desperately at this point to bathe...

I finally cave into my modesty; they are not leaving so I excuse myself to shower.

By the time I get out they've all buggered off to go "play" and Patty and I wander down early afternoon.

I need to learn to be less assertive sometimes (Although in times like these it comes in handy.) Walk in like you own the place and shit gets done.
I see the pre-reg line forming, and it doesn't even register because I'm on a mission... I walk right into the pre-reg room; I'm only there to find out where the heck I'm supposed to pick up my stuff for the dealer room. Get my directions and a bag and saunter off, I had no idea I like barged in 15 minutes BEFORE they were ready... I was chatting with Kitsune and it never even dawned on me until as I am leaving with my information, they open the doors and let the throng in...

D'OH. OOPS... They did tell me to go in those doors to ask my question, I had no clue it was like the PRE-REG table room, so I... no excuses I suppose, but it is nice people are helpful to clueless idiots like myself. See carry yourself with confidence even if you're a dork... LOL

Okay so down I go to the ballroom and track down the not so stressed *yet* tpod...

Who promptly snatched my pre-reg badge off my chest and goes and gets me my dealer's badge and she gives me ponderosa121's and sethra_bf's so then I "go in search of the wayward Sakuranbo Studio peeps..."

I hang out in the lobby a while, thinking they'll pass by and then I go... "Wait, I know they HAVE to be with windsorblue and suzume_sparrow... I only have Windsor’s home phone #, but Suzu gave me her cell... I whip out my cell and call... "Hey Suzu, is Pond with you?"


So I let pond know NOT to go wait in line for her badge, I have it with me and that dealer room set up is at 7... they agree to meet me in my room at a quarter till...

More blur of hugs and glomps.

Go back to room and J and Pond come up and before we lug the store supplies down I make sure I give them wedding prezzies. A bottle of mead for good luck, a purse I made for her, so candles and of course what newlywed should be without real black furry handcuffs! MUWHAHAHA which pond promptly put on like a naughty girl! :PPPPPP

We get down for set up, and realize we need a screwdriver to assemble the grid wall... d'OH

SO I track down nice cat boy bish and he brings me a screwdriver from his car and just as I get back... we discover sethra_bf dressed as a handsome Remus Lupin BTW is an ingenious S.O.B. and managed to assemble our wall with a quarter out of his pocket... MacGuyver anyone?

WE set up fairly quickly and we all wander off again...

My phone goes off... David Wong, my artist bish I picked up in the mall, remember my post? Has arrived and we get his badge and get him up to the room, and he's stopped every five feet by people who know him... I told him this was a good place for him to try his hand at art... so we go get coffee and bullshit and he developed an unhealthy obsession for my lighter I told him I'd kick his ass if he ran all my fuel out playing with it! Sexy Asian bish or not, my ciggies and fire to light them come first.

During this blur of Friday... we saw Ro and haydenthorne for all of a few minutes *cries*...

Again we crash late, and I get NO SLEEP, because David kept rolling on top of me and snoring ARRRGGGGHHHHH

Buff Wufei look a like in my bed crushing me into a mattress or not I don't take kindly to no sleep when I have to be up at o-dark thirty to get ready to WORK.

SO I ended up in the hard chair, smoking all night until he got up to shower... I crashed for 30 minutes until he buggered off down to fan alley to set up, and I got in the shower myself to get ready.


Dealer's room blitz... we almost sold out of the Harry Potter poster Pond did, we had 9 left by the end of the first day. OMG! I knew it would sell out just not like the first DAY! So it's mad cap dealer's room, J and I manning the table most of the time Pond is there too for long periods of time, but she wandered off for panels and such (no biggie, we had plenty of coverage.) Every time I took a break to go spend money myself, we got busy. LOL poor J.

Dealer’s room closed for lunch and I haven't eaten in 14 hours, my blood sugar plummets and I run upstairs to make a sandwich, I bring down one for David and a cup of Instant Miso.... and then we head back to the dealer's room.

I really like the fact there were SAFE'S in every closet. It made me feel secure leaving the money we took in, in our room and NOT at the front desk secure in a safe.

After dealer's room closed for the day and everything is put away and locked up I head down with Patty and run into Pond, J, David and we decide to go get sushi.

What a nice restaurant near the hotel, we ate like PIGS and we introduced Patty to sushi she'd never had. And I am drawing a BLANK OMG.... WHO ELSE was with us? I'm going senile!! I know we had more people with us damn it. O_O Oh god I feel horrible I forgot!

Anyway, back at the hotel David goes up to the room to work on commissions, I'm running on pure adrenalin because I have NO SLEEP.... We run into EVERYBODY herophelia, Caer, Ro, Lorena, Kelley, Kimmy, Nemkess and Nonny and a ton more... and we load up my van and Caer's rental and head into Japantown to our Sachi Kareoke the empty Kareoke bar that hasn't gotten a new play list in four years.... but we can dominate the bar and not have to wait in line to sing so we descend en masse 15 people in total, and we start putting in our songs...

Karena (sp) gets really wasted during this time and she gets mighty pretty rose colored glasses on, and this dude in the bar is REALLY crunching on her and singing horrible love songs to her... we watch her though and make sure it stays innocent while Caer, Nonny and I tear it up, joined occasionally by the inebriated throng.

Oh how I wish my digital had not run out of batteries while I was filming a movie. I had great blackmail fodder on tape that got lost.


I was so hoarse afterward,

But I am so marrying Caer damn it. I will be her own personal art bitch she gave me the back massage from HEAVEN. I was putty in that woman's hands.

Once again we're up until like 3 am and I fall into my room...

David is still up drawing, he shuts down and we crawl into bed, the fucker is asleep in 1 minute FLAT

Once again I am relegated to the chair.... sleepless night #2
Thank god for make up concealer, I had SUITCASES under my eyes!!


I tart up to cover my old age and lack of sleep and head down; we sell out of HP by noon... I see Kaname and MD fro Sheezy art and I get a picture and I finally exchange cheezy romance novels with laughingwolf. :PPP

Repeat Saturday's craziness in dealer's room....

Tear down pack up... I am now irritated with David because he's giving my loverly vr2lbast a hard time about turning over his room key to her.

I haunt him until he's packed and ready to LEAVE.... I make absolutely sure I have that key in my hand, which I promptly give to Bast since she's in my room Sunday night.

He bugger's off and oh I forgot to mention kiri_moth whom I finally, FINALLY got to meet face to face, shared a space in fan alley next to David all weekend. It's so NICE to see people for the first time and put a face to the name. And drool on their artwork is a bonus. I think your painting you were sharing with us on the studio forum came out FABOO; I saw it in the art room!

Okay back to business my short report isn't so short anymore.... and I'm leaving out so much torrid details too!

Okay David gone, and I will kill that bugger next time I see him. Not only did he leave he left me with fucking business center bills on my hotel room! $25.00 worth of photo copies which he DID NOT MENTION nor did he PAY FOR!

I'll rip his cock off next time, he got a free ride from me, because he offered to return the favor sometime.... that did not include using the hotel business center on MY TAB.

But I digress... we go to Dinner at a local 24 hour cafe dive.... FOOD IS GOOD

Then we come back to the hotel and take over the lobby and bust out CRANIUM...

Crack game ensues and good lord we had so many players that filtered in and out of the game... some I knew some I didn't... a few of the auction bishies joined us and one (who has a serious crush on Caer) lingered longest. His name was white_rose_oni ONI... and I never got the other one's name, but SOMEONE has a picture of him fondling my tits at one point... I want a copy of that picture .. How often do I have bish manhandling my miniscule boobies? LOL!

I have a pic of Oni gnawing on Ro's boob somewhere... I load pictures this week I swear.

Okay, Now My mistress ladymako171 descends in her DOM!Preist gear and VIOLET and I dress up as her bondage alter boy and we take pictures... chibimonnie in her school girl outfit and frilly panties joins us and we're in Winnie's (minkmix) room and Zamber and Pam Nunn are there and I think there are some strange pictures taken, I'm too out of it to notice anymore... we go down, Chibi!School girl in tow and we get more pictures and I get a pic of frilly panties up close and then we split apart and I rejoin the game....

Caer comes over and RUBS MY FEET (I'd been in like spike bitch boots all day and the dogs were BARKING!)

OMG I am in love I so could not concentrate on the game I was once again reduced to putty in that woman's hands.

The game breaks up, but we so do not want to say good-bye yet so Caer, Karena (sp), Patty, Bast, Oni, Ophelia and Ro end up in my room and we walk all night... we tried ending the night several times only to find hours later we're still yakking like there is no tomorrow.

Oh that was the best of the weekend right there, just the talking about everything and ANYTHING.... too bad Lorena was tired and had to miss out, I never got to say goodbye to her *cries again* That was a lovely convo night, and it just makes those friendships you create on-line even stronger. When you just sit in a group and talk one on one, face to face.

I never wanted that night to end....

But it did.

And Bless Patty and Bast who gave me a bed to myself that night, I actually SLEPT (for about 3 hours) because Bast had to get up first and like I could sleep and NOT say goodbye to her?


So I see her out and then just chill until about 9:30 am until patty revives... then we pack and I go down to pay the bill.... hug many other departing members... so sad to see it all end....

I get the grid wall down to my car by myself GO ME!

And then the porter come up with the trolley and I pull the van around.... we check out properly, hug the last few stragglers.... Oppie saves the day and finds my missing box cutter utility knife that had somehow ended up in her room (I think Nemkess had it)... and all my stuff accounted for, Patty and I roll out for home.

Mako calls and lets me know she's home safe... and we crank up the tunes.

We lunch at Casa de Fruita, fill up and we're back in Visalia by 5-ish

We unpack and I take the van back and DIE

And have been dead all week...

I slept all weekend, I need it.

There con report and as soon as I resize all the pictures I'll post them

I love and MISS YOU ALL and I know I didn't mention everyone I'm sorry... but know I love you too, the weekend was a BLUR!

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