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Asrlan you little cutie pie!

I finally watched Heroic Legend of Arslan

Oh so PRETTY .. Unnnnnnngh

I so have itching fingers for fanart... Arslan and Daruun or Guibu or Narcasse or JUST PLAIN ORGY of pretty, PRETTY male characters.

I'm really disappointed that it's like a epic half way through when it ends, no fucking closure at all, no translated Manga that I can find, nada.

Anyone know how this actually ENDS?

Anyone seen the Manga for closure?

I'd be appreciative.

Oh man Arslan is so BEAUTIFUL, I like when they make a proper bishounen. You still KNOW he's male, but hot damn what lovely eye candy.

And I so wanna slash Darun x Arslan.

Hot stud general servicing his pretty leige lord muwhahahahahah. (There I go with Dark x Light yaoi fetish again)

*cough* okay off to lose myself in more recent purchases. I only saw a little "Here is GreenWood" ages ago, and Best Buy had the whole series for $19.99 so I'm off to watch that now.


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